WWE Star Priscilla Kelly Removes Tampon To Put Into Opponent’s Mouth

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Video: WWE Star Priscilla Kelly Removes Tampon To Put Into Opponent’s Mouth 

Video: WWE Star Priscilla Kelly Removes Tampon To Put Into Opponent’s Mouth
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WWE fans are well aware of the name Priscilla Kelly who has competed at the Mae Young Classic II. She is a renowned name around the pro-wrestling circuit due to his stint around the independent stint. From the last couple of days, she’s become a sensation on social media. Sadly enough, it happened for all the wrong reasons.

Lana suffered a wardrobe malfunction

Priscilla Kelly has become a headliner after putting a ‘bloody’ tampon in her opponent’s mouth after a match. It happened in a fight that happened in a Suburban Fight. The fans in attendance got shocked as well as the internet wrestling community. This earned her a whole lot of bad reputation and a nickname of ‘disgusting’.

Charlotte suffered a wardrobe malfunction

The viral video footage of the concerned incident shows Priscilla Kelly talking trash to her opponent. She walked back afterward and put her hand into her knickers. She brought a tampon out of it covered with red substances to put it into the mouth of the opponent. The fans were taken aback with the intensity of the incident but they soon started capturing photos.

They started spreading these contents on social network sites to start a backlash on Priscilla Kelly. She tried to defend her actions with the following comments,

“Hey, guys. Ya know, it’s all fake. Can’t take life so serious all the time. Call me what you will…”

She confirmed not having any intentions to go ‘viral’ with this action. It was a funny altercation as per her thoughts that demeaned the female wrestlers.

Legendary name Gail Kim who’s also a TNA Hall of Famer noted on this incident,

“I’m seeing this post of a women’s match that got disgusting and I’m not gonna repost it Bc it’s seriously a disgrace. Why??? Whoever thought that was a spot that was gonna get a pop and was worth it….. NO. how about telling a story in the ring with your wrestling instead?”

WWE veteran and Smackdown show-runner, Jesse James also expressed his disgust with the actions of Priscilla Kelly. He mentions this as one of the reasons why ‘some people despise our industry.’ With that being said, the indie wrestler earned a bad reputation that might not let her comeback in the WWE in the future.

The pro-wrestling industry has been able to earn the respect that it deserves, over the past few years. The biggest of all the promotions, WWE began the trend by bringing the PG Era. Here any kind of violence is strictly prohibited from the content. They frowned upon blood as well as torturous acts on female superstars be it on kayfabe purpose.

This favors the overall contents as it became family-oriented programming. Fans all over the world can watch it since it has become a family-oriented show. Most of the promotions follow this rule since this helps to garner more fans to their programming. But it’s some of these indie scene wrestling shows that brings out the dark side i.e. non-PG contents. We hope this will remain as a one-off incident.

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