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WWE News: Chris Jericho Wants To Wrestle Brock Lesnar In All Elite Wrestling

We never know what to expect in the unpredictable world of pro-wrestling. Nowadays, a number of new rivals have arrived to give tough competitions to the WWE. So retaining superstars would be extremely hard for the largest pro-wrestling promotion in the world. The revelation of All Elite Wrestling promotion might have been the biggest threat to this promotion in a long time. So can there be a chance that they might lose one of their biggest draws to this rival brand?

Goldberg to join AEW?

One of the veteran pro-wrestlers thinks so. He is none other than Chris Jericho who has already been part of the All Elite Wrestling brand. Recently he let us knew his pledge of facing Brock Lesnar under his new employer’s banner. As much as this possibility seems impossible, Y2J is quite hopeful that there could be a chance. In a recent tweet, the GOAT has claimed the same.

AEW offers a contract to AJ Styles

Chris Jericho made the following tweet looking forward to a match against Brock Lesnar,

“Intimidation and fear go a LONG way in our business guys. But let’s be honest, @BrockLesnar needs to pull up his pants and lose the gut… the dream is over dude. I don’t play by the script… @wwe @AEWrestling”

The former six-time world champion in the WWE has signed a potential multi-year deal with the All Elite Wrestling promotion. It means he has no chance of returning to the WWE, any time soon. This vanquishes the chances of seeing a match against Brock Lesnar unless he leaves joins AEW in the future. It looks an almost impossible dream match for the fans. But some unthinkable cross-brand matches did take place in recent times which still raises the hopes.

In a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the possibility of seeing a Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Jericho match. He pointed out how Y2J previously posted a cryptic tweet about Kenny Omega a couple of years ago. Later this match became reality at last year’s Wrestle Kingdom event. So the ‘ayatollah of rock n Rolla’ might have something in-store.

Vince would not mind to let borrow the beast incarnate to another brand for a special attraction. So we just can’t wipe out the chances, at all. Here’s more from the wrestling journalist, (courtesy

“I believe that Vince will pay anything not to lose Brock because we’ve seen it with UFC and I think it will be even stronger with AEW. Brock’s number is so high but who knows? Who knows, it would be a coup. Put it this way, Chris Jericho wants a match with Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho has a lot of sways. That doesn’t mean a deal is gonna be done that’s a stupid deal but who knows.”

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WWE News: Chris Jericho Leaves WWE To Join All Elite Wrestling

Chris Jericho is an all-time great in the WWE. He would eventually go down as a Hall of Famer in the company unless they are unhappy with his current stint. We have not seen him back onboard with the WWE for the past couple of years. He made one final appearance on WWE Raw 25th anniversary in a one-off segment.

Chris Jericho Net Worth and Salary

But he is very much present in the active pro-wrestling scene with his stints through New Japan Pro-Wrestling promotion. (NJPW) Last year, he started performing in this promotion by competing against Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12. We supposed this was a single night for him in Japan which was not the case.

Jericho reveals the most important match of his career and it’s not happened in the WWE!

Chris Jericho continued performing in NJPW and also won the IWGP Intercontinental Championship. Vince McMahon was not very happy with this. Later, he went on to create a bond with Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks hinting a joint venture. The Cruise of Jericho followed thereafter alongside the newest promotion All Elite Wrestling.

This week, Chris Jericho appeared in the All Elite Wrestling rally. We got to know about when they will hold the PPV event named Double and Nothing. Y2J made a sudden appearance on this show to declare that he is ‘All In’ for the upcoming PPV. He also signed a deal shortly with the AEW officials to start performing under that banner.

With that being said, Chris Jericho is out of the WWE scene, permanently. He was a cornerstone figure who carried the load for a long time. In fact, WWE still used to advertise him as an active competitor under the Smackdown brand. But not they have moved them to alumni section. This means he is no more a WWE superstar.

