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WWE Super Showdown 2020 Results: Undertaker Returns; Goldberg Becomes Champion

The first global PPV event of 2020 took place last night in Saudi Arabia namely the Super Showdown. A historic women’s division title match was on the card whereas both the tag team championships were also on the line. The first-ever Tuwaiq trophy winner was crowned whereas the WWE and Universal Championship were also defended on the show. Check out the results from the night that was hosted at the Mohammed Abdou Arena at The Boulevard in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

WWE Superstars To Leave Saudi Arabia Together After Super Showdown 2020

John Cena Reportedly Set To Be Major Part Of WWE Wrestlemania 36

Gauntlet Match for the Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy

AJ Styles, R-Truth, The Undertaker, Bobby Lashley, Erick Rowan, WWE United States Champion Andrade

R-Truth eliminated Bobby Lashley after the latter one missed a spear. Andrade was next pinned by Truth after an accidental collision. Rowan next eliminated himself by sending Truth into steel steps. AJ Styles then tapped out Truth to the Calf Crusher. Rey Mysterio never came out as The OCs attacked him, backstage. The Undertaker made his surprise return and delivered a Chokeslam on Styles to win the Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy at Super ShowDown.

SmackDown Tag Team Titles Match

John Morrison and The Miz vs. The New Day (c)

The Miz planted Big E with a Skull Crushing Finale but E kicked out of that. Miz followed up with YES kicks and two running knees. He missed the third one and landed on the turnbuckle. E tagged in Kofi who tangled with the Miz. Morrison hit Kofi with a steel chair from outside the ring while the referee was not seeing. Miz rolled up Kofi to pick up the win and become new SmackDown tag team champions at Super ShowDown.

Angel Garza vs. Humberto Carrillo

Garza took initial control throwing his pants on Carrillo and nailing a kick on him. Carrion came back with a Superkick and a Destroyer. But he missed a top rope Moonsault allowing Garza to roll him up for the win.

Big Reason Why WWE Replaced Rusev With Rey Mysterio At Super Showdown

WWE Super Showdown 2020 Results: Undertaker Returns; Goldberg Becomes Champion 1

RAW Tag Team Titles Match

The Street Profits vs. Seth Rollins and Murphy (c)

Dawkins started the match with a big spear and tagged in Ford to hammer away on Murphy. Somehow Murphy managed to tag in Seth Rollins who brought momentums back hitting a Falcon Arrow and a Buckle Bomb. The challengers then hit a DDT on the champions. Murphy hit back with a Big Knee on Dawkins and distracted the referee. Rollins hit a Stomp which allowed Murphy to cover for the pinfall victory at Super ShowDown.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Mansoor

Ziggler controlled the early part of this fresh bout at Super ShowDown with offenses like Neckbreaker. He also hit a Zig-Zag on Monsoor for a two-count. The hometown hero countered with an inverted Sliced Bread into a big DDT for a pop. He followed up with a Moonsault to get the win.

WWE Title Match

Ricochet vs. Brock Lesnar (c)

The WWE Title match at Super ShowDown ended in a quick way as Lesnar executed three German Suplexes and then hit the F5 to get an easy win.

Steel Cage Match

King Baron Corbin vs. Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns unloaded on Corbin to get rolling in this match until the latter countered with a Deep Six and then hit the Chokeslam. He tried to escape the cage but Reigns blocked his path and hit a Superman Punch leaving Corbin trapped on top between the cage and the ropes. Reigns delivered another Superman Punch with chains around his fist to get the win.

WWE Super Showdown 2020 Results: Undertaker Returns; Goldberg Becomes Champion 2

SmackDown Women’s Title Match

Naomi vs. Bayley (c)

Bayley stopped early offenses from Naomi by unloading some kicks and then hitting the Bayley-to-Belly suplex for a close two-count. He nailed a big kick on Naomi. Bayley missed a top rope move as Naomi went for the split-legged moonsault. Bayley then sent her face-first into the mat using her knees to retain the title at Super ShowDown.

WWE Universal Title Match

Bill Goldberg vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt (c)

Goldberg started the match with a mammoth spear on The Fiend who went up and locked in the Mandible Claw. Goldberg got out of it and hit three back to back Spears on The Fiend who again countered with the Mandible Claw. The Myth gave a headbutt on Fiend and hit him with a Jackhammer to get the pinfall victory. He ended Super ShowDown celebrating with the newly won Universal Championship.

