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Coronavirus pandemic

Booker T
courtesy WWE

Booker T: WWE Hall Of Famer Tests Positive For COVID-19

Booker T seems to be the latest victim of coronavirus from the WWE Universe. While as always WWE has remained silent about an employee getting tested positive, he discussed the same on his own YouTube show and thereby provided an update to his fanbase.

On the most recent episode of The Hall of Fame podcast, the veteran name Booker T revealed that his test results came back from the CDC and it showed that he had tested positive for COVID-19 back in June. Booker T also specified whether these recent test results were part of an antibody test that tracks whether one has developed antibodies after getting over from coronavirus.

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Booker T: WWE Hall Of Famer Tests Positive For COVID-19

Booker T: WWE Hall Of Famer Tests Positive For COVID-19 1

Booker T and co-host Brad Gilmore had a chat on the podcast to inform the listeners and viewers that he had lost his test results and had not known whether or not he tested positive for COVID-19 or not. The WWE Hall of Famer then noted that he was feeling ill for a few weeks while the diagnosis was made.

Considering his age, Booker T was thankful that his case was not as bad as he primarily thought of. Many of the people in the United States and all around the world are dealing with this deadly virus and he seemed thankful of getting over the issues and go back to normal life.

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“I never got my results back, but they called me, rest assured, today to tell me that back at the end of June when I got tested, I had tested positive, and I’ve had three tests since and they all came back negative,” Booker T said. “But it just goes to show you how badly f’d up we really are with this system that we’re working with as far as people finding out if they got this or if they don’t got it. I’m living proof.

“Thank God I’m still here. I got a healthy immune system. God spared me on this one, but I could have been on the nearly 200,000 if I didn’t know I had this and could have been gone into the next life.”

Booker T: WWE Hall Of Famer Tests Positive For COVID-19 2

Booker T wanted to share the experience with COVID-19 with everyone that is similar to WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page who recently urged the fans to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously. The former world champion also said that he did not know if he tested positive for COVID-19 when his initial test results were lost. But he decided to quarantine himself from his family so that the virus doesn’t spread to other people. He maintained the social distance procedures until he made a full recovery.

In recent times, there has been a lot if blaming on WWE for not following the ethics with COVID-19 as quite many of their employees have been tested positive starting from the talents, backstage personnel, and producers. But they never came up with official statements around them. But Booker T opposed the idea saying WWE has regularly conducted tests.

“Thank God I did man because I could have been like The Rock as far as the whole family coming out with something like this, and like I said, I got my mother-in-law out here with us. And this something that is so serious guys. I want you all to be careful. Be careful with something like this. Thank God I’m working for a company that’s tested me on a regular basis.” (Quotes courtesy

Booker T is free from the virus who joined the pre-show panels from SummerSlam 2020 onwards. He was also present for the Payback PPV panel, as well. Renee Young, AJ Styles, The Rock are some of the notable names amongst others who have overcome coronavirus in recent months.

Shahid Afridi, Gautam Gambhir
Credit: Getty Images.

Gautam Gambhir Reckons Coronavirus Will Not Impact Cricketers In IPL 2020

Gautam Gambhir, the former Indian cricketer believes that the coronavirus pandemic will not have an impact on the performance of the cricketers when they participate in the Indian Premier League (IPL) in the UAE. IPL too, was originally slated from 29th March but had to be postponed and moved abroad. Besides that T20 World Cup in Australia too was postponed and IPL will be held in that slot.

The 13th edition of the extravagant league will be played from September 19 to November 10, across three venues in the UAE — Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai. Strict guidelines have been issued to the players and staff of franchisees who will stay at bio-secure bubbles.

IPL 2020
IPL 2020. Credits: Twitter

Gautam Gambhir Stresses That Coronavirus Will Not Affect Players And Says There Is No Certainty About Favourite Team In IPL

The former Delhi Capitals captain and winner of two IPL trophies while captaining Kolkata Knight Riders Gautam Gambhir also stressed that players must adhere to the guidelines put in place.

