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IPL 2021 will is scheduled from April 9 to May 30 [Credits: IPL]
IPL 2021 will is scheduled from April 9 to May 30 [Credits: IPL]

T20 Cricket: 5 New Rules Which Can Make T20s More Interesting

T20 cricket is now watched eagerly across the globe as the shortest format has generated a lot of interest. The game of cricket has evolved vastly over the years. There was a time when 5 days of Test cricket was probably the only thing that happened. Then came the 50 overs ODI and the 20 overs T20I format which made the cricket on-lookers experience the fresh breeze blowing. With the inception of T20 cricket, the game became even more athletic.

T20 cricket made people ponder then so as to how cricket can be played in such a short span of 20 overs. But then came the T10 league that further shortened the format. With T20s, the approach of the game witnessed a shift. The batters came in with innovative shots whereas bowlers introduced more variations. The Hundred (100 balls) and T10 leagues (10 overs) have generated a lot of interest but T20s were the first thing that saw edge-of-the-seat thrillers and generated revenues.

The IPL further garnered the audacity of the T20 cricket format as its pace and entertainment fetched in a large chunk of the audience to watch the games. It is probably the most celebrated format now with fans yearning to watch the action unfold. But T20 cricket can be more interesting if some rules are changed.

IPL Trophy. (BCCI/IPL Photo)
IPL Trophy. (BCCI/IPL Photo)

T20 Cricket: 5 New Rules Which Can Make T20s More Interesting

1. 8 runs for sixes over 100 meters

Chris Gayle Image Source : IPLT20.COM
Chris Gayle Image Source: IPLT20.COM

The T20 cricket matches carry a tag of being entertaining and full of action-packed performances. With the likes of power hitters like Chris Gayle, Andre Russell, AB de Villiers to name a few, big hits are always in the scenario. Often the power that these players generate whilst hitting the shots leaves many in awe of their strength.

Big sixes aren’t a rare sight in T20 cricket and often the ball is out of the stadium. So the thought of rewarding the batters with much more than just 6 runs for their effort of hitting it big will do wonders to the individual player and team. Hitting the ball over 100 meters requires immense strength in T20 cricket and the ones who can do it must be provided with some advantage. So giving eight runs instead of six to a maximum that goes over 100 meters could be a new rule that adds to the fascination of the T20 cricket format.

Maybe one can think of bringing it in the franchise leagues in the first place. If that happens, the team with hard hitters will benefit. It will take the target of the side to an even more challenging total for the opposition to chase. In case the team batting first had struggled initially to get in runs, if their attacking batters are able to send the ball out of the stands it might help the team to chip in some necessary runs.

2. More Than 4 Overs For A Bowler

Jasprit Bumrah
Jasprit Bumrah. (Photo Source: IPL/BCCI)

The format is shorter but it demands the players to challenge themselves even more. By tuning out all the distractions, they have to find the shelf of possibilities to take the team past the total or put a commanding target on board. It thus becomes the game of calculation, wherein the batters decide their targets.

They play out the tough bowlers and then design their approach in such a way that they then take on the part-timers and the less fancied ones. A batter has the opportunity to play an entire inning when in form, but when it comes to the bowlers, they have just four overs to bowl.

However, a tweak in the quota of the bowlers can be made. If the number of overs is increased, the bowler who is having a good day will make most of it and the team will be gifted with more important breakthroughs. This will scrape off the tension of the skipper in case one of his prime bowlers is having a bad day.

The batters will then have to face more balls from the lethal in form bowlers and that would test their abilities in T20 cricket. This move can provide more challenges to the batters and will produce furthermore compelling contests for the fans. The batsman will have to go big against the prime bowlers and that would exude more competition and build excitement around the matches.

Bowlers like pacer Jasprit Bumrah of Mumbai Indians or spinner Rashid Khan of Sunrisers Hyderabad can bowl more than 4 overs if this rule comes to effect in T20 cricket thus worrying the opposition.