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Historic Championship Match Confirmed For WWE Super Showdown 2020

The second-ever Women’s Division match in Saudi Arabia is all set to take place on the first global pay-per-view event of 2020. As seen on Smackdown, last night, Naomi and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley will make history when they compete for the title at WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia, next week.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Full Results: February 21, 2020

WWE Confirms The Bella Twins To Be Inducted To 2020 Hall Of Fame Class

It will be a historic occasion for an added reason as for the first time ever a Women’s Division Championship will be on the line. Bayley declared that her title will be on the line at Super Showdown that led to a number one contender’s match on Smackdown where Naomi and Carmella battled.

Revealed: Former WWE Women’s Champion Present On This Week’s Smackdown

Naomi was in control for the early part of the match with her quick moves like a jawbreaker, sunset flip, rear-view or corkscrew plancha. Carmella started to come back locking in the Code of Silence submission move which was quickly countered with a split-legged moonsault off the top rope by Naomi for the pinfall win.

Flashback video: WWE Superstar Ronda Rousey Breaks Ribs Of TV Presenter

Following this victory, Naomi vs. Bayley was made official for 2020 Super Showdown, PPV,

“At WWE Super ShowDown, Naomi will challenge SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley in a historic matchup in Riyadh. The showdown will be the first-ever Women’s Championship Match in Saudi Arabia.

Naomi is a two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion, but does she have what it takes to overcome Bayley? Find out at Super ShowDown in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this Thursday at noon ET/8 p.m. AST, streaming live on the award-winning WWE Network!”

Earlier to this, the first match featuring two women superstars happened in Saudi Arabia where Natalya defeated Lacey Evans at WWE Crown Jewel in 2019. But no title was on the line during the match. The upcoming match for the title belonging to the blue brand is the seventh match announced for Super Showdown 2020.

WWE returns to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Thursday, February 27 for the Super ShowDown event that takes place at the Mohammed Abdou Arena at The Boulevard in Riyadh. Here’s the current match card,

WWE Title Match
Ricochet vs. Brock Lesnar (c)

WWE Universal Title Match
Bill Goldberg vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt (c)

RAW Tag Team Titles Match
The Street Profits vs. Seth Rollins and Murphy (c)

SmackDown Tag Team Titles Match
John Morrison and The Miz vs. The New Day (c)

SmackDown Women’s Title Match
Naomi vs. Bayley (c)

Gauntlet Match for the Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy
AJ Styles, R-Truth, Rusev, Bobby Lashley, Erick Rowan, WWE United States Champion Andrade

Steel Cage Match
King Baron Corbin vs. Roman Reigns

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Interesting Betting Odds Revealed For WWE Super Showdown 2020 PPV

Super ShowDown is the next pay-per-view in the WWE schedule that appears to be the first global PPV of 2020. As always, a legend is booked on the show to feature in a marquee match whereas a few other matches have also been booked for the February 27th night to entertain the Riyadh crowd. These matches could certainly change the Road to WrestleMania. However, not much bigger impact is expected from the show.

Interesting Betting Odds Revealed For WWE Super Showdown 2020 PPV 27

New Championship Match Announced For WWE Super Showdown 2020

2020 WWE Women’s Elimination Chamber Match Details announced

BetOnline has released the betting odds for Super ShowDown which are quite interesting. It seems that fans shouldn’t expect any major title changes on the PPV night since these betting odds turn out to be true, mostly. No title change is being predicted for both the WWE and Universal Championship contests. But the challengers for the SmackDown tag team belts are slightly ahead of the champions.

Interesting Betting Odds Revealed For WWE Super Showdown 2020 PPV 28

WWE Raw Full Results: February 17, 2020

WWE Stars Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville Raises Temperature In Stunning Photoshoot

The longest difference exists between Ricochet and Brock Lesnar in the WWE Title match. The high-flying superstar is clearly in no position to slay The Beast especially considering that Wrestlemania is coming ahead. Lesnar is already scheduled to feature in a marquee match at the biggest event of the year with Drew McIntyre. There’s no way that Ricochet will ruin this match’s lineup.

