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Survivor Series 2020
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WWE Survivor Series 2020: Spoiler On Remaining Smackdown Team Members

Survivor Series 2020 will take place on November 22nd with the brand vs brand theme intact. While the company has already booked the lineup of Raw, they have a few rooms when it comes to booking the SmackDown side. Four spots were taken by Kevin Owens, Jey Uso, King Corbin, and Seth Rollins. Three spots are left on the SmackDown Women’s team.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the SmackDown brand has a few options left to fill up their side, but those options are limited. The chances have already been narrowing down if the Survivor Series 2020 qualifying match participants as well as the loser names are considered.

WWE Survivor Series 2020: Team Captain revealed for Smackdown?

WWE Survivor Series 2020: Spoiler On Remaining Smackdown Team Members

WWE Survivor Series 2020: Spoiler On Remaining Smackdown Team Members 1

Observer previously noted that “the key people open to those three spots look to be Big E, Otis, Seth Rollins, Lars Sullivan, Rey Mysterio, and Murphy.” Among these names, Rollins had already earned his spot at Survivor Series 2020 while Mysterio squandered the opportunity. It is likely that the fifth remaining spot will belong to either Sullivan or Big E as they both are likely to receive a big push.

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Otis isn’t likely to get a spot as she has just lost Money In the Bank briefcase. Vince McMahon had dumped the idea of pushing him or Tucker. Lars Sullivan is set for a monstrous push while WWE doesn’t really have a plan around Big E. If Lars gets a spot on the blue brand then chances of a win for SmackDown at Survivor Series 2020 will be bigger. Also, it could set up a face-to-face meeting with Braun Strowman.

On this past episode of SmackDown, Ruby Riott was added to the SmackDown Women’s Team at Survivor Series 2020. Sasha Banks successfully defended her SmackDown Women’s Title against Bayley to end the feud for good. But it doesn’t mean she’s getting the night off at Survivor Series 2020.

WWE Survivor Series 2020: Spoiler On Remaining Smackdown Team Members 2

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter informed that “the obvious pick is Bayley” for a spot on the SmackDown women’s team. It was said the selection is pretty “obvious” provided she didn’t beat The Boss to regain the title.

It was also informed that Drew McIntyre was the one to capture the remaining spot on the men’s Survivor Series 2020 team for RAW. He was also supposed to be the Team Captain for RAW. But now a second chance match has been confirmed for this week’s Raw without McIntyre in the lineup. We wonder what Vince McMahon and Co have in-store for the King of Claymore Country on the November 22nd PPV.

Smackdown results
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WWE Smackdown Results (16/10/20): Roman Reigns-Strowman; The New Day Farewell

Season two premiere of SmackDown on FOX came up with a loaded card where Roman Reigns defended his Universal Title in the main event match. Daniel Bryan returned on the show while The New Day had their farewell match. The tag team championships were also on the line when the show aired from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

WWE Smackdown Results (16/10/20): Roman Reigns-Strowman; The New Day Farewell

WWE Smackdown Results (16/10/20): Roman Reigns-Strowman; The New Day Farewell 20

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon welcomed the entire SmackDown roster to open the show. They introduced the new faces of the blue brand before a brawl broke out. The authority figures left the ring as the fight continued in the ring. Lars Sullivan took out everyone before Jeff Hardy pushed him off the ring.

The opening contest of SmackDown went down between Lars Sullivan and Jeff Hardy. Lars blocked a Twist of Fate attempt and sent Hardy out of the floor. Coming back to the ring, Hardy successfully hit the Twist of Fate but Lars was quickly up, on the feet. He caught Hardy while coming out of the ring and hit the Freak Accident to pick up the win.

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WWE Smackdown Results (16/10/20): Roman Reigns-Strowman; The New Day Farewell 21

The New Day competed in their final match on SmackDown against Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Sheamus. Sheamus and Cesaro hit the double team White Noise but Big E broke the pin. He hit the Big Ending on Cesaro but Nakamura dropped him with a kick. Woods hit a missile dropkick to Nakamura but Sheamus clotheslined him to the floor. Sheamus charged but ran into the ring post as Kofi moved out of the way. Big E and Woods both tagged in to hit Midnight Hour on Sheamus for the win.

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Daniel Bryan returned on SmackDown talking about how he’s excited about being a part of WWE ThunderDome. Seth Rollins interrupted him talking trash that created a brawl. Rollins tried to escape but the Mysterio family and Murphy blocked his path. Murphy unloaded on Rollins before offering a truce with the Mysterios. Rey and Dominik decided to walk away without shaking his hand.