We have reported it previously that Chris Jericho and Goldberg might be heading to All Elite Wrestling. This is a newborn company with the financial support coming from a business tycoon named Toni Khan. Cody Rhodes, his wife, and Young Bucks are likely to be the show-runners. Currently, they are in search of a proper TV deal.

Getting Chris Jericho under their banner would be big news for All Elite Wrestling. This could give a huge booster as the former WWE Champion would be a huge attraction on TV. They will also get a big and experienced shelter around themselves who could lead them in the right direction. On the other hand, WWE fans will mourn a lot after the departure of the veteran from his wrestling home.

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WWE Rumor: Two Former Champions Leaving WWE To Join All Elite Wrestling

WWE has received another opponent in the pro-wrestling circuit. A new wrestling promotion has finally seen the daylight in the United States of America. Namely, All Elite Wrestling, this promotion is all over the headliners of the wrestling world. Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, and some other names are the founding members of this company.

Tony Khan is the owner of the promotion who is a billionaire. He already appointed Barry Bloom to recruit new talents under the banner. He will be churning out talents in due course from different other promotions that includes WWE. Rumors suggest that two huge WWE superstars are their targets who might sign a deal.

Goldberg wanted to face Roman Reigns

The first name in the mix is Goldberg whereas the second name is Chris Jericho. firstly informed that Barry Bloom will be heavily informed in scouting new talents for All Elite Wrestling. One of the biggest stars that he is in search for, is none other than the former Universal Champion. He might be leaving WWE in that case. stated that there’s a chance that Goldberg might play a big role in the promotion that has immense potential to grow further. Speculations of an association between AEW and Goldberg has fuelled up even more after the latter one has started following the promotion on Twitter. He also followed Double or Nothing official page that is going to be All In part 2.

However, there are not many details available on how Goldberg can be associated with All Elite Wrestling. Technically he is still under a legends’ contract with the WWE. But that would not be a bar to work elsewhere outside this brand. This is the exact same way that Chris Jericho has adapted to work with New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Chris Jericho revealed the most important match of his career

The six-time world champion was present in a Minnesota Vikings game who thanked AEW President Tony Khan for some kind of association. He was present during the All In PPV in September that has become a huge hit. Later his bond with Cody and Young Bucks made us believe that he could be a founding member of All Elite Wrestling.

To date, Chris Jericho has not declared anything officially on this matter. Currently, he is still under contract with NJPW. His IWGP Intercontinental Championship will be on the line against Tetsuya Naito at Wrestle Kingdom 13. He competed in his inaugural match at NJPW, one year ago at WK12. It was a dream match against Kenny Omega that was dubbed “Alpha vs Omega” by fans.

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Top 5 Performers of WWE TLC (Tables-Ladders And Chairs) Matches

Critics often entitle the TLC gimmick as the most dangerous environment provided to compete. It stands for the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs all of which surround the ring during these kinds of matches. All of these toys remain entirely legal to use in this particular contest making it a destructive situation, altogether. Superstars can go to any extent receiving a No-Disqualification atmosphere.

WWE TLC comes back in December, each year which is one of favourite PPV events for the fans. Previously it was just a gimmick match on the programming that ended up being an entire PPV. From 2009 onwards, WWE introduced this separate event originated from the gimmick that is continuing.

While this TLC gimmick is one of the unique interventions from WWE creative team, it also produced some legends in the process. Over the years, we have received some technicians made for the TLC stipulation. They helped to make these kinds of matches famous from the innovation. In return, their names became synonymous whenever WWE arranges the TLC PPV.

Here are those five best performers in TLC-Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches,

Honorable mention: The Dudley Boyz

The Dudley Boyz are famous for their stunts with tables ever since the beginning of TLC gimmick. They competed in several such TLC matches at Wrestlemania and other PPV events to come up with some innovative stunts. One of them was to put their opponents with the 3D move through the table. Even before the retirement, they used to use the catchphrase where D-Von Dudley got the tables to help his brother attack someone with it. In this process, they played an integral part to make this stipulation popular.