Interesting Betting Odds Revealed For WWE Super Showdown 2020 PPV 29

The Fiend Bray Wyatt is also favorite to retain his Universal Championship against Goldberg. Despite the rumors suggesting that there’s a chance of Goldberg winning the bout, IWC thinks that the veteran will digest a loss to out over the champion.

The only place where a title change seems realistic is the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match as the contenders are having all the momentums by their side. With that being said, check out the current betting odds of Super ShowDown,

Bray Wyatt -850 (2/17)

Goldberg +450 (9/2)

Brock Lesnar -2000 (1/20)

Ricochet +650 (13/2)

Roman Reigns -450 (2/9)

King Corbin +275 (11/4)

John Morrison & Th Miz -250 (2/5)

The New Day +175 (7/4)

Another title match will also be on the Super ShowDown card where Bayley will defend against the winner of Carmella and Naomi on next week’s SmackDown. There has been a venue change for the show in recent times which will now take place at the Mohammed Abdou Arena at The Boulevard in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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Rumor: WWE To Host Second Women’s Match In Saudi Arabia At Super Showdown

On this past episode of SmackDown, we have received a main-event match featuring the women superstars. Carmella won this big fatal 4-way match defeating Alexa Bliss, Naomi, and Dana Brooke to pull off a pleasant surprise. It ensured that Carmella will be getting a shot to the SmackDown Women’s Championship, in due course. Carmella is next in line for the title possessed by Bayley and will get her shot at this upcoming episode of SmackDown.

Rumor: WWE To Host Second Women’s Match In Saudi Arabia At Super Showdown 42

The Rock’s Daughter Simone Johnson Joins The WWE Performance Center

WWE has confirmed nothing about this match taking place in Saudi Arabia from the SmackDown side. But they did post a graphic prior to the show where it was noted that the winner of the scheduled Fatal 4 Way match will face Bayley at Super ShowDown 2020. It keeps the fans on their toes as another historic match featuring the women superstars could be in the works on February 27th.

With that being said, we might be getting Bayley vs. Carmella for the SmackDown Women’s Championship included at Saudi Arabia’s Super ShowDown 2020 event. Carmella won the qualifying match by pinning Naomi and thus may be getting ready to compete in the second-ever Women’s matchup to take place in the middle east country.

WWE Announces Gauntlet Match & Two Returns For Super Showdown 2020

At WWE Crown Jewel 2019 in November, we have seen the first-ever Women’s Division match in Saudi Arabia, where Natalya defeated Lacey Evans. This created a lot of buzz around the pro-wrestling industry as well as the mainstream media who covered the news as women were allowed to compete in front of a live audience in a conservative country like Saudi.

WWE is looking forward to gaining more such attention by scheduling a second such match in the show set to take place by the end of this month.

WWE Diva Peyton Royce Shares Freedom With Topless Picture!

Reports were previously out predicting that women superstars will now be able to take part in every Saudi Arabia pay-per-view. Those are likely to become true with the current setup on SmackDown. The upcoming WWE Super ShowDown 2020 pay-per-view on February 27 indeed has a strong chance to host an exceptional match over the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

The current match-card for the upcoming PPV event stands as follows, for now,

WWE Title Match
Ricochet vs. Brock Lesnar (c)

WWE Universal Title Match
Bill Goldberg vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt (c)

SmackDown Tag Team Titles Match
John Morrison and The Miz vs. The New Day (c)

Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet Match
AJ Styles, R-Truth, Rusev, Bobby Lashley, Erick Rowan, WWE United States Champion Andrade

Steel Cage Match
King Baron Corbin vs. Roman Reigns

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Rumor: WWE Hall Of Famer Sting To Return For Super ShowDown 2020

WWE is returning to Saudi Arabia for another event on February 27th. It has started the speculations that some of the biggest names in the pro-wrestling circuit will be present on board for the show on that night that is being promoted as Super ShowDown. The company will reportedly be traveling with a couple of Hall Of Famers, this time.

Rey Mysterio Open To Do Hair Vs. Mask Match At WWE WrestleMania 36

As per the earlier reports, Hulk Hogan is the first name who will feature at Super ShowDown in some capacity. But the bigger news from came that multiple sources have confirmed them “there is a lot of talk” going on about Sting. He will reportedly be traveling to Saudi Arabia for WWE’s next event. This is just a rumor at this point as no confirmation is not available.

