Roman Reigns Says He Misses Wrestling Released WWE Superstar

Roman Reigns Says He Misses Wrestling Released WWE Superstar

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WWE Superstars often use social media accounts to showcase their fitness regime. The franchise player of the company Roman Reigns recently shared some of his intense videos and photos of workout sessions.

Interestingly, it led to a conversation with former colleague Rusev to let us know how much these two loved to work with each other. Despite being bitter rivals inside the ring, they seem to be in-ring buddies.

Roman Reigns Says He Misses Wrestling Released WWE Superstar 1

Roman Reigns broke the wrestling internet with his latest workout video where he could be seen in a jacked shape. Although he is out of action from the WWE for the past five months, it seems he’s not lost even a beat.

Rusev aka Miro followed the post and then tagged The Big Dog with a photo of his own. He also looked to be in tremendous shape while pursuing a different company to wrestle for after WWE.

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In response to Miro, Roman Reigns mentioned the “incredible chemistry” that he shared with The Bulgarian Brute back in the days. These two collided in the WWE ring on several occasions producing some big-time matches. The former Universal Champion remembered those and wrote the following towards the former United States Champion,

“I had awesome matches and incredible chemistry with this man all over the world!!! Miss this Uso.”

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Roman Reigns Says He Misses Wrestling Released WWE Superstar 2

For those who don’t remember, Roman Reigns and Rusev had an illustrious feud back in 2016 just after the brand extension draft happened. They battled in a number of memorable pay-per-view matches that include a Hell in a Cell bout for the WWE United States Championship.

Reigns also crashed in Rusev and Lana’s televised wedding celebration during an episode of Monday Night Raw in October of that year which is one of the biggest WWE’s YouTube hits.

Roman Reigns and Rusev shared the WWE ring together at Crown Jewel 2019 when they teamed with Ali, Ricochet, and Shorty G in a ten-man tag team match while representing Team Hulk Hogan at the Saudi Arabia pay-per-view.

Rusev was released from WWE on April 15th who is now a free agent as his 90-day non-compete clause expired, last week. Going by the recent updates, he might go to Japan to continue his wrestling career.