Chris Jericho
TLC record: Win 1 Loss 2

Chris Jericho competed in his first TLC match back in 2001 teaming up with Chris Benoit against the Dudley Boyz. They were able to come out as the winners despite going up against Tables specialists. Later Y2J competed in his second match in 2002 teaming with Christian against Bubba Ray and Spike Dudley. Seven years later, Chris Jericho solidified his legacy in the TLC matches. He competed in the inaugural WWE TLC show in 2009 defending the world tag titles with Big Show.

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Triple H and Shawn Michaels were the opponents. Regardless what the outcome was, he hung on with the legendary opponents delivering a high-profile match. This main event match was one of the main reasons why fans wanted to get the tradition of WWE TLC to continue. No wonder why Chris Jericho deserves a spot on this list.

TLC record: Win 1-Loss 3

Kane is a monstrous character in WWE programming whom we can expect the least to be specialist in WWE TLC matches. He is on the list courtesy of his performances in this environment over the years. His debut back in 2002 was a memorable affair. He single-handedly retained World Tag Team Championships against Bubba Ray and Spike Dudley. Later, he walked into the 2010 edition of WWE TLC to retain the World Heavyweight Championship against Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio, and Edge.

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Meanwhile, Kane delivered another spectacle in 2012 main event of WWE TLC teaming up with Daniel Bryan and Ryback against The Shield. Finally, he was in for last year’s TLC PPV to begin a feud with Braun Strowman.

In all the final three matches, he ended up on the losing side. However, it was always a special experience to witness this behemoth doing incredible stunts using the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs.

CM Punk
TLC record: Win 3-Loss 0

CM Punk holds the best record in TLC matches, as he never lost a contest in this environment. Furthermore, all of these wins came in either the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship matches. He defeated Jeff Hardy at Summerslam 2009 to win the world title.

Two years later, the ‘best in the world’ started building his legacy as the WWE Champion. He defended the title successfully against Alberto Del Rio and The Miz. This title reign went a long way until 2013 where he received another TLC match against Ryback. Thanks to the Shield, he came up as the winner to retain the championship.

He delivered a solid match despite suffering from a knee injury. These outings at TLC keeps CM Punk number three on this list.

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Jeff Hardy
TLC record: Win 0-Loss 5

Providing entertainment and creating spots are one of the primary reasons for TLC’s success. Jeff Hardy has been successful in doing so despite the record not being in his favour. Team Matt and Jeff Hardy featured in the inaugural TLC match in 2000 against Edge-Christian and Dudley Boyz.

In 2001 the same lineup went into a Wrestlemania TLC match. Jeff Hardy delivered a Swanton Bomb onto Spike Dudley and Rhyno. Then Edge hit him that 20-feet high mid-air spear which is one of the greatest Wrestlemania moments.

Hardys and Dudley Boyz went to war on a couple of more occasions in these kinds of matches. It was in 2009 when he competed in the only singles TLC contest against CM Punk. Unfortunately, he came up short but not before delivering some death-defying stunts. These will always be something memorable experiences for the fans which made Jeff Hardy a high-flying superstar. Being in TLC matches helped him to expose these skills to impress the fans.

TLC record: Win 5-Loss 2

WWE TLC has elevated levels of the superstars above alongside this man, Edge. However, he also showed the flip side of the coin after taking early retirement. He competed, the most in Tables, Ladders and Chairs environment that had an ill-effect on the body. The neck injury forced this master of TLC matches to take immediate and permanent hiatus from the squared circle. But before going into the dawn, the Rated-R Superstar managed to set the bar ‘rated’ as well for Tables, Ladders, and Chairs.

Meanwhile, Edge and Christian already made the TLC match popular during their tag team bouts with Dudleys and Hardys. Later the ultimate opportunist made his name as a singles competitor in these matches.