Sting will be a “major part” of the show as well, as per the source. It was not updated what the 2016 Hall of Famer might be doing at Super ShowDown but there are chances that he could be wrestling.

Rumor: WWE Hall Of Famer Sting To Return For Super ShowDown 2020 55

After a return by Edge from a career-ending neck injury, at Royal Rumble 2020, it’s possible that Sting will also get cleared by the medical team of the WWE and hopefully come back to action.

“Over the last few hours, several sources within WWE have told PWInsider that there’s been a lot of talk that WWE Hall of Famer Sting will be a major part of the 2/27 Saudi Arabia event next month, possibly even returning to the ring for one more match.” (courtesy

Speaking of Sting, this leads to the dream match against The Undertaker which had the least chance to become a reality. At this point also, there’s no update on this match as the “current creative that was pitched did not involve The Undertaker.”

Rumor: WWE Hall Of Famer Sting To Return For Super ShowDown 2020 56

WWE’s deal with Sting might have also not 100% done at this time. It was earlier believed that Sting was going to be present in Houston for the Royal Rumble “to get the ball rolling” for his future appearances. But that did not appear to be in that way. So further talks are going on at this point among the creative on using Sting at Super ShowDown. Hopefully, he could be back in action after years of wait.

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Revealed: When Will Brock Lesnar Compete Next In WWE?

At this point, Brock Lesnar is scheduled to defend the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36 against Drew McIntyre in a marquee match. The challenger competed in the Royal Rumble match and eventually won it to earn the right to choose his WrestleMania 26 opponent. It was declared in the form of the Beast Incarnate at the biggest event of the year.

Spoiler: Multiple Huge Title Matches Set For WWE WrestleMania 36

But before that, two more PPV shows are in store in the WWE calendar. Super ShowDown takes place in Saudi Arabia in February whereas the Elimination Chamber will follow it in March. It looks like he’ll be wrestling in Saudi Arabia show before the ‘show of shows’ emanates on April 5th.

WWE Stars Brie And Nikki Bella Are Pregnant At The Same Time

The big news around the show is that we can expect to see Brock Lesnar on this night. This is a rare occasion when he will be in action on two consecutive WWE Network specials.

Brad Shepard of reported that we won’t have to wait long to see Brock Lesnar wrestle again. He then provided updates stating that Lesnar will be wrestling at the Saudi Arabian event on February 27th. His opponent was not noted as WWE officials may have yet to finalize the name, to date. Here’s what the source has stated,

“A source close to the situation has informed me that the WWE Champion will compete in a match at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia.”

Big Spoiler: Charlotte Flair To Face THIS Surprise Name At WWE WrestleMania 36

As per the earlier reports, Brock Lesnar is under contract with the WWE where he is bound to work in all of Saudi Arabia shows in the future. He receives a lucrative paycheck for making each of the appearances.

The last time WWE hosted a show in Saudi Arabia was in November 2019 under the name of Crown Jewel where Lesnar defeated Cain Velasquez to retain his WWE Championship.

Velasquez lost the match via tap-out lasting for merely over three minutes. There was a rumor that the former UFC Heavyweight Champion may not be done with his former MMA rival and may just decide to come back for a rubber match at Super ShowDown 2020.

But to date, the Mexican fighter is yet to make his comeback on WWE TV. So it’s yet to be finalized whether WWE intends to host this match on February 27th or not.

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WWE Raw Preview (27/01/20): Royal Rumble Fallouts, Liv Morgan Vs. Lana

Fallouts from the 2020 Royal Rumble match will be the key part of tonight’s edition of WWE Raw as we kick off the Road to WrestleMania 36 in April. We should also note in this context that the next PPV event following Rumble has also been confirmed as Super ShowDown emanates this February.

WWE Royal Rumble Full Results: January 26, 2020

With that being said, storylines for the Saudi Arabia show will also begin on the post-Rumble episode of WWE Raw that takes place at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.

WWE Raw Preview (27/01/20): Royal Rumble Fallouts, Liv Morgan Vs. Lana 81

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar is scheduled to make an appearance on tonight’s episode of WWE Raw which probably would give a hint of his next championship opponent.

After what went down with Drew McIntyre (he won the Rumble match and eliminated Lesnar) in Royal Rumble, it’s almost confirmed that these two will have a match at WrestleMania 36. But for now, Lesnar might have to have an additional title defense in Saudi Arabia.

