Twitter Reactions From This Week’s WWE Raw: September 3, 2018

Twitter Reactions From This Week’s WWE Raw: September 3, 2018

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A roar echoed through the Schottenstein Arena as WWE Raw went on air. Braun Strowman came down to the ring with his new buddies to start a brawl against The Shield. Pure insanity overtook the show as the two teams took shots to each other. The entire Raw roster separated them to give a chaotic start to the show in Columbus.

The Bella Twins returned on WWE Raw after a long time in the opening segment. It was good to see them getting huge reaction especially when Nikki Bella got the tag. But Brie botched suicidal dives not once but twice which were a sign of ring-rust. She definitely should not try those in the future. Apart from these, The Bella Twins lived up to the much-hyped return.

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The sudden change in the tag team championship scenario was too good. The B-Team was nowhere near to give us a good run with the title. The Revival too failed to receive any sort of reactions from the crowd. This is why the officials chose Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler as the new champions. This is the rightmost move under the current circumstances of WWE Raw. The heel should have a dominant run with the gold.

It was absolutely mesmerizing to see The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels standing in the ring at the same time. The legends showed that why they are the greatest sports entertainers of this generation. The audience could barely blink their eyes during their conversations. Plus, the segment also hinted a potential in-ring comeback for Shawn Michaels. Well, we only hope that it happens, finally.

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The main event of WWE Raw was a one-sided match for Braun Strowman who squashed Finn Balor. But The Shield’s return with a truck was epic. However, they fell victim to the number games to get beat up. This was necessary to establish Braun Strowman’s heel turn for Hell in a Cell Championship match. But we have never seen The Shield getting beat up like this.

Overall, this was a packed edition of WWE Raw for the fans with two solid returns. Here are the Twitter reactions from it,