He paved an incredible legacy by competing in the TLC matches against the likes of John Cena, Ric Flair, and The Undertaker. Most of the times, Edge was the one to take big bumps to entertain the fans. He always came up with some fresh-looking spots that felt special. It was the most prominent world championship match in TLC history back in 2010. Edge secured his 10th title on the 2nd WWE TLC PPV event which was his final outing in a contest, pendant for him.

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WWE Rumor: Two Big Names To Leave WWE To Join Chris Jericho’s All Elite Wrestling

WWE always look forward to tone down the competition in the market. But nowadays they had to digest their own medicine as the independent promotions are rising in a faster way. There are several such companies who are throwing major competitions to the biggest pro-wrestling company in the world. Now it looks like a new one in the market is trying to steal two big names under the WWE banner.

Chris Jericho received huge money for a WWE appearance

There are rumors going on that Chris Jericho and Jim Ross are on a joint venture to open such a promotion. Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, and other Elite members are also backing up these two to open the new company named All Elite Wrestling. They might have already filed to receive their own trademark as per the reports of

Chris Jericho did not have the most important match in WWE

Also, they have filed to get trademarks for a number of phrases. These include ALL OUT, AEW Double or Nothing, Double or Nothing, AEW, AEW All Out, and Tuesday Night Dynamite. Alongside the above names mentioned, Tony Khan, who is the son of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Tony Khan, is also a part of the project.

A special report from WrestleTalk confirmed that All Elite Wrestling LLC has approached two of the biggest superstars of the WWE. They have received new offers from the company. Furthermore, the source also confirmed that they have ‘provisionally accepted’ to join the company by April. It means that Wrestlemania might mark the end of their current contract.

Reports did not confirm the identities of the mentioned superstars. But it will be interesting to see whether they indeed leave the WWE to join the newly sculptured company. It would be a big news if the two names prefer a new banner going out of the safe territory of the WWE. This could also serve as a wake-up call for the WWE officials to maintain their roster in a proper way.

At this point, the deal stands in a ’50-50′ position for the aforementioned superstars. Rumors also have it that they could be a bigger attraction for All Elite Wrestling LLC. Hence, it would be the sole reason to land a lucrative TV deal in the future. But the ongoing speculations do suggest that the talent hunting process has already begun.

Sources tried reaching Chris Jericho for the confirmations of the upcoming promotion. He denied all such rumors predictably to stay out of any sort of controversies regarding All Elite Wrestling LLC. The listed address for this company is TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, which is Jacksonville Jaguars home. So there’s something indeed going on behind the scene.

Chris Jericho Net Worth
Chris Jericho Net Worth. Image Courtesy: WWE

Revealed: How Much Money Chris Jericho Received For Greatest Royal Rumble Appearance?

Chris Jericho is one of the busiest names in the pro-wrestling circuit nowadays. He has spent more than 25 years in this business to become a legend in this industry. But to date, he is more than just an active performer in comparison to his contemporaries. This is the reason we often mention him as the GOAT (Greatest of all-time). He has been doing a lot to bring entertainment to the wrestling fans.

Chris Jericho net worth and salary

First and foremost, Chris Jericho is an active competitor outside the WWE. New Japan Pro-wrestling is his new home where he is the current IWGP Intercontinental Champion. This makes him a ten-time IC title-holder counting the WWE reigns, as well. Plus, he is touring with his Fozzy rock-band, globally. Also, he hosted a Jericho Cruise in October to bring different promotions under one roof.

Which one is the greatest match of Y2J?

Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor and NJPW’s world champions performed on one deck that was a rare thing. Apart from these, Y2J also pulled off a couple of appearances in the WWE in this year. He was back to attend the 25th anniversary of WWE Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn, New York. Furthermore, he also attended the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia.