At present, it looks like Cain Velasquez should work as a stop-gap opponent for Brock Lesnar by taking on him at Super ShowDown. Velasquez was originally scheduled to make his return at Royal Rumble. But since the plans did not go down that way, chances are there that he might make a return on WWE Raw to set up the rubber match at the upcoming PPV.

In the female division, WWE Raw women’s championship is safe around the shoulders of Becky Lynch. After months of wait, she was finally able to earn a victory over Asuka via submission move which must be giving her pleasure. Moving forward, she’d look forward to getting her next opponent over the championship.

Meanwhile, it’ll be interesting to see what plans WWE will have for the Women’s Royal Rumble winner, Charlotte Flair. She’s certainly not going to face Becky in an umpteenth rematch.

As for the only announced matchup for WWE Raw, a singles contest between Lana and Liv Morgan will go down on the show. This match will mark the return of both of them in singles action after a long time. There’s no love lost between them as seen in the past few weeks. But they must be fuming even more after the bad blood cost them in the women’s Royal Rumble match.

WWE Raw Preview (27/01/20): Royal Rumble Fallouts, Liv Morgan Vs. Lana 82

In this circumstance, barred Lashley and Rusev from ringside so that these two females can settle their score without chaos,

“In a match where both The Bulgarian Brute and The All Mighty will be banned from ringside, Liv and Lana will square off in singles action on Raw, bringing their simmering rivalry-within-a-rivalry to a boil. The match will mark Liv’s first singles competition in six months, as well as an opportunity for the pair to settle the score on their own unfinished business. Given the (still unelaborated) revelations from Lana’s wedding to Lashley, it’s clear these two have a lot to talk about — or, more likely, fight about — before all is said and done.”

Perhaps, we can expect to witness WWE Hall of Famer Edge, as well on this week’s WWE Raw. He is speculated to sign a multi-year deal with the WWE which will allow him to compete in special events in due course. Super ShowDown could be the first event where Edge might compete in his first match after the Royal Rumble return went down. There should be some buildups in this context on tonight’s show.

Locally, WWE Raw is promoting a huge tag team match where Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens, and Rey Mysterio face Seth Rollins and AOP in a tag team action. Also, AJ Styles and Randy Orton might go one-on-one in a grudge match as per the current advertisements. Perhaps, one of these matches could end up being a dark match on the night.

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Revealed: The Undertaker’s Next Match & WWE WrestleMania 36 Status

The Undertaker has not been seen competing in matches since Extreme Rules 2019. He formed a dream tag team match on that night with Roman Reigns to defeat the team of Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre before going into a hiatus.

The expectation was that WWE might use him at Summerslam following the most extreme night of the year. But that was not the case as we are yet to see him back on TV since July 2019.

Kane Reveals How The Undertaker Stopped His WWE Career From Ending

As of now, provided an update regarding the next appearance of The Undertaker. It stated that to make his in-ring comeback at next month’s Saudi Arabia pay-per-view on February 27.

He has not wrestled in the bygone Saudi show in October which created a tremendous backlash among the Saudi fans. Hence, WWE will move into the country with The Phenome in the match card.

Revealed: The Undertaker’s First WWE Appearance In 2020

However, just like last year, The Undertaker is currently not scheduled to work in WrestleMania 36. It was reported in early 2019 that WWE does not wish to use him around the biggest event of the year unless it’s necessary. This show usually has bigger star powers in the form of multiple mainstream stars alongside or pro-wrestling legends who returns to compete in one-off matches.

Goldberg Says He Owes A Receipt To The Undertaker

Not only this ensures more Saudi dates reserved for The Undertaker but also WWE can get more longevity out of him at his age. Here’s more from the source,

“The reason behind this move is that The Undertaker is a very important part of WWE’s deal with Saudi Arabia (as Saudi Arabia officials like Old School Wrestlers and Undertaker is the #1 active Old School Legend in the business today), and this deal played a major role in Vince McMahon convincing Taker to come out of retirement after WrestleMania 33.”

Most of the fans might not like the idea of not seeing The Undertaker on the showcase of immortals on consecutive occasions. Saudi Arabia shows do not mean much to them in general as these are often considered to be glorified house shows. But the money produced from Saudi is something that WWE can’t deny. So they will keep emphasizing the shows, no matter what.

