Was Naomi Able To Seek Revenge Mandy Rose On Smackdown?

WWE News: Was Naomi Able To Seek Revenge Mandy Rose On Smackdown?

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The rivalry between Mandy Rose and Naomi has become quite interesting on Smackdown Live. Some of the fans might have been left with a bitter taste of older age feels in this storyline. It is rare to see a female superstar in today’s WWE to appear in a towel on TV that we have seen in this feud. This type of controversial activities garnered attention from the audience though.

Mandy Rose was the first one to go personal with Naomi a few weeks ago. She despises the former Smackdown women’s champion for some reasons and wanted to go after her marriage. So she took the easiest way by targeting her husband! Jimmy Uso has been a target who’s been stalked in hotels and DMs! He lost a tag team title opportunity a couple of weeks ago thanks to Mandy Rose.

Last week on Smackdown, Uso received an invitation from the Golden Goddess to go into a hotel room. It was one of the odd segments in the current WWE era where we spotted Mandy Rose in lingerie. She was fake trying to get close with Jimmy Uso just to ruin Naomi’s marriage. Well, Naomi finally got the chance to seek revenge via last night’s showdown on Smackdown.

She looked all fired-up before heading into the match on Smackdown. We heard from her on interviews from WWE.com. The burning intensity was clear from the get-go of the match. Mandy Rose was making her entrance with Sonya Deville when she decided to leave the ring and attack her outside the ring. It continued for sometimes until she threw Mandy inside the ring as the referee finally rang the bell.

Mandy Rose took advantage with the slight room she got during this moment. She delivered some right hands until Naomi jumped on the top rope and kicked her hard. A flurry of strikes followed thereafter from the former Smackdown women’s champion. Mandy Rose accidentally knocked out the referee, almost. Naomi stopped the action just to protect the official from any physical harm.

Sonya Deville took this gap as an opportunity. She distracted Naomi by pulling her legs through the bottom rope. Mandy Rose pushed her hard into the ring post and got the pinfall with a schoolboy attempt. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville left the ring immediately as Jimmy Uso arrived. He checked on his wife who looked clearly upset with the outcome. WWE is clearly looking forward to giving a massive push to the Mandy Rose on Smackdown.