It’s no secret that the desert country’s sports authority has made a multi-million deal with the WWE earlier this year. So the performers at Greatest Royal Rumble received fat paychecks for working at that night. Even a current outside of the company like Chris Jericho received a huge amount for a one-off appearance.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter revealed that WWE gave him $100000 for the Greatest Royal Rumble appearance. Chris Jericho had a short segment on the show by appearing at number 50 during the top rope battle royal. But he still managed to receive a big amount to his account.

Initially, WWE announced a solid match for the Greatest Royal Rumble event featuring The Undertaker and Chris Jericho. But the card changed at the last moment as Rusev replaced Jericho in the match. So the veteran had to do a short role in the Greatest Royal Rumble match. Here are the reasons behind this switch clarified by the legend himself, (courtesy

“I would think that possibly knowing Vince, from once again New Japan is an enemy. if it’s gonna make any difference? No, but to him, like I said if it takes one buy from Network that goes to New Japan World, it’s the enemy. I think that he probably thought ‘i’m not gonna put Jericho in this highlight match where he has the chance to steal the show, I know him and Undertaker will kill it. I don’t wanna do that.’”

WWE Superstar Chris Jericho Net Worth, Salary and Career
courtesy WWE

WWE Superstar Chris Jericho Net Worth, Salary And Career Details

WWE Superstar Chris Jericho Net Worth, Salary And Career Details ∼ Chris Jericho is the living legend in the pro-wrestling industry. He is not only a legend from the WWE scene. Rather, he is the critic-acclaimed GOAT (greatest of all time) of this generation’s entertainment industry. Many of you might not know but he is a rock star, singer, author, actor, television host, media personality and businessman, at the same time. Chris Jericho net worth has increased by virtue of this all-in stint by the veteran superstar.

WWE Superstar Chris Jericho Net Worth, Salary And Career Details

Christopher Keith Irvine is his real-name which later changed to Chris Jericho as per norms of the professional wrestling industry. He earned his name in the business starting from the 90s. WCW became the biggest rival of WWE back in the days. Y2J on the roster of the promotion helped them a lot to throw the toughest challenge to Vince McMahon.

Chris Jericho Net Worth
Chris Jericho Net Worth. Image Credits: Twitter

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But, The Chairman of the Board was a visionary who decided to take over the WCW promotion. Later he brought Chris Jericho to the mainstay program of WWE i.e. Monday Night Raw. It marked the beginning of the new era in the company starting from the very beginning of this millennium. The veteran was here to save us from all the miseries with his ‘save us Jericho’ gimmick.

Early Career and championship wins

Reaching the pinnacle of this sports entertainment gave a boost to Chris Jericho net worth. It would be a dream for any of the wrestlers in the world to go into a feud with the franchise player right after debuting on the flagship show. Well, Y2J did that effectively with a spectacular debut that will always remain as perhaps the best in his WWE career.

We will get into that later in this article but first, we want to give you a brief look of the early point of his career. NHL hockey player Ted Irvine was his father who played for New York Rangers. His sister Vanessa Gerards was a music teacher. But his passion was wrestling which started pursuing in the year 1990 in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Watching local events from AWA let him learn some technical moves. Legends like Owen Hart, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, and Shawn Michaels also inspired him a lot to be a part of the pro-wrestling industry. Later his destination was Mexico and Japan before WCW signed him. He also had a brief stint in the Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) before finally stepping foot into the big league.

Chris Jericho Salary
Chris Jericho Salary. Image Credits: Twitter

Vince McMahon always treated him as the main event player alongside the other big attractions in the company. So Chris Jericho net worth has always been within an upward graph. Ruthless Aggression era witnessed his rise amongst the who’s who guys in the locker room. He had to earn his name against the likes of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, John Cena, Randy Orton and more.

Despite this much competition, Chris Jericho has become one of the all-time great champions in the history of WWE. He is perhaps the only name who won all the relevant championships present in both WWE and WCW. In combined, he had 31 championship reigns during his career span. His nine Intercontinental Championship wins is still a record in the WWE. The Miz has come closest with eight wins in recent times.