3. Player Replacement In The 2nd Half Of T20s

Chris Lynn and Dan Lawrence
Chris Lynn and Dan Lawrence in Big Bash League (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

This rule was brought in by Cricket Australia in the recent edition of the Big Bash League. As per the rule, the teams will be allowed to make use of one ‘X’ factor player after the 10th over of the ongoing match.

The ‘X’ factor player can only replace a player who hasn’t been quite active in the game. Thus, on the batting side, he can replace a batter who hasn’t taken the charge of the field. And from the bowling side, the replacement will come for a bowler who hasn’t bowled more than an over. If this rule is considered in the bigger picture, it might sometimes change the fortunes of the game upside down.

For instance, after playing a few overs on the field, if the team realizes that a certain player who isn’t in the playing XI can be crucial whilst the conditions, they can rope in him. It takes no time for the game to turn around completely in T20 cricket. The substitution of the player at times can have an immediate impact on the game.

If the team is in trouble they can get in an extra batsman and put a respectable total on the board. On the other hand, with the bowlers, it will provide an extra option for the side. The teams will have the opportunity to bring in an extra spinner or pacer depending on the surface and the condition. The anticipation that the substitute will bring on the 22 yards will keep the fans etched to the match to see if he changes the things around.

Super Substitute was a rule that was in existence in 2005, for ODI cricket but was scrapped within a year of its introduction. So, this rule says that a team can select a player and nominate him as the SuperSub before the toss. And, during the game, they can substitute the Super Sub, with another player in the playing XI.

4. 5 Penalty Runs For Slow Over Rate

IPL Franchises' Skippers
IPL Franchises’ Skippers

There have been talks on the issue of slow over-rate since always. To complete the innings in the fixed time is what is expected of the teams. Often it doesn’t go that way as the teams exceed the time and are then fined for the same in T20 cricket. But imposing fines on the cricketers particularly captains necessarily doesn’t solve the concern.

Instead, if 5 penalty runs are added to the opposing team’s total, then it might create a greater impact and a convincing solution. In the shorter format, even a single run can decide the outcome of the match. The teams strive hard on the field to save runs. Probably a run saved in the T20 cricket format is a run scored. And thus if this ruling comes to the forefront, the teams will put their thinking hats on the seriousness of following the time.

This will make the teams more conscious about the pre-set marks and they might follow them more effectively. A fine might not hurt the players the way these penalty runs would. It can then go on to affect the match’s outcome.

An over rate in cricket is generally defined as the number of overs bowled in an hour (60 minutes). In the general run of things, an over-rate in the range of 13-15 is considered to be an apt one for it allows the match to move at a fast pace.  To further curb fielding captains regarding over rates, the authorities have reduced the mandatory time of completing an IPL inning to 90 minutes in IPL 2021.

Therefore, starting from tonight in IPL 2021, fielding captains will have to ensure that they bowl their 20 overs within a 90-minute period. Technically, the time for a fielding side to bowl 20 overs in 85 minutes as an IPL innings comprises a couple of strategic timeouts (combined duration of five minutes).

5. The Golden Over

AB de Villiers played an unbeaten 75-run knock against the Delhi Capitals [P/C: iplt20.com]
AB de Villiers played an unbeaten 75-run knock against the Delhi Capitals [P/C: iplt20.com]

If one aims to add even more thrill to the T20 cricket, another rule that probably sneaks in is the golden over. Under this, the team can avail one over from the match wherein the runs scored in that particular over will count double, including the extras. The batting team will have to decide on that over before their innings start.

This creates a lot more enthusiasm as the fans will probably be waiting for that over to start. The batting team will have an unsaid pressure of delivering in this over. The over will be of utmost importance as if the side is able to smash big and pile up good runs, it will take them in a better position in the match. It would equally be challenging as well because the opposition will make sure that their best bowler takes the run-up in this case.