“I don’t think that players will be afraid of it. It is important to be in the bio-secure bubble and follow the guidelines. Just because of one person, the tournament can’t be sacrificed. So, it is important to follow the instructions and guidelines,” Gambhir told ANI.

Last month, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) had confirmed that 13 personnel including two players of Chennai Super Kings tested positive for COVID-19.

Speaking on the chances of Delhi Capitals who have a strong balanced team this year winning the tournament, Gautam Gambhir said that in IPL, there is no certainty about anything and also raised the point that Indian players have not played the game for a long time due to the pandemic. Gautam Gambhir clarifies whether the players are rusty will only be known once the IPL starts.

Gautam Gambhir
Gautam Gambhir. Image Credit: Getty Images.

“IPL is a kind of tournament where any team can beat another team. The most important thing is how you start the journey. Also, the Indian players haven’t played any cricket for the last 6 months so whether they are rusty or not will be known once the tournament starts,” he said.

The coronavirus has taken away the lives of thousands around the globe and has resulted in strict measures like lockdowns meaning staying at home since March-end in India and has also resulted in postponements and cancellations of various sporting events.

Gautam Gambhir Said Everyone Would Love To See Yuvraj Singh Playing Again

Meanwhile, veteran left-handed batsman Yuvraj Singh has sent a mail to BCCI President Sourav Ganguly and Secretary Jay Shah seeking permission to come out of retirement.

Reflecting on the same, Gambhir said: “It’s his personal decision and each and everyone loves seeing Yuvi play. If he wants to play for Punjab so why not? You can’t force a cricketer to start or to end and if he wants to come back from retirement and play with motivation, he is most welcome.”

Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh, Image Credit: Getty Images.

Mr. Puneet Bali, the secretary of the Punjab Cricket Association, approached him and asked him whether he can come out of retirement after one of the sessions where he was working with the young Punjab quartet of Shubman Gill, Abhishek Sharma, Prabhsimran Singh, and Anmolpreet Singh at Mohali at the behest of the PCA.

In his letter, Yuvraj Singh has made it clear that if he can play for Punjab again, he will obviously not pursue his options of playing outside the country. The letter seeking permission originated from the fact that he played for Toronto Nationals in the Global T20 in Canada in August last year, and for Maratha Arabians in the Abu Dhabi T10 League last November.

Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma, Hardik Pandya, Natasa Stankovic
Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma, Hardik Pandya, Natasa Stankovic.

From Virat Kohli To Hardik Pandya: 3 Indian Cricketers Who Achieved Personal Milestones During COVID-19 Crisis

Indian skipper Virat Kohli announced that he and his wife Anushka Sharma are soon to become parents and are expecting a baby in January 2021. Virat Kohli made this announcement via social media and the fans have gone berserk ever since the announcement has been made. However, he is not the only Indian cricketer who has achieved personal glory during COVID-19.

Prior to this, Hardik Pandya announced his marriage with his fiancee, Natasa Stankovic and last month, they were blessed with a baby boy. Hardik Pandya also made the announcements on social media. Today, we’ll take a look at three Indian cricketers for who the COVID-19 lockdown was a blessing in disguise.

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, coronavirus, PM's fund
Image Source: Instagram

From Virat Kohli To Hardik Pandya: 3 Indian Cricketers Who Achieved Personal Milestones During COVID-19 Crisis

3. Hardik Pandya-Natasa Stankovic

Hardik Pandya, natasa stankovic
Photo Credit: Twitter.

On 1st January 2020, Hardik officially got engaged to Natasa, who is a Serbian actress, model, and dancer. Natasa has also acted in some Bollywood movies and Hindi Web series along with participating in the reality shows Big Boss 8 and Nach Baliye 9. On this Sunday (31st May), Hardik Pandya took the social media accounts to reveal that they are expecting a baby.

In his social media post, Hardik wrote, “Natasa and I have had a great journey together and it is just about to get better ? Together we are excited to welcome a new life into our lives very soon. We’re thrilled for this new phase of our life and seek your blessings and wishes ?”

Ness Wadia. Credits: BCCI/IPL.