SmackDown Tag Team Titles Match between Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler vs. The Street Profits was disqualified as the two challengers attacked Dawkins at the same time. After the referee called for the bell, Ziggler and Roode hit a modified Spinebuster on Dawkins. But Ford hit a Crossbody on both of them to save his tag partner.

Sasha Banks and Bayley were scheduled for a contract signing segment for their Hell In A Cell matchup for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Banks signed the contract after which a heated argument broke out between the two of them. Bayley decided to walk out of the ring without putting her sign on the contract paper.

WWE Smackdown Results (16/10/20): Roman Reigns-Strowman; The New Day Farewell 22

WWE Universal Title Match was the main event of SmackDown where Braun Strowman challenged Roman Reigns. Strowman hit a Chokeslam for a two-count after which Reigns countered with a Spear. Strowman was up on his feet and tried to hit the Running Powerslam but Reigns locked him in a guillotine submission hold for the win. After the match, Jey Uso arrived at ringside while Reigns destroyed Strowman with a steel chair. Jey then rocked Reigns with some shots but the officials ran down to make the save. Before moving away, Reigns downed Uso with a Superman Punch to end the show.

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WWE Smackdown Preview (16/10/20): Roman Reigns-Strowman; New Day Farewell

We expect to witness a fresh beginning for the SmackDown brand after the 2020 edition of Draft. The landscape of the WWE roster was changed, big-time and thus a new journey will be kicked off for the blue brand. WWE is mentioning this as the season two premiere of the show that should also witness buildups for Hell in a Cell 2020 pay-per-view.

The main event of the show will have Roman Reigns defending the Universal Championship against Braun Strowman. The New Day will be having one last match before parting away while a former World Champion will come back to the show. The Tag Team Titles will be on the line where Lars Sullivan is also coming back to action. All of these will go down when SmackDown airs from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

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WWE Smackdown Preview (16/10/20): Roman Reigns-Strowman; New Day Farewell

The Universal Title will be on the line on SmackDown season premiere when Roman Reigns squares off against his old rival Braun Strowman. After being chosen by Raw, The Monster will make one final appearance on the blue brand to take away the belt from the Tribal Chief. It should be noted that Strowman will be looking for payback as Reigns pinned him at WWE Payback PPV in a No Holds Barred Triple Threat Match to win the title.

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WWE Smackdown Preview (16/10/20): Roman Reigns-Strowman; New Day Farewell 33

The news of breaking up The New Day sent shockwaves through the WWE Universe as it was totally unexpected. One of the most popular trios of the company will no more be seen together. Before splitting away, the Raw Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods will step one more time on SmackDown to team with Big E in their farewell battle against Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro, and Sheamus.

WWE Smackdown Preview (16/10/20): Roman Reigns-Strowman; New Day Farewell 34

Lars Sullivan brought chaos alongside him during his return on last Friday night SmackDown, as he attacked Matt Riddle, Jeff Hardy, and The Miz. Then The Freak was out for hunting down John Morrison on the Raw brand, as he massacred “Miz TV”. Before Hardy heads to Raw, and Sullivan lands on SmackDown after the WWE Draft, these two will go into a battle marking the in-ring return for the latter name.

WWE Smackdown Preview (16/10/20): Roman Reigns-Strowman; New Day Farewell 35

WWE has also announced that Daniel Bryan will come back to SmackDown on FOX for the big season two premiere of the show. This will mark the former world champion’s ThunderDome debut. He has not been in action since early June after coming up short in the finals of the WWE Intercontinental Title tournament to former champion AJ Styles while being on a fatherhood vacation.

WWE Smackdown Preview (16/10/20): Roman Reigns-Strowman; New Day Farewell 36

A title match will also go down on the season two premiere when Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler challenge SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Street Profits – Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins on the show. The reigning champions exchanged their titles on this past episode of Raw after getting drafted to the blue brand and thus it will be their first title defense. Will they be successful in retaining? We’ll find out when the episode with loaded contents will air from the ThunderDome.

Lars Sullivan
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Lars Sullivan: WWE Plans Big Match For The Freak Despite Harassment Accusations

Problems around Lars Sullivan continues to follow after his comeback to the WWE before Draft 2020. As reported earlier, he created controversy when a female yoga instructor’s husband shared screenshots of him sending her inappropriate messages on Instagram. Now another woman has been accusing him with similar allegations.