This tussle between the two teams in T20 cricket might produce a good fight as both sides will be keen on seizing the moment. If it is in the case of a chase, the batters on the field can calculate their innings and think of fetching in maximum runs from the over as it will get doubled.

In the T20 cricket matches where a single delivery changes the fate of the game, a Golden Over can pretty much do wonders by further increasing the anticipation of the fans. In franchise cricket leagues which attracts a lot of audiences already, such a ruling can add to the plethora of anticipation of the leagues.

In a first for a major T20 cricket competition, the Big Bash League introduced three major rule changes in the 2020/21 season: the Power Surge (the usual six-over powerplay split into four overs at the start of an innings and a floating block of two for the batting team to call in the second half of the innings), the Bash Boost (a bonus point for the team with the higher ten-over score) and X-factor replacements (the option to bring in a substitute player after ten overs of the match).

T20, Five Batsmen Who Have Struck More Than 15 Sixes in One T20 Innings, Hardik Pandya, DY Patil T20 Cup, DY Patil T20 Cup 2020, Semi-Final, 20 sixes, Reliance 1, most number of sixes
Image Credit: Hardik Pandya/Instagram

Five Batsmen Who Have Struck More Than 15 Sixes in One T20 Innings

T20 cricket is more famous among fans because they witness more sixes and boundaries than any other format. The shortest format is filled with the team members who can strike the ball a long way irrespective of the stadium, pitch conditions.

There have been instances when the aggressive players have led the team to victory single-handedly with their firing innings. Players like Andre Russell, Carlos Brathwaite, Kieron Pollard and many more are the example of the same.

On that note, we have discussed five players who have slammed over 15 maximums in solitary T20 innings and co-incidentally which has led their team to win the match.

5 players who have hit more than 15 sixes in one T20 innings:

Hazratullah Zazai:

Five Batsmen Who Have Struck More Than 15 Sixes in One T20 Innings 1

Hazratullah Zazai is the first cricketer for Afghanistan to struck more than 15 sixes in one T20I inning. He holds the record of hitting the most number of sixes in an innings.

While playing against Ireland, the 21-year-old cricketer opened the innings with Usman Ghani and the duo build up a staggering partnership. The aggressive batsman Zazi smashed maximums all over the ground. He continued his show even though Usman had lost his wicket early.

He smashed 11 fours and 16 sixes in his innings and scored unbeaten 162 runs which remains his highest total in T20Is. Besides, Usman and Zazi added 236 runs for the first wicket. They led the team to win the game by 84 runs.

Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Yuvraj Singh Believes These Three Batsmen Can Score a Double Century In T20

In the cricket world, every day a new record is either formed or broken. But to think a day when a batsman will score a double century in the T20 format. Anyway, it seems too hard. Doesn’t it? Well, the former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh believes that there are players who are able to achieve this unbelievable record, that too, in the shortest version of the game.

Earlier, a double century in the 50-over formant also looked impossible before Sachin Tendulkar scored one in 2010. So far, Virender Sehwag, Rohit Sharma, Chris Gayle, Martin Guptill, and Fakhar Zaman have scored double centuries in the 50-over format.

Talking about T20s, Chris Gayle holds the record of the highest score in the shortest format. In the Indian Premier League, he scored incredible 175* runs against now-defunct Pune Warriors. While the Australian limited-overs captain Aaron Finch holds the record for his 172-run knock against Zimbabwe in T20 international.

Chris Gayle,

It’s tough but not impossible:  Yuvraj Singh

The hard-hitting batsman believes that soon the cricket world will see the batsman scoring a double ton in T20 while he admitted that it a tough task but not impossible. Yuvraj stated that Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers, and Rohit Sharma are the ones who have the potential to achieve this landmark.

“It (T20 double ton) is very tough I feel. But it is not impossible I would say. With the way the game of cricket is going these days, I feel nothing is impossible. So let us wait and hope for the best,” Yuvraj Singh told Sport360. 