Ness Wadia: Even One Positive Corona Case Would Doom The IPL

Kings XI Punjab owner Ness Wadia wants BCCI to focus on no coronavirus cases and the player’s safety instead of caring more about the title sponsorship of the IPL 2020. The BCCI has yet not confirmed, that the title sponsors VIVO has pulled out of the sponsorship. It is most likely that they will back out of the 440 crores per year sponsorship at least for this year because of the diplomatic tensions between India and China.

Ness Wadia said there are enough sponsors for the IPL 2020 to replace VIVO if such situation arises. He also said that the team owners are more concerned about the players and the staff involved’s safety and health. Following the high tensions on Indo- China borders, Ness Wadia wants the IPL to move away from the Chinese sponsors.

Ness Wadia
Kings XI Punjab co-owner Ness Wadia. Credits: BCCI/IPL

The Sponsors Would Negotiate Hard Feels Ness Wadia

The Kings XI Punjab owner told PTI after a owners’ meeting “There is much speculation going on. I think it is ridiculous. The only thing we (team owners) know is that the IPL is happening. We are very concerned about the safety of the players and all others involved. Even if there is one case, the IPL could be doomed.”.

“I don’t know what the BCCI has decided on title sponsorship. All the team owners had a productive meeting and are on the same page to make IPL a success. We need to support the BCCI and will be meeting again soon,” he said.

IPL 2020, BCCI,
IPL 2020 (Credits: Twitter)

The post-pandemic conditions have led to a financial crunch for many and hence any possible sponsors will be negotiating hard says Ness Wadia. He believes that this would be the most-watched IPL

“All the sponsors are going to negotiate hard but I will change by name if it is not the most watched IPL ever. It will be the best ever IPL. You mark my words. Sponsors would be foolish not to be part of IPL this year.It would be a wrong commercial decision on their part to not be a part of the IPL. I truly believe that if I was a sponsor, I would be jump right in,” Ness Wadia said.

Ness Wadia wants BCCI to lay emphasis on safety measures

“The BCCI has sent an exhaustive 16-page SOP to teams for smooth conduct of the tournament. It requires players, support staff, team officials and owners to be part of a bio-secure environment,” Wadia said.

BCCI SOP for State association
BCCI. Image Credit: Twitter.

“We have to adjust and acclimatise to the (bio-secure) environment. One case could kill the IPL. Extraneous circumstances require ordinary people to do extraordinary things,” he added.

The BCCI has sent a detailed 16 page SOP to be followed by the players, staff and owners during the tournament. BCCI has laid its protocol that Indian players need to test negative five times prior to their training in UAE and will be subsequently tested for coronavirus in every five days during the IPL.

courtesy WWE

WWE Declares Strong Quarter II Financial Earning Despite COVID Outbreak

2020 is a year that WWE would like to forget. The coronavirus pandemic caused a never-before-seen situation where they had to cancel live shows. Only tapings from the PC are allowed without any audience. The monotonous situation continues where the excitement is absent from their weekly TV programming or PPVs.


The good thing is that despite the pandemic, WWE didn’t have to go through losses. 2nd quarter earnings report for the company is out, and the company does have a lot to be pleased about as they made even more income in comparison to the earlier quarter. Their smart business strategy and cost-cutting proved to be much effective and make it through the toughest times.

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WWE Declares Strong Quarter II Financial Earning Despite COVID Outbreak 15


WWE filed a strong earnings report as it showed revenues of $224.4 million. They made $268.9 million in the previous quarter. It should be noted WWE was able to host a show in Saudi Arabia in 2019’s second quarter and received a ton of money from the country’s sports authority. They look forward to doing so in the third quarter, again.

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WWE also showed an operating income of $55.7 million compared to the $17.1 million in the first quarter. The company also released the free version of the WWE Network and then expanded its video content library. Network subscribers declined 1.5% to 1.66 million subscribers. But paid subscribers went up 6% to 1.69 million.


The company’s digital content witnessed an increment of 10% and their eCommerce almost doubled to $12.6 million. The stocks also went up by 5.86% at $48.09 per share in after-hours trading following the release of their strong Second Quarter 2020 earnings report.


