Top 10 WWE superstars with highest earnings in 2016

Talking about WWE and his owner Vince McMahon, money is everything. As the largest Sports Entertainment Company in the world, WWE brings in millions of fans in the arena to collect money. Nowadays they have increased the live events around the world

Video: WWE superstars who lost their debut match

It is a norm that while establishing a persona of uprising superstars, WWE has to let them hand a couple of wins following their debut. They always prove their dominance over the fellow ones to make a name for themselves. But history

Top 5 WWE superstars of all time

The visionary Vince Kennedy McMahon took the franchise of the then WWF under his wings from his father and treated it like the way that no one could think and eventually it changed the face of pro-wrestling. He gave the company a


WWE News: John Cena announces his return in WWE

With rumors surrounding the internet with Cena’s return, it was evident that John Cena was coming back early and that’s what he had declared in the latest tweet as he officially announced his return date in his Twitter handle. The 15 time


Huge surprise return assumed at Wrestlemania?

The teasers around his return have been a constant thing over a past few months. Last January, the franchise of WWE had undergone surgery which kept him shelved since then and for the first time ever since Wrestlemania 21, speculation-wise the cornerstone