“Well, Chris Gayle and AB de Villiers (South Africa) have retired from international cricket, oh wait, Gayle is still playing I forgot,” Yuvraj added.

Rohit Shamra, yuvraj singh, Indian cricketer
Rohit Sharma. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

“In my eyes, these were the two guys who could have scored a double hundred in T20I cricket. Rohit Sharma would be the third guy I can think of when it comes to a double T20 ton,” added Yuvraj Singh.

As of now, India’s opener Rohit Sharma has four T20I centuries to his name while West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle has scored two centuries. Former South Africa player AB de Villiers has not scored a century in T20 international but has four centuries to his name in T20s.

Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni, 3 High-Profile Players ICC T20I World Cup
(Image Credit: Getty Images)

Suresh Raina Becomes The First Indian To Score 8,000 T20 Runs

Suresh Raina is one of the great players in Indian T20 cricket history. On Monday (25 February), Suresh Raina became the first Indian batsman to score 8,000 T20 runs.

The 32-year-old left-handed batsman Suresh Raina is currently busy in 2018/19 Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy. While he is representing Uttar Pradesh in this tournament, he became only the second Indian cricketer to play 300 or more T20s. After MS Dhoni (301 T20s), Suresh Raina became the second Indian cricketer to play 300 T20s on Monday. In overall, he became the 14th cricketer to play 300 or more T20s.

Suresh Raina, Indian
Suresh Raina (Image Credit: Getty Images)

On Monday, Uttar Pradesh met against Puducherry in the group stages (Group E). Suresh Raina had to score 11 runs to become the first Indian cricketer to score 8,000 T20 runs, and he scored 12 runs during his 300th T20 match. Suresh Raina now has 8001 runs in his T20 Career.

In overall, Suresh Raina became the sixth cricketer to score 8,000 T20 runs.

Here is the top 10 list of T20 most run-scorers

Player Matches (Innings) Runs scored Average 100s/50s
Chris Gayle 369 (361) 12,298 39.16 21/76
Brendon McCullum 370 (364) 9,922 29.97 7/55
Kieron Pollard 451 (407) 8,838 29.85 1/44
Shoaib Malik 340 (320) 8,603 36.60 0/51
David Warner 259 (258) 8,111 35.26 6/63
Suresh Raina 300 (284) 8,001 33.47 4/48
Virat Kohli 251 (237) 7,833 40.79 4/57
Aaron Finch 252 (247) 7,827 35.57 6/53
Dwayne Smith 331 (321) 7,799 26.52 5/46
Rohit Sharma 299 (286) 7,795 32.34 6/53


Uttar Pradesh clinched a crucial victory

Though Suresh Raina failed to shine in his milestone game, Uttar Pradesh secured a crucial but easy victory against Puducherry. After deciding to bat first at Delhi, Uttar Pradesh managed to score 179/4 in 20 overs. The no.4 batsman Priyam Garg scored 54 off 30 balls (six boundaries and two over-boundaries) in that innings. Also, the openers Upendra Yadav (36) & Samarth Singh (29) and the no.6 batsman Rinku Singh (29* off 10 balls) played some essential innings.

Suresh Raina, Indian
Rinku Singh played an unbeaten knock of 29 off 10 balls (Image Credit: Google)

In reply, Puducherry only managed to score 102/6 in 20 overs. None of their batsmen were able to reach the 30-run mark in that innings. Both the unbeaten batsmen, Fabid Ahmed and Parandaman Thamaraikannan, were the highest run-scorers in that innings as both scored 25 runs. The UP left-arm spinner Saurabh Kumar was their best bowler with figures of 4-0-14-4.