WWE Declares Strong Quarter II Financial Earning Despite COVID Outbreak 16


The only obstacle that WWE is facing right now is that the TV ratings are down 19% for RAW and 15% for SmackDown. McMahon solely blamed COVID-19 for this situation as there’s no audience at the venue.


However, he mentioned how WWE NXT and RAW were still the first and third highest-rated shows on the USA Network. With their smart creative strategy, McMahon and Co look forward to counter the rating problems on months to follow and they’ve also assured the shareholders about it.


courtesy Instagram

Coronavirus: WWE Raw Stars Lana & Billie Kay Misses This Week’s Show

Lana didn’t appear on WWE RAW this week just like a lot of WWE Superstars who weren’t able to make the show due to coronavirus issues, although it was planned. Vince McMahon also rewrote some parts of the script that didn’t require some superstars from the red brand. Lana’s absence is understandable as family members of her have been tested positive with Covid-19 in the recent past.

Coronavirus: WWE Raw Stars Lana & Billie Kay Misses This Week's Show 29

As reported previously, Lana’s husband Miro fka Rusev revealed that he has coronavirus. Additionally, both of her parents have also been dealing with coronavirus which she revealed via her social media account. Her mother was released from the ICU and is now at home recovering from the attack of the deadly virus.


Thus, WWE decided to keep Lana off Raw TV due to her possible contact with coronavirus. To date, there’s no confirmation on whether the Ravishing Russian has been tested positive or not. WWE hasn’t been releasing any information on the issue and they have also strictly forbidden their superstars to reveal positive test results, as well.

Rusev Defends Wife Lana From WWE Fan’s Derogatory Remarks

The general thinking is that Lana is still negative with the coronavirus who should be able to make a return to WWE television, soon once hee quarantine days are over. She was involved in a storyline with Natalya, that should kick-off as soon as she returns. The duo is continuing their program via Instagram eyeing a run with the Women’s Tag Team Championships as soon as they get back on TV.


It should be noted that Natalya is also absent from WWE Raw as his husband has reportedly been tested positive with the coronavirus.

Another member from WWE female roster, Billie Kay was not on the show, this week and some fans were concerned about her considering the current coronavirus pandemic that has caused a lot of people to miss work. The good thing is that she was busy doing business stuff, as clarified in a tweet.

Coronavirus: WWE Raw Stars Lana & Billie Kay Misses This Week's Show 30

One half of The IIconics member tweeted that ‘it’s none of our beeswax’ what kind of business she was getting into. Apparently, Billie was maintaining the IIconics global brand that has nothing to do with the coronavirus.

“Lucky @SamoaJoe is on #Raw & understands being an entrepreneur. The IIconics are a global brand mate… I’m taking care of other business so mind your own beeswax!!!”

WWE Universe Twitter account also asked her if there would be a problem for Peyton Royce without her partner. But Billie Kay responded saying, “Of course it’s not a problem… my life partner is ALWAYS IIconic.”
However, in reality, Peyton came up short against Ruby Riott in a singles contest. Hopefully, the IIconics will be back on the winning track when Billie returns on TV, next week.


courtesy Instagram

Coronavirus: WWE Hottie Kayla Braxton Returns After Getting Healed

Last month, a number of WWE employees went public about their fight with coronavirus. Kayla Braxton was one of those WWE stars who came out and admitted the same. She also mentioned how it was her second battle with the virus. Thankfully, she’s out of the critical situation who also attended this week’s SmackDown.


Coronavirus: WWE Hottie Kayla Braxton Returns After Getting Healed 43

Kayla Braxton updated fans of her status through Instagram posting a photo of herself in front of the WWE logo. She announced to be back on SmackDown tapings after testing negative for the coronavirus as the photo was taken backstage at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. She was delighted to get back on TV and doing what she does best and, that is to throw questions to the in-ring competitors.

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In the absence of Kayla Braxton on SmackDown due to coronavirus, Sarah Schreiber has been filling in for her. The blonde head did a fantabulous job, but it appeared that Braxton was quickly back to work to share the backstage duties with her. Below is the line, she posted to announce the return,

“I’m baccckkkkk! Tune into Friday Night Smackdown tonight on FOX.”