Apart from that, Chris Jericho is a six-time world champion in the WWE alongside multiple tag team and US title wins. This already made him one of the few Grand Slam winners in the company. It is also worth noting that he won championships in the other promotions, as well. Currently, NJPW and other independent promotions had the opportunity to work with him. This earned him the IWGP Intercontinental Champion in Japan. We have reported earlier about his recent rivalry against Kenny Omega in the NJPW promotion.

Chris Jericho Net Worth And Salary
Chris Jericho Net Worth And Salary. Image Credits: WWE

Chris Jericho had received the most prestigious moment of his career in 2003. It was at the Unforgiven PPV event where he became the Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock at the same night! Fans still consider this incident be the highest performance delivered by any superstar on one single night.

Chris Jericho net worth
The legendary wrestler is also a musician as mentioned earlier. This made him a mainstream name with constant performances all around the world. He is the lead singer for the Heavy Metal Rock Band Fozzy and has a successful podcast. Plus, there are three autobiographies under his name alongside a few TV shows and movies. It’s needless to say that Chris Jericho net worth has a major impact on these stints other than wrestling.

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In fact, this is the reason why Chris Jericho left the wrestling business around 2010. He was away from the scene for a couple of years before returning to WWE in 2012 as a heel superstar. This marked the beginning of a part-time stint for him in the company. He left the show for many occasions only to come back after a short time-span. But Y2J has stayed loyal to the company and Vince McMahon out of pure respect.

Most of the Chris Jericho net worth has come from the wrestling business of course. He earned around $974,000 as his salary per month from WWE. The company also gives him a percentage of profits for events, appearances and merchandise loyalty bonuses. This approximately remains within 3% to 5%. Royalty for video games also earned him huge paychecks throughout the career. WWE included him in numerous video games including the revolutionary 2K series.

Estimation says that a regular roster member earns around $20000 to $100000 every year through these bonuses. The last time he competed in a storyline in the WWE was in May 2017. WWE paid him $487000 for this match. Later, he made some sporadic appearances for Greatest Royal Rumble and WWE Raw 25th anniversary. With that being said, Chris Jericho net worth has reached worth $18 million as of the financial year of 2017-18.

We need to mention that Chris Jericho net worth could go beyond the mentioned figure if it was not for the heel-turn in 2008. He is the all-time great villains that WWE has ever seen. To stay true to his character, he denied selling any merchandise in that year. This deprived him of getting any royalty paychecks for the entire year. The company did not also come up with any luxury of travel and accommodation provided for a superstar.

But his sacrifice made him the Slammy Award winner in the ‘Superstar of the Year’ category in 2008. It was the same year where the company awarded him with the tag team of the year alongside Big Show. It was around the same time when his stint in the music world has started. Interestingly, he created an alter ego of himself for the Fizzy Rock Band named Mongoose McQueen. He used to be a great fan of Chris Jericho the wrestler whereas Jericho was the big fan of Mongoose McQueen.

Chris Jericho Net Worth
Chris Jericho Net Worth. Image Credits: Twitter

This singing stint earned him the nickname of ‘ayatollah of rock n roll’ that is continuing to date. Chris Jericho net worth kept on growing TV industry being the next in target for the WWE Superstar. He appeared in a number of shows including a top contributor at VH1 music and pop culture shows. WWE shows also witnessed him as a host in the Highlight Reel which might be the greatest talk show, ever.

Meanwhile, Chris Jericho tried to break into the scene of reality TV shows. Celebrity Duet marked the beginning of that where he got eliminated in the very first round. But he found a lot of success by appearing on the Dancing with the Stars season 12. He managed to reach the sixth round earning him around $200000 to $250000.