Rashid Khan, Harsha Bhogle
Rashid Khan is the best bowler in T20 format (Photo by Albert Perez/Getty Images)

Harsha Bhogle Selects his T20 XI of the Year

The famous commentator Harsha Bhogle has picked his T20 XI of 2018. Bhogle has got some real power hitters in his team for the year. Aaron Finch and Shikhar Dhawan open the innings for Bhogle’s team. Finch is the current ODI and T20I captain of Australia and has done a fine job in the shortest format of the game. The Australian right-hander has scored 531 runs in the ongoing calendar year in the shortest version.

Shikhar Dhawan is the other opener in Bhogle’s side. The Indian southpaw opener has scored most runs in T20I in 2018 as he has amassed 689 runs.

Shikhar Dhawan, Australia vs India 2018
Shikhar Dhawan. (Photo by Albert Perez/Getty Images)

It is one strong team.

Meanwhile, New Zealand opener Colin Munro comes to bat at one down in the T20 XI side. Munro has scored three T20I hundreds in his career and has scored 500 runs in 2018 in T20I format. Rishabh Pant takes the fourth place in the batting position. Pant had a stellar Indian Premier League season as he had scored 684 runs.

Furthermore, another power hitter Glenn Maxwell makes the cut into Bhogle’s team. Maxwell has scored 506 runs in 17 matches in the ongoing year.

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Andre Russell fills the all-rounder’s role as the Windies power-hitter also get a place in the side. Russell had a made a prolific comeback to the game after serving his one-year ban. Dwayne Bravo who retired from all the forms of the game is the second all-rounder in Harsha Bhogle’s team.

Dwayne Bravo, Maratha Arabians
Dwayne Bravo (Credits – Getty)

Rashid Khan who is the number one spinner in the shortest format of the game also gets a place. The Afghanistan talisman spinner has scalped 22 wickets in the ongoing year. Sunil Narine also finds a place as the Windies spinner doesn’t let the batsmen off the hook.

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Jofra Archer who impressed in both Big Bash League and Indian Premier League is included in the side. Furthermore, Billy Stanlake who has taken 25 wickets in 16 matches in 2018 gets a place in the side.

Here is Harsha Bhogle’s T20 XI of 2018 which he picked while analysing on Cricbuzz:

Aaron Finch, Shikhar Dhawan, Colin Munro, Rishabh Pant, Glenn Maxwell, Andre Russell, Dwayne Bravo, Rashid Khan, Sunil Narine, Jofra Archer, Billy Stanlake.

India vs Australia 2019: Mitchell Johnson
Mitchell Johnson. Credits: Getty Images

Mitchell Johnson Retires from All forms of Cricket, Not to Continue in T20

Mitchell Johnson, the fiery fast bowler from Australia, has announced his retirement from all forms of the game. Johnson admitted the fact that his body was starting to shut down. Thus, the southpaw pacer will not continue In the T20 circuit.

In fact, Johnson had bid adieu to the Big Bash League with Perth Scorchers last month. However, he had left the options open for IPL and other T20 leagues across the globe.

Mitchell Johson, Retirement, T20
Mitchell Johnson says he is mentally done. Credits: Getty Images

My body is starting to shut down.

“It’s over. I’ve bowled my final ball. Taken my final wicket. Today I announce my retirement from all forms of cricket,” Johnson wrote for the Perth Now website.

“I had hoped to continue playing in various Twenty20 competitions around the world until perhaps the middle of next year. But the fact is my body is starting to shut down.”

Mitchell Johnson who was known for his brisk pace and sharp bounce admitted that he was mentally done as well.

“When I sat down with new Perth Scorchers coach Adam Voges recently to discuss my future, he was interested in me playing on again this summer. I did believe I could still be helpful around the playing group with my experience. But I think mentally I’m done as well,” Johnson wrote.

Mitchell Johnson Big Bash League
Mitchell Johnson.

Can’t play at 100%.

Johnson further wrote that Adam Voges was able to understand as he has gone through the same phase. The fast bowler said that if he is not able to give 100%, then there is no point in going forward as it is always about giving it back to the team.