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It should be noted that Kayla Braxton got some serious props backstage for revealing her positive coronavirus test on her own. Although WWE wasn’t pretty cool with the idea of employees announcing their positive results, at one point, she showed a lot of courage while doing it.

It was significant since it was her second time with the virus. Hopefully, she has beaten the virus forever and will regularly feature on Friday Night SmackDown.

Coronavirus: WWE Hottie Kayla Braxton Returns After Getting Healed 44

For those who don’t know, Braxton was tested positive with coronavirus test at the WWE Performance Center back in March when WWE wasn’t dealing with this one being a big threat.

They tried to hide all the information until the woman in concern opened up, herself. A week ago, The Bump’s host shared the great news of getting fully recovered and being ready to see the world again while she’s putting her mask on.

Coronavirus: WWE Hottie Kayla Braxton Returns After Getting Healed 45

Bryan Alvarez recently reported on Wrestling Observer Live that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has not publicly shared his thoughts about the coronavirus pandemic. But sources have told him that he might not be taking it too seriously,

“Vince McMahon has never said anything publicly about what he thinks about the coronavirus. He’s never said anything publicly … I have heard from multiple sources that Vince does not think that this is all that bad. I hesitate to even say that. I’m not sitting here saying that he outright thinks its a hoax or whatever.”


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Coronavirus: WWE Star Lana’s Father Affected; Stephanie McMahon’s Grandma No More

After the announcement came that Lana’s mother has been tested positive for coronavirus, the latest news is that her father is also the latest victim of the virus. Lana’s father has now also tested positive for COVID-19.

Coronavirus: WWE Star Lana's Father Affected; Stephanie McMahon's Grandma No More 58

She confirmed on Twitter that her father has the coronavirus, within just 24 hours that her mother also tested positive. In the meantime, she also mentioned an amazing fact that her parents never go outside the house but yet they got infected by the deadly virus.


“My dad tested positive for covid. Please keep my family in your prayers,” Lana said via her Twitter account.

A follow-up tweet from her, added, “My parents never go outside ……. so this is just mind-blowing”

The Ravishing Russian previously announced that her mother was in the Intensive Care Unit due to a positive coronavirus test. She also informed the WWE Universe that her mother is asthmatic who’d been taken to the Emergency Room with breathing troubles. She later tested positive for the virus and was given oxygen.


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At this point, Lana asked for WWE Universe’s thoughts and prayers for her family who’s been fighting against the deadly coronavirus. There’s still no confirmed news on whether WWE will be forced to send her into quarantine if she’s been living with her parents.

At present, Lana jas been involved in a storyline with Natalya on WWE RAW that could be put to halt if she’s absent from tapings.

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Coronavirus: WWE Star Lana's Father Affected; Stephanie McMahon's Grandma No More 59

On a related note, it was informed by the McMahon family that Evelyn Edwards, Linda McMahon’s mother, passed away at the age of 93, last week. Stephanie McMahon announced the demise on Twitter although it was not clarified whether it had any connection with the coronavirus,


“Last week my 93 yr old grandmother passed peacefully, surrounded by people who love her.

One of the last things she said to me was, “Let there be love”. Love is what heals us all. To anyone who is hurting or struggling, I send my love to you.

#RIPMima Thank you for everything.”


We send our condolences to the McMahon family during these tough times. She might be gone, but her memory will live on for those people who were influenced along the way including her grandson and granddaughter who’ve been ruling the pro-wrestling circuit for years.

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Coronavirus: WWE Superstar Lana’s Mother In ICU After Getting Positive

The coronavirus situation deteriorates in the WWE as one more superstar is likely to go into a hiatus after her family member has got infected. WWE Raw superstar Lana took to Twitter and announced that her mother has been admitted to the hospital with COVID-19.

Coronavirus: WWE Superstar Lana’s Mother In ICU After Getting Positive 72

Lana had noted earlier that her mother was having trouble while breathing. She also informed that her mother was being taken to the Emergency Room.