The former world champion has already penned three autobiographies with a fourth one in the pipeline. ‘A Lion’s Tale: Around the World in Spandex’, was a New York Times bestseller after the release. All of these books have been a funny tale about how he spent his life, so far. Royalty paychecks from this industry also gave a big booster to Chris Jericho net worth.

Y2J appeared in a movie named MacGruber, which was taken from Comedy Night Live. Apart from this, Talk is Jericho is one of the famous wrestling podcasts of this generation. Multiple sponsors pay him a handsome amount through the year which gives him away a handsome amount of money. No wonder how Chris Jericho net worth reached to $18 million which is higher in comparison to his contemporaries.

As for his personal life is concerned, Chris Jericho married to Jessica Lockhart on July 23rd, 2000. The couple had a son named Ash Edward Irvine who came to the world after three years. Later twin daughters arrived in their life i.e. Sierra Loretta Irvine and Cheyenne Lee Irvine born in 2006. In one podcast episode in 2013, these three children were guests. Y2J has numerous tattoos in his body for his wife and children.

Chris Jericho Net Worth
Chris Jericho Net Worth. Image Courtesy: WWE

Currently, Chris Jericho is away from WWE since May 2017. He did not renew his contract with the company hinting that his final WWE stint might have already been over. The probable reason is that the indie scene welcomed him with open arms afterward. NJPW promotion already signed him and let him have the IWGP Intercontinental title. Fans have been enjoying the ongoing feud with Kenny Omega from the promotion.

The recently bygone All In show witnessed him making a surprise appearance attacking Omega. This will culminate in another match at the Cruise of Jericho in late October. Event managers are promoting the match in Alpha vs. Omega’s name. It is going to be an extravaganza where a wrestling show will take place on a ship. The journey begins on October 28th from Miami and ends four days later in Nassau. Revenue generation from this show will increase Chris Jericho net worth for sure. Who knows the GOAT might become a wrestling promoter thereafter!

courtesy WWE

WWE News: Chris Jericho on the Most Important Match of his Career

Chris Jericho had become a ten-time Intercontinental Champion recently. He was already a nine-time IC title-holder in the WWE. This time around, the veteran won this championship in a different promotion. WWE might not count it, but there’s no denying he became the only one to take his IC title count to double figures.

Currently, Chris Jericho is no more a WWE superstar. His contract with the company expired back in summer 2017. WWE did not wish to renew the deal. Hence he pursued a stint in the best wrestling promotion available in Japan namely NJPW. The WWE head honchos are well aware of this stint in the rival promotion.

But they did not express anger considering he has been a trusted employee under their banner. Chris Jericho recently sat down for an interview with Inside the Ropes to talk about the most important match of his pro-wrestling career. His choice was pretty much shocking.

We have seen Chris Jericho being part of different gimmick based matches in the WWE against the behemoth names. Anyone of those could be the best of his career including that monumental night where he defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. It was surprising to learn he mentioned his match against Kenny Omega as the most important in his career.

It was the debut match of the six-time world champion in NJPW promotion. The mega contest took place at this year’s NJPW: Wrestle Kingdom 12 show at the Tokyo Dome, Japan. The two men delivered solid encounters which received five-star ratings for many of the pro-wrestling critics.

Here are his comments where Chris Jericho described why this is the most important match of his career,

“I was laughing to myself when we were getting ready for the match, and people were like ‘Jericho, can’t keep up with Kenny Omega. How’s he going to do the New Japan style?’ What’s the New Japan style? Good wrestling is the style,” Jericho said. “I don’t have to keep up with anybody. I’m Chris Jericho; I dictate the pace of the match as does Kenny Omega. He’s not a f—— luchador in his first match; he knows how to work, timing, and all that sort of s—.”

Some of the fans did doubt about whether he could cope up with the fast-paced wrestling of Kenny Omega. But Chris Jericho managed to overcome the odds and show why is a future Hall of Famer.