“I’m ready to break clear of playing cricket and move on to the next period of my life. He has recently been through retiring himself and I think he understood that when you’re done, you’re done. If I can’t play at 100 per cent then I can’t give my best to the team. And for me, it’s always been about the team.”

Mitchell Johnson played 73 Test matches for Australia and scalped 313 wickets. Johnson is well known for breaking through the England line-up in the 2013-14 Ashes series. In fact, the fast bowler had hanged his boots from the International career. Subsequently, he has now decided to call curtains on his T20 career as well.

Mitchell Johnson will go down as one of the best fast bowlers of the current era.

Lasith Malinga
Lasith Malinga. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Lasith Malinga makes a return to the national squad for T20s against India

Legendary Sri Lankan fast bowler Lasith Malinga was left out by the national selectors for the series against Pakistan and UAE due to his poor performances in the recent times. The curly haired sensation did not make it to the Test and One Day Internationals squads for the ongoing series against India, but things look bright for the veteran as far as the shortest format is concerned.

Lasith Malinga makes a return to the national squad for T20s against India 5
Lasith Malinga returned to Sri Lankan ODI side after a gap of 15 months during ICC Champions Trophy 2017. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Malinga has been included in Lion’s squad for the upcoming T20 games against India along with all-rounder Jeevan Mendis. Mendis who played a last T20 game for Sri Lanka in the year of 2013 was blessed with some ray of hope after almost five years of absence. However, Thisara Perera has been named the captain of the team against the Indians.

The Sri Lankan side that toured Pakistan had many major names missing as first choice players were reluctant to visit Lahore for the final T20. However, the Sri Lanka selectors have named a full power 20-man preliminary squad for the T20 series against India which is scheduled for a December 20 start at Cuttack.

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Malinga, Mendis, Dasun Shanaka, Isuru Udana and Vishwa Fernando have all made it successfully to the squad. All the members of the ODI team have also been included except Suranga Lakmal who missed out.

Lasith Malinga makes a return to the national squad for T20s against India 6
Lasith Malinga. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

However, the squad will be reduced to 15 before the start of the series. After the first match in Cuttack on December 2, the teams will travel to Indore for the second T20I on 22 and then to Mumbai for the third and final T20I on December 24.

Lasith Malinga makes a return to the national squad for T20s against India 7
Lasith Malinga

The squad for three T20Is against India:

Thisara Perera(c), Upul Tharanga, Danushka Gunathilaka, Lahiru Thirimanne, Angelo Mathews, Asela Gunaratne, Niroshan Dickwella, Chaturanga de Silva, Akila Dananjaya, Nuwan Pradeep, Sadeera Samarawickrama, Dhananjaya de Silva, Dushmantha Chameera, Sachith Pathirana, Kusal Perera, Lasith Malinga, Jeevan Mendis Dasun Shanaka, Isuru Udana and Vishwa Fernando.

Lasith Malinga makes a return to the national squad for T20s against India 8

Chris Gayle Boasts Of Being An Architect Of Twenty20 Format

Widely acclaimed as a Universal Boss, the Windies’ swashbuckling opening batsman Chris Gayle in his recent interview had made a massive statement by saying he has ‘created’ the Twenty20 cricket while adding it’s a short-paced tournament which he has had cherished during his career owing to his contribution in the format in the contemporary cricket, as he literally wielded a willow like an axe.

“Yes, it actually was made for me — or actually I should say I created T20 cricket,” Gayle was quoted as saying by Fox Sports

The left-handed batsman Gayle, who has been seen as a nightmare for the bowlers, is never shy of speaking from his mind, as he has literally revealed he has owned the game while having the huge influence particularly in the T20 competition.

“Being the creator of T20 cricket to let people, let players know there’s life in T20 cricket, let players know there’s things that can be done in T20 cricket from a batting point of view,” Gayle maintained.

The 37-year-old, Jamaica-born, all-rounder Gayle further revealed it while promoting the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), as he expressed it is the T20 time while stating it’s about the shorter version of the game apart from Tests and One-day Internationals.