The female from Australia has accused Lars Sullivan of harassing her online with inappropriate messages as well, The series of tweets from had the following to say,



“He harassed me in the DMs and went out and blocked me when I called him an incel”

“I don’t have the full screen shots because he blocked me”

Lars Sullivan: WWE Plans Big Match For The Freak Despite Harassment Accusations 47

As mentioned above, the woman did not provide proof on behalf of her claims saying that she can’t access the conversation because The Freak blocked her. So not much can be done against Lars Sullivan by WWE. Although it should be noted that a user can access a chat on Instagram even after getting blocked by the other person. So the woman may just have deleted the concerned messages.

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Lars Sullivan: WWE Plans Big Match For The Freak

There’s not much heat within WWE, for now as the creative team has some big plans for him. They have reportedly discussed plans for a big feud between Lars Sullivan and Braun Strowman although they’re not on the same side.

The 2020 WWE Draft witnessed Lars Sullivan getting drafted to SmackDown while Strowman was picked by RAW. The general thinking was that the company wished to keep the two monsters away from each other.

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Lars Sullivan: WWE Plans Big Match For The Freak Despite Harassment Accusations 48

Now it was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the plan of hosting a match between The Freak vs. The Monster Among Men, down the road is intact. This match could take place in one year or so if not at Survival Series 2020 where brand vs brand fights remains the theme. It will be interesting to see if WWE sticks to this plan and carries out this monstrous fight.

Lars Sullivan has attacked several superstars since returning on Friday’s SmackDown and then again showing up on Monday Night RAW. As of now, his in-ring return will happen this Friday on the SmackDown season premiere episode when he faces Jeff Hardy in a singles contest. Meanwhile, Strowman will wrestle his final SmackDown match this Friday as he challenges WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns for the title. Strowman is also scheduled to face Keith Lee on Monday’s Raw season premiere.

Lars Sullivan
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Lars Sullivan: WWE Star Allegedly Sent Improper Messages To Married Woman

Problems around Lars Sullivan just continues to unfold since the beginning of his debut on the main roster. After a long hiatus, he was thought to be spreading his wings on either Raw or Smackdown roster. But now it seems another problem has arisen. It’s quite a sensitive issue that could cause another break to his career just after coming back.

A Reddit thread has just been popped up with screenshots of a conversation between Lars Sullivan and an Instagram account. That account is owned by a woman named Annika Naidoo-Fuge.

Lars Sullivan: WWE Star Allegedly Sent Improper Messages To Married Woman 66

Lars Sullivan: WWE Star Allegedly Sent Improper Messages To Married Woman 67

Lars Sullivan: WWE Star Allegedly Sent Improper Messages To Married Woman

Annika spoke to where she confirmed that the story of her getting harassed by the WWE Superstar is true. She said that Lars Sullivan slid into her DMs and you can go through the messages as embedded in the article. He started hinting at buying photos from her in the beginning and things escalated quickly.

Being a married woman, she had to block the star, instantly. Naidoo-Fuge provided with the needed screenshots that prove that the emerging WWE star could have crossed the lines, for good.

WWE Couples Won’t Be Roser-Wise Separated During Draft 2020

Lars Sullivan has quite a shady cyber past which is well documented. He made several posts on a bodybuilding message board prior to joining the WWE those were quite racist and homophobic. He was later fined $100,000 by WWE for those posts which went viral soon after his debut on the main roster. Later he suffered the injury and got shelved for a longer timespan.

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Lars Sullivan: WWE Star Allegedly Sent Improper Messages To Married Woman 68

But Lars Sullivan continued to make headlines when the footage was uncovered of him in homoerotic films. He went by the name Mitch Bennett in those footages, but his WWE in-ring name was intact while sending messages on Instagram to an account called Yoga For The Athlete. If these aren’t enough, vulgar comments from the past regarding Stephanie McMahon have also been discovered.

WWE is yet to make any statement on the recent issue that is bothering Lars Sullivan. Despite the backlashes, we hope that he will be a part of the Draft Night II, tonight. As of now, the prediction is that WWE will keep him on the Smackdown brand while another monster Braun Strowman will be on Raw. Those two behemoths will be kept separate, for now.

WWE Draft 2020

WWE Draft 2020: Former Universal Champion To Move To Raw

WWE Draft 2020 is in the middle position where the first night is over and they’re currently figuring out the surprises for the second night. They have a lot of decisions to make for the night that goes down on tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw. We can assume that there will be more moves they could alter the rosters, for good.

