Tyson Fury Defeats Braun Strowman Via Count-Out At Crown Jewel
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WWE News: Tyson Fury Defeats Braun Strowman Via Count-Out At Crown Jewel

The much-anticipated bout between Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman went down at Crown Jewel, last night giving a pleasant experience for the fans. By the end of the contest, it was the heavyweight boxer who stood tall to win the match.

But some might not consider it as a proper win as the referee counted out Strowman from the match. Plus, the Monster among Men also sought revenge following the contest at Crown Jewel.

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The match started with Braun Strowman making his appearance on the stage. Tyson Fury made a grand entrance resembling the dress code of Saudi Arabia people. He got a really big pyro and fire display while coming out in a traditional Saudi robe. More fireworks went off above the stadium as Strowman seemed unhappy with the amount of coronation that the debutant received.

After the formal introduction by the ring announcers, Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman locked horns with shoulder tackles. Fury seemed to be having the upper hand but his opponent leveled him with a big boot. Lesnar vs. Velasquez match result from Crown Jewel

Braun controlled the match for sometimes before hitting shoulder-first into the ring post. This led him to the floor as Tyson Fury tried to retaliate from the earlier beatdowns.

Braun Strowman tried to pick momentums with his running shoulder blocks. But his opponent stopped him from doing so by hitting with a Drive-By that received a massive pop from the crowd. Both men entered the ring after which Tyson Fury kicked Strowman into the face.

But the monster tried to come back hitting powerslams on him. However, Fury caught him with a right hand to knock out of the ring. Strowman ended up receiving another big right hand from Fury to get counted out.

The referee declared Tyson Fury as the winner as Braun Strowman failed to get back into the ring within the referee’s ten-counts. But this made the big man irate who charged into Fury after the match.

He leveled the Gypsy King with a Running Powerslam once the match was over, perhaps leaving the fight for another day. Meanwhile, Tyson Fury not getting a clean pinfall or submission win protected Braun Strowman from digesting a massive loss.