“Branded as the king of T20 cricket, forget about the Test matches, 50 overs. But we’re dealing with T20 cricket now,” Gayle added.

Chris Gayle Boasts Of Being An Architect Of Twenty20 Format 9
In the ongoing 2017 CPL, Chris Gayle is playing for St Kitts and Nevis Patriots. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Interestingly, the celebrated cricketer is the part of the ongoing CPL outfit St Kitts and Nevis Patriots after leaving the home-based side Jamaica Tallawahs.

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As it would stay as a healthy question to debate whom should be credit for the format, we can’t further ignore the Gayle’s appetite for runs, as he has set a new high in the T20 competition to cross-past 10,000-run mark while participating for Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise  Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Gayle, who has been a source of entertainment for many, is also known for his witty remarks during the pressers or the sideline interviews.

“I’m so sorry for the bowlers, they’re probably shaking in their pants right now,” Gayle concluded.

Gayle has registered 10,236 runs at an average of 40.14 in 293 innings, as his highest score in the competition is unbeaten 175 which came in the IPL.

In the overall Twenty20 domestic T20 competition, Gayle has registered 18 centuries and 61 half-centuries in 298 matches. Handy with his off-spin bowling, Gayle has bagged 77 wickets in 125 innings of the professional league.

For the national team, Gayle played 51 T20Is in which he has scored 1,537 runs at an average of 34.93 and bagged 17 wickets.

ICC Champions Trophy Stars Fakhar Zaman, Babar Azam To Feature In CPL 2017

Pakistan’s new opening sensation and ICC Champions Trophy star Fakhar Zaman alongside his teammate Babar Azam have become the latest entrants to participate in the upcoming Caribbean Premier League (CPL) 2017, which is scheduled to kick start on August 4. (Read Here: Shoaib Akhtar Reveals The Name of The Batsman Whom He Wanted To Hit).

The six-team tournament is supervised and organised by Windies Cricket Board (WCB), and as many as four editions have taken place since its inception in 2013.

However, the two matches are scheduled in the United States on America (USA) at its Florida ground, as the step has been taken to extend the game while revealing the promotions would help to take a cricket to a new high.

As CPL is growing to impress and introduce the players from different countries, it has also left a significant mark on Pakistani players, who turned out to get drafted into the squads of different teams of the CPL entity.

The left-handed batsman Zaman, who has played a pivotal role in helping his national side to lift the maiden title of the ICC Champions Trophy, has already sought No Objection Certificate (NOC), from the National Board which further saw the middle-order batsman Azam applying to touch down on the Caribbean shores.

ICC Champions Trophy Stars Fakhar Zaman, Babar Azam To Feature In CPL 2017 10
Fakhar Zaman was picked after Ahmed Shehzad failed to provide the early impetus in Pakistan’s first game of the ICC Champions Trophy: Photo Credit: Getty Images.

As many as ten Pakistan players have been drafted in the CPL, in a bid to perform and give their best owing to their hard work they are looking forward to putting in.

Moreover, the other players include Sohail Tanvir, Kamran Akmal, Shoaib Malik, Mohammad Hafeez, Mohammad Sami, Wahab Riaz, Imad Wasim, Shadab Khan and Hasan Ali

Interestingly, the 32-year-old Punjab-born left-arm fast bowler Tanvir, who has been a prominent face in the Pakistan cricket, was the expensive player to be framed in for the first round when players were drafted into the list.

The 27-year-old left-handed Mardan-born batsman Zaman scored 252 runs in four matches at an average of 63 while smashing a hundred and two fifties in the Champions Trophy held in England and Wales.

On the other side, the 22-year-old Lahore-born batsman has featured in eight Twenty20 Internationals for Pakistan in which he has scored 253 runs at an average of 50.60. He has also featured in 31 ODIs and nine Tests for Pakistan.