He made a bold statement on his capability despite coming up short against the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

courtesy WWE

WWE News: Chris Jericho Shared Vince McMahon’s Reaction on NJPW Stint

Chris Jericho is no more a WWE Superstar. He is a veteran name who we always consider to be a so-called WWE guy. But that has changed in recent times. The veteran superstar is now a part of the New Japan Pro-Wrestling promotion which is also known as NJPW.

The nine-time Intercontinental Champion made two one-off appearances in the WWE in recent times. One of those came on the 25th anniversary of Monday Night Raw. He followed it up with another appearance at the Greatest Royal Rumble event. NJPW was his next destination in June where he competed in a championship match.

It was not his first appearance in the company, however. He competed against Kenny Omega in a dream match at Wrestle Kingdom event. It is the biggest event of the NJPW promotion. When everyone thought it was just a one-off stint, Chris Jericho proved us wrong.

The Japan-based company brought him back at the Dominion event. Y2J defeated Tetsuya Naito to win the Intercontinental Championship. It does mean he will continue to appear in Japan under this banner, whereas, WWE will be out of his radar. Vince McMahon is aware of this stint quite well.

Chris Jericho has a good relationship with his boss. It’s out of respect and good work ethics that he let know McMahon about his NJPW stint. The Chairman came up with a positive reaction for one of his loyal employees going to a rival brand.

Check out Jericho’s comments from his interview by Busted Open Radio,

“I know the first stuff I called him and told him about it, and he was all for it. Then when I told him I was going to do more, nothing really negative, still very supportive. But I think now that it may be becoming a bit of a slight issue. It’s another company out there, and I know for a fact he takes every company very seriously.”

The six-time world champion also revealed McMahon might not remain cool with the NJPW stint. It is going to continue for some more times. WWE’s owner does take each of the rival brands seriously. So Jericho will soon become an outsider for WWE. We may not see him in the company ever again.

Below comments from Chris Jericho reflected the same,

“I still think everything’s cool, but I feel if my involvement with New Japan continues, I might get a call one of these days. Until then I’m still going to do this because it is different.”

courtesy PWmania

WWE Rumour: Impact Wrestling Wants Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega

Impact Wrestling is one of the toughest competitors of the WWE. The company started its journey back in the last decade. It was TNA (Total Nonstop Action) Wrestling back then.

The current WWE Hall of Famer, Jeff Jarrett was the founder of it. It turned out to be the nemesis of the WWE at one point.

But the glory has faded away in recent times. Money has been a big issue behind this. It is the prime reason most of the biggest stars have left the promotion. Dixie Carter lost the ownership of the brand at one point. Anthem Sports bought it later and gave the new name of Impact Wrestling.

The revamp procedure is going for the rival brand of the WWE. They need some major names on the roster to boost the TV ratings. We have spotted an effort on their part to show collaborations with the WWE. We have seen footages of Impact Wrestling contents on WWE Network contents.

Now they are willing to take one of the major names from the WWE under their wings. Chris Jericho is that one superstar on their radar. confirmed the same after attending the Impact Wrestling press conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. One of the official names Callis attended the event to disclose two prime names they are focusing on.

These were his comments,

“There’s a young Canadian kid I like; we’d love to sign him, his name is Kenny Omega. Another is Chris Jericho.”

Kenny Omega is another veteran name of sports entertainment. He is currently under contract with NJPW and ROH promotions. It will not be wrong if we say that he is one of the marquee players that the Japan promotion has right now.

WWE had even shown interest to take him under their wings. But this is not likely to happen in the near future.

So Impact Wrestling bidding for him as well as the veteran Y2J. The most significant news on this topic is that several Impact Wrestling stars will compete at Chris Jericho’s cruise later this year. Sami Callihan from Impact also called him out in recent times which is another indication of a new deal between the two parties.

Jericho is open to working with several other promotions apart from WWE right now. It is why we have seen him competing in the NJPW too in recent times. Impact Wrestling can have the same benefits too now that he is not under contract with the WWE.

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