“Please keep my Mom in your thoughts and prayers. She can’t breathe and is heading into the ER right now.”

Rusev Defends Wife Lana From WWE Fan’s Derogatory Remarks



She posted another update a few hours later while WWE NXT was going on saying that her mother had tested positive for the coronavirus and then got admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. She also mentioned how her mother is asthmatic.


“My mom tested positive for covid. She is in the ICU right now. She is asthmatic and is on oxygen. Thank you for all the thoughts & prayers.”

WWE Star Bobby Lashley Has Immense Praise For On-Screen Wife Lana


As per the coronavirus health guidelines, Lana has to go into quarantine for 14 days if she was staying with her mother. There’s no word yet on if WWE will force The Ravishing Russian to quarantine if she’s been around her mom.

At present on TV, she was involved in a storyline with Natalya on the WWE RAW brand. Both of them last appeared during the June 29 episode teasing the formation of a new alliance on the flagship show.


But those plans to form a new tag team may not be taken forward in Lana’s absence on Raw. In the meantime, Pro Wrestling Sheet now reports that more people in the company who were present at recent WWE tapings at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida have tested positive for coronavirus.

Coronavirus: WWE Superstar Lana’s Mother In ICU After Getting Positive 73

WWE has reportedly conducted almost 1,500 coronavirus tests since they started thorough testing in late June.


Besides taking more precautionary safety measures and coronavirus testing, WWE recently a mask mandate for all the talents. They will be fined $500 for not wearing a mask.


The second offense of not wearing a mask while being at TV tapings, unless performing in front of the camera, will cause in a fine of $1,000. Producers Jamie Noble, Adam Pearce, and on-screen talents Kayla Braxton and Renee Young were victimized by the virus, previously.


courtesy Twitter

Coronavirus: Top WWE Raw Star Natalya Advised Not To Work Tapings

WWE has been going through rapid coronavirus tests due to the spread of the deadly virus, backstage. More then a dozen talents have reportedly been tested positive with it and the numbers are gradually increasing. As a result, some of the talents are backing out of TV tapings. Natalya seems to be one of them after Kevin Owens refused to be part of the tapings.


WWE carried out Coronavirus testings, this past weekend after the likes of Renee Young, Kayla Braxton, Jamie Noble and more have been tested positive. They’ve also taped shows this weekend including segments for Raw but a lot of stars have missed the show due to COVID-19 concern. Natalya was one of them due to health concerns.

Coronavirus: WWE Host Renee Young Tested Positive With Husband Jon Moxley

Coronavirus: Top WWE Raw Star Natalya Advised Not To Work Tapings 86

Over on SmackDown, bigger names like Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, Sheamus, and Sonya Deville missed the show. According to the reports of Wrestling Observer, WWE officials themselves asked Natalya not to work RAW tapings, this week due to coronavirus issues.  She was in contact with her husband and WWE producer Tyson Kidd (T.J. Wilson) who had a fever.


“Producer T.J. Wilson (who wrestled as Tyson Kidd), came to testing on 6/25 with a fever. Both he and wife Natalya Neidhart tested negative for COVID in I believe two different tests, but as a precautionary measure, the company asked both to sit out this weekend even though she was fine.”

Coronavirus: Kevin Owens Denied To Appear On WWE Raw TV Tapings


Natalya never commented on the issue as it was noted that WWE officials aren’t supporting the fact that superstars openly talked about coronavirus issues. Previously Renee Young admitted on Twitter that she was tested positive that reportedly caused a backlash from the officials. The veteran Hart Dynasty member thus remained silent on the matter.

Coronavirus: Top WWE Raw Star Natalya Advised Not To Work Tapings 87

A trusted shoulder like Natalya is expected to be back for Raw tapings as per the next schedule provided by WWE unless she shows symptoms of coronavirus. Meanwhile, she commented on NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai facing WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Sasha Banks at NXT Great American Bash in a non-title match. She opined that it’s a match where everyone wins,



“That’s a match where everyone WINS,” stated Natalya. It’s not giving each other 50/50…. it’s giving each other 100/100. You always get what you give. You give a lot, you get a LOT.”


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