Both the promising prospects are expecting to give their best in the forthcoming Windies domestic competition while facing the different set of bowlers.

Pakistan Name Kamran Akmal, Ahmed Shehzad In ODI, T20I Squad For West Indies Tour

Pakistan Cricket Board on Wednesday announced the 16-men squad for the three One-day Internationals and 15-member squad for the four Twenty20 Internationals scheduled from March 26 in the Caribbean.

The PCB’s chief selector Inzamam-Ul-Haq announced both the squads (T20I, ODI) after briefing the media persons at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore.

Inzamam expressed the youngsters have also been inducted in the squads after they did well at home on the domestic leg. Both the separate squads include five uncapped players who were rewarded for doing well in domestic circuit.

“We have given more chances to the young players who are doing well at the domestic level,” Inzamam was quoted as saying by Dawn.com.

Sensing the sigh of relief, wicket-keeper batsman Kamran Akmal and opening batsman Ahmed Shehzad were recalled for both (ODI, T20I) fixtures.

It becomes pertinent here both the batsman had performed well in the recently concluded Pakistan Super League edition after impressing the selectors in the country’s domestic circuit.

Post-2016 T20 World Cup, Shehzad was dropped from the limited-overs’ squad following the then Head Coach Waqar Younis reported to the authorities about his problems while maintaining the discipline

In the One-day cup, Shehzad scored 653 runs earlier this year as he has been given another opportunity following the suspension of Sharjeel Khan who was found guilty in the recently surfaced spot-fixing saga in PSL.

Akmal finished as the top scorer in PSL for its franchise Peshawar Zalmi. He scored 353 runs and played a vital role – to help his side to lift the maiden PSL title during the second edition of PSL final which was held in Lahore on March 5.

In 2014, Akmal last played for his country in World Twenty20 in Bangladesh.

After the PCB chairman declared fitness would be the first priority in the board, the 26-year-old middle-order batsman Umar Akmal failed to pass the fitness test and was eventually overlooked by the selectors.

“The squads were also weighed on fitness and that’s why Umar Akmal failed to get a place on lack of fitness,” Inzamam said.

However, the former Pakistan ODI skipper Azhar Ali has was dropped from the squad following his dismal performance.

Earlier, the 32-year-old relinquished from the captaincy after Pakistan received a 4-1 drubbing against Australia in January this year.

The left-arm fast bowler Mohammad Amir has been named in the ODI squad, but according to the former Pakistan skipper, Amir has been rested for the T20s.

On the other side, the rookie Mohammad Asghar has been inducted into the ODI squad alongside leg-spinner Shadab Khan, who has made into the both squads. Left-handed batsman Fakhar Zaman, right-handed batsman Asif Zakir and all-rounder Fahim Ashraf were included in ODI squad.

Pakistan will be led by wicket-keeper batsman Sarfraz Ahmed when they will play their first T20 game on March 26 in Barbados.

However, the remainder of the T20 games will be played on March 30, April 1 and 2 respectively and it further will be followed by three ODIs which will be beginning from April 9 in Guyana.

Here is the list of the players named in both the squads:

16-Member ODI Squad: Sarfraz Ahmed (C/Wk), Ahmed Shehzad, Kamran Akmal, Mohammad Hafeez, Babar Azam, Shoaib Malik, Fakhar Zaman, Asif Zakir, Imad Wasim, Shadab Khan, Mohammad Asghar, Hasan Ali, Mohammad Amir, Wahab Riaz, Fahim Ashraf and Junaid Khan.

15-Member Twenty20 Squad: Sarfraz Ahmed (C/Wk) Ahmed Shehzad, Kamran Akmal, Mohammad Hafeez, Babar Azam, Shoaib Malik, Fakhar Zaman, Imad Wasim, Shadab Khan, Mohammad Nawaz, Hasan Ali, Sohail Tanvir, Wahab Riaz, Rumman Raees and Usman Shinwari.

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