It’s being noted that Lars Sullivan returned to WWE television on SmackDown but he’s not officially yet on the blue brand. His fate could be determined during the second night of WWE Draft 2020. he could be kept on Smackdown which will force Strowman to join Raw.

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WWE Draft 2020: Former Universal Champion To Move To Raw

WWE Draft 2020: Former Universal Champion To Move To Raw 86


During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed WWE’s current mindset. Following WWE Draft 2020, they want to keep Braun Strowman and Lars Sullivan separate. The principle is likely to go this way whereas each Raw and SmackDown brand can have its own monster character. The edict was the same before last year’s Draft, too but Lars had to go out of action due to an injury.

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“I would guess [Lars is staying on] SmackDown and the reason I say that is because I figured they would keep Braun Strowman and Lars on separate sides. That’s not necessarily true but that’s kind of how I would do it.”

“But Braun is gonna go to Raw is what I’m thinking. Put it this way, Braun was going to Raw in the original thing for this. Obviously, it can change, but he was. That’s why I figured with Roman Reigns, that’s the way to kind of like – you know, you do the job on the way out and Braun’s leaving and they’re trying to get a rating for next week and then the week after is going to be the week on FS1 so that will be an interesting week as well,” informed the source. (Quotes courtesy Wrestling News)

WWE Draft 2020 can shake things up, big-time throughout the week as the supplementary Draft process will continue even after Raw. Braun Strowman is also getting his Universal Title rematch when he steps up to the Tribal Chief on Friday Night SmackDown.

WWE Draft 2020: Former Universal Champion To Move To Raw 87

The Observer also noted about WWE Draft 2020 saying the Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn is expected to be picked by SmackDown. The United States Champion Bobby Lashley was retained by RAW and WWE isn’t looking forward to keeping both the mid-card champions on the same brand.

WWE likes to keep all the couples together on the same brand but The Observer reports that the current plan is that they’ll be splitting up Jimmy Uso and Naomi. WWE wants to keep Jimmy and Jey together to keep The Usos intact as a tag team. Jimmy won’t be in the Draft pool, but upon return in early 2021, he’s expected to join the SmackDown brand. On a related note, AJ Styles moved to RAW from SmackDown as a potential opponent for WWE Champion Drew McIntyre in the future.

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WWE News: The Hardy Boyz Vacated Smackdown Tag Team Championships

The record eighth tag team title reign for The Hardy Boyz did not end well on Smackdown. They won it two weeks ago that only to relinquish it all of a sudden due to a confirmed injury. Both the Hardyz appeared on this week’s episode of Smackdown to give the sad news to the fans as the younger Hardy is up for surgery. The departure was even heart-breaking as the freak Lars Sullivan ruined their moment.

WWE title match added to Money in the Bank

Roman Reigns was in a handicapped match on Smackdown

Rumors were running rampant on the Hardy Boyz prior to Smackdown went on the air. An injury scare broke out on Jeff Hardy that suggested that the champions may have to vacate the tag team championships. Matt & Jeff Hardy competed in a Tag Team Title Match against The Usos and defeated them to become the new champions on the blue brand.

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They appeared on Smackdown last night to confirm an injury suffered by Jeff Hardy. He will have to go through a surgery to fix the issue and hence there’s no option other than relinquishing the belts. The Hardy Boyz delivered a heart-warming speech to the WWE Universe only to hear Lars Sullivan’s music cutting them off. As per the storyline, Smackdown has shown it was the freak who caused the injury with an attack on the night of their title win.

He came out again and went after Matt Hardy. Jeff could not help his brother since he was on crutches. R-Truth showed up trying to fend off the monster with a chair which had no effect! Rather, Lars hit him with a sit-down powerbomb to neutralize his offense. Matt digested yet another beatdown from Lars to end the segment.

Prior to this, Dave Meltzer first reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that Jeff Hardy was the latest to go into the injured list. He most probably picked that up in a Smackdown house show in Madison, Wisconsin on April 20th. Additionally, Meltzer stated,

“Jeff Hardy is injured, I don’t know how severe. It was on the Saturday night show in Madison Wisconsin. He was at the show last night — I haven’t heard about tonight — he was at the show in Rochester Minnesota. He was in the corner of Matt. He was limping significantly so it’s probably some sort of a leg injury.”