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WWE News: Goldberg Responds To Roman Reigns’ Jab On Twitter

As noted earlier, WWE modified the entrance of Roman Reigns since October 2019. A piece of pad is used as he enters through the ramp as he bumps on it to let the pyros off the stage.

So the pad is basically used to protect his hands from the steel rungs that is used to set up the ramp. You may have a look at the below picture to get a closer look at the fist shot to the pad that a fan raised a question about.

WWE News: Goldberg Responds To Roman Reigns’ Jab On Twitter 107

He asked Roman Reigns on Twitter to explain why this is used. The franchise player of the WWE answered the question and went on to take a shot at WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg. Here’s what he had to offer to insinuate a future fight,

“Nothing to explain Nick. It’s a little piece of pad. So I don’t break my hand on steel grate. I gotta perform like 48 weeks a year man. So that would be stupid. It would be like,? head butting a door before my match level of stupid. Anyway, have a good day Nick. ??”

Revealed: Huge Match Waiting For Roman Reigns At WWE WrestleMania 36

It was an indirect shot at Goldberg who headbutts the locker room door before his matches. The Myth responded to what Roman Reigns had to offer with the following comments,

“1 of those “C’mon man” ESPN moments. I’ll stick with my old school ways ….seems to of worked 99% of the time. We all have bad days.

I tend to tap into an entirely different level of intensity. Doesn’t work for everyone. Kinda like the difference between #UGA & GeorgieTech. ? “

Matt Hardy Teases Leaving WWE After Loss On This Week’s Raw

As reported earlier, the tweets were possibly made with the intention of doing a future match between Roman Reigns and Goldberg at a future date. WWE officials do use Social Media angles to plant seeds of future matchups. This is one of the dream matches that WWE Universe will be eager to see if a decent buildup is available.

Last year, there were plans to host a match between Roman Reigns and Goldberg at the first Saudi Arabia PPV of 2020. Now that it is approaching closer, there’s a chance that we may get to see it on February 27th when the Saudi show emanates. As of now, we will have to wait for further updates to get a “Spear vs. Spear” match between Reigns & Goldberg.

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WWE News: Rumor Killer On Kane Vs. The Fiend Inferno Match

WWE legend Kane made his return on WWE TV through an appearance on SmackDown, this past week. There were rumors going on that this show-up could confirm his appearance at Royal Rumble match 2020 edition.

However, it is yet to be confirmed as his promo was interrupted by The Fiend Bray Wyatt. Meanwhile, this segment started new rumors of a future matchup for the Saudi Arabia pay-per-view event.

The Bella Twins Share WWE Divas Locker Room Story Before Women’s Evolution

There’s current speculation going on via local ads in Saudi Arabia that are promoting The Fiend defending Universal Championship against Kane.

WWE Planning Roman Reigns Vs. Goldberg After Recent Twitter Jab?

Moreover, this is going to be an Inferno Match at the next Saudi Arabia PPV set to happen on February 27. This kind of gimmick match from the past is something that the fanbase of the country would love to see. So the rumors appeared to be true.

WWE News: Rumor Killer On Kane Vs. The Fiend Inferno Match 120

However, it looks like that there’s no base to the promoted advertisement. As reported by, no such Inferno Match is being planned by WWE creative, at this point. The poster and the shown graphic, given above is purely fan-made which may not have any connection with reality. Hence, there’s no chance to see a match where the ring gets surrounded by fire.

Update On Veteran Big Show’s Current Stint On WWE Raw

As of now, Kane isn’t scheduled to work next month’s Saudi Arabia PPV. But there are reports going on that his kayfabe brother The Undertaker will be wrestling at the show but not in WrestleMania 36.

Meanwhile, Kane and The Fiend does have a history that could be used to set up a future program between the duo setting up a filler match at the February show.

Back in 2019, Kane made an appearance on Monday Night Raw in his hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. The Fiend Bray Wyatt interrupted his returning appearance and attacked him from the back. Months later when Kane came back on WWE TV, the same thing could have happened unless Daniel Bryan would make the save for him.

At this point, Daniel Bryan is set to challenge The Fiend at Royal Rumble 2020 for the Universal Title. If the champion retains his title then we could very well see Wyatt taking on the Big Red Machine in his next title match. But it won’t be an Inferno contest.

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