Well, The Hardy Boyz confirmed it’s a leg injury and now the veteran tag team will not be around on Smackdown. However, Matt Hardy will still be in action as a solo competitor.

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WWE News: WWE Superstar Suffers Anxiety Attack, Returns Home From Live Show

WWE has been airing vignettes of Lars Sullivan for the past several weeks. He is one of those new recruits from NXT roster that could be changing the scene on the main roster. He might be on his way to becoming the new resident monster of the company following the likes of Big Show and Mark Henry. That’s good for Braun Strowman who’d get a valiant opponent that matches up to his size.

Lars Sullivan made sexual comments on Stephanie McMahon

But there have been some doubts over Lars Sullivan after an unfamiliar situation broke out with him in recent times. Apparently, he was about to make an appearance on WWE Raw and later on Smackdown, this week. But an anxiety attack barred from doing so and making his main roster debut unpredictable. At this point, it is not clear what could be the next move with him.

Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live gave hints that we were about to see the main roster debut of Lars Sullivan on WWE Raw, this week. WWE scheduled him to appear at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida on what could be a star-studded night. But he may have note showed up. A separate report from WON suggested that there’s a chance that he could show up and leave early due to an anxiety attack or getting himself injured.

Interestingly enough, WWE also advertised Lars Sullivan for Smackdown, the very next night in Jacksonville, Florida. He was reportedly working in a dark segment before or after the show but he was absent from the tapings and went home to Colorado. His contemporaries like EC3, Lacey Evans, and the team of Heavy Machinery worked on these two shows.

So Alvarez hinted that the debut of Lars Sullivan might be in jeopardy, for now. There’s no surety of seeing him on either WWE Raw or Smackdown, sooner,

“I have no idea what that means. I have no idea what his future is.”

He also added that WWE officials may be willing to arrange a mega match for the monster at Wrestlemania. But for that, he has to debut at the right time. Unless it happens the current plans have to be scrapped out, (courtesy

“He was earmarked for a very big match at WrestleMania,” Alvarez said. “[…] maybe we’ll know more on Monday, maybe we’ll know more on Tuesday, maybe at the Rumble. […] He was supposed to be there at both shows and he was not there.”

courtesy Twitter

WWE Rumor: Two Huge Debuts To Happen At Royal Rumble 2019

At this time, WWE is heavily promoting the debut of Lars Sullivan. We have not received any confirmation about when it will actually happen. But the intensity in the promos indicates that this NXT Superstar will get a huge push upon his debut on the main roster. This is why WWE commentators are hyping him up as the ‘hottest free agent in sports entertainment today’.

Why big match canceled at Royal Rumble?

The vignettes around Lars Sullivan began from Survivor Series onwards. He stopped performing on the NXT brand in order to gear himself up for the big league. Recent reports from Wrestling Observer Newsletter hinted when the debut could actually happen. Additionally, it declared that the original schedule of airing those promos was slightly different.

Plans for Ronda Rousey at Royal Rumble

Officials thought of airing the video packages of Lars Sullivan from TLC 2018 onwards. This would have continued for more than a month until the debut happened at Royal Rumble 2019. But Vince McMahon saw the video package and it impressed him so much that he decided to put it on TV at Survivor Series.

This certainly gave more timespan for the commentators to hype up the debut. The source continued that it is still likely to happen at Royal Rumble 2019, (courtesy

“WWE would’ve then promoted Lars’ debut for over a month and he would’ve finally debuted at the Royal Rumble 2019 PPV, where he would’ve revealed his decision of which brand he’s going to be on. WWE still hasn’t revealed any date for Lars’ debut, so it’s still possible that he makes his debut at Royal Rumble 2019.”

WWE Raw and Smackdown have been bidding their best to get this behemoth under their banner, as per storylines. The source also gave updates that Lars Sullivan would make the first appearance at Royal Rumble and then choose the preferred brand, all by himself.

This led to another potential debut at Royal Rumble PPV. The same source hinted another NXT recruit is waiting to enter the mainstay league. He is none other than the former NXT Champion, Aleister Black. These two might decide to show up on the main roster, consecutively. The current plan is to have Lars Sullivan on Raw and Aleister Black on Smackdown.

Both these superstars are physically rare specimens. Especially, Lars Sullivan is a behemoth much similar to that of Braun Strowman. Vince McMahon always has a special investment in these bigger superstars. So Lars Sullivan can consider himself to be lucky. Proving his potential could establish him as the next big thing on either Raw or Smackdown.