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Luke Gallows
Luke Gallows. Image Credits: Twitter

Luke Gallows Wants The Club vs. The Undisputed Era At Survivor Series

Former two time WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Luke Gallows recently said that he wanted Survivor Series classic elimination tag team matchup between the club and the Undisputed Era in his last WWE run.

Luke gallows went through a lot of giving changes during his professional wrestling career. After having a little spell on the independent circuit he came to WWE and he made his main roster debut as the fake Kane. Gimmick is still very much talked about among the fans. Even though the gimmick was a failure, it is rumoured that he was scheduled to be the next Kane and the imposter Kane was scheduled to be the real Kane.

Luke Gallows
Luke Gallows. Image Credits: Twitter

Luke Gallows Wants The Club vs. The Undisputed Era At Survivor Series

After the failure of the gimmick, he was repackaged as Festus. This gimmick however was loved by the fans and it was something quite unique back then. But even this gimmick did not last long, soon he was repackaged as Luke Gallows.  To date he is carrying this gimmick only.

He became a member of one of the most famous stables in professional wrestling today; The Bullet Club. The gimmick was even carried WWE after they came to the promotion. They were known as The Club (with AJ Styles and Karl Anderson) in WWE.

Luke Gallows
Luke Gallows. Image Credits: Twitter

Recently he spoke on Q&A With Wrestling Daily where he Express his desire to face the Undisputed era in a survivor series classic elimination match up. He said;

“What we wanted was to do a big Survivor Series match with the four of us [Gallows, Karl Anderson, AJ Styles & Finn Balor], and if you remember, there was another tease that there was a time whenever it was The Shield, The Club and I think The New Day were in the shot too and that was a tease and we did a lot of cool sh*t with The New Day.

Luke Gallows
Luke Gallows. Image Credits: Twitter

“Those guys are all great. But The Shield tease, we had some matches but we never did like a big full Shield/Club program which I thought that could’ve been cool but I think people wanted to see AJ, Finn and The Good Brothers together and we thought a big Survivor Series matchup, we weren’t gonna run as a faction, would have been a really cool one-off to do that to put ‘em with — sh*t, I can’t think of the name of the team at the time but Kyle [O’Reilly] and Bobby [Fish] and Adam Cole — The Undisputed ERA.

“You know what I mean, we could have done something there or however it would’ve came about but to see all four of us together in one of those dream match scenarios I think would have been really cool for wrestling fans and I think they flirted with that idea but it’s maybe one of those WWE things where if it’s not fully their creation, sometimes they don’t fully wanna pull the trigger and hey, that’s how it works. It’s your company, do what you want. We can do it at Talk’n Shop A Mania though.”

H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling

courtesy WWE

WWE News: Will WWE Bring AJ Styles And His Club To NXT Brand?

A significant change around AJ Styles and his brethren happened on this past edition of Monday Night Raw. They have renamed the Club as the OC i.e. the short form of Original Club. WWE even changed the entrance vignette of the Phenomenal One hinting that WWE may be having bigger plans with this group that has once dominated the world.

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AJ Styles himself fuelled up the speculation talking about NXT. In a promo cut on the show, he hinted to visit the developmental territory with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. He also dropped the name of Shawn Michaels signifying that dream match that the fans wanted to see between the two in-ring magicians.

So the question remains whether WWE is indeed planning to move AJ Styles and Co. to NXT in the near future. They will be a part of the Raw roster but may work as a rating-booster for the brand that Triple H runs. But that may not be the current plans, at all. Dave Meltzer provided an update on this issue as part of the July 29th edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The veteran wrestling journalist confirmed that WWE has no plans to move The OC to NXT, now. The plan can certainly change in the future, though as NXT may move to the FS1 brand. In that case, WWE may use the star power of AJ Styles to attract more fans to the NXT brand. Plus, Styles has already hinted a feud against the Undisputed Era from the NXT roster. But for now, none of the NXT storylines will pick up around the Club,

“Even though A.J. Styles made a remark to Shawn Michaels about he knows he’s in NXT, which some felt was leading to the O.C. going to NXT for a program, we were told that was not the current plan. Of course, all plans will change greatly as the time comes closer and in particular after the early ratings come in.”

It looks like WWE will be building The OC as the new dominant faction of the WWE Raw roster. The resident group of the company i.e. The Shield is no more present in the brand. Hence, it’s easy to understand that the creative team would want a proper replacement. Hopefully, the trio of AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are heading into a new phase where they can elevate their level to the maximum.

DX on WWE Raw-courtesy WWE

WWE News: DX Confronted AJ Styles & The Club On WWE Raw Reunion

AJ Styles, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson began their night on WWE Raw calling themselves The O.C., as in “Original Club”. They claimed to be the most dominant group on Monday night until realizing that legends were present in the building to turn the table. AJ Styles originally found himself in a match against the former Universal Champion, Seth Rollins. Obviously, Gallows-Anderson tried to interfere leading DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) to come out as a backup for Seth Rollins.

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The match continued on WWE Raw as Seth Rollins was rolling. But Gallows and Anderson jumped Rollins in the middle of the match to disqualify the match. DX came to aid of the Architect when The Club offered a moment of truce to them. But the legends did not only refuse to do ‘too sweet’ with them but also brought members of the Kliq faction. Road Dogg, X-Pac, Kevin Nash, and Razor Ramon emerged from behind the curtain in nWo gear forcing the OCs to back down. We heard signature sounds from the DX members before the segment ended.

AJ Styles won the United States Champion at Extreme Rules in a predictable manner. WWE scheduled him in a one-on-one matchup against the then champion Ricochet. But actually, it turned out to be a three-on-one matchup with The Club members always distracting him. In the end, the number game caught him up forcing to drop the United States title.

But the rivalry was far from over on WWE Raw as hinted by,

“the new titleholder and his cohorts Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows clearly aren’t done with the former champion. Last week, the trio added insult to injury for the young Superstar when they ambushed Ricochet at the conclusion of a 2-out-of-3 Falls Six-Man Tag Team Match pitting Ricochet & The Usos against The Revival & Robert Roode. In the wake of the 3-on-1 attack, how will Ricochet hope to even-the-odds with the dangerous faction?”

As you can see, we expected to see a backfire from Ricochet on this week’s WWE Raw after digesting numerous beatdowns from The Club faction. With the rivalry ongoing, it has also looked to be a setup for the rematch between AJ Styles and Ricochet at Summerslam. However, WWE arranged an interesting segment instead where we saw two infamous factions confronting each other to create a historic moment.

AJ Styles reformed The Club-courtesy WWE

WWE News: AJ Styles-Led The Club To Get A Fourth Member

It’s always good to see The ‘Good Brothers’ around the scene back together. AJ Styles has reunited with his former brethren Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson to reform the faction on WWE Raw. In case you don’t know, it’s the same team that dominated NJPW when the trio resided in the Japanese promotion.

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WWE must have brought the band together in order to ensure a resident faction’s presence on Monday Night Raw. For those who love seeing AJ Styles and Co. on TV, must be delighted to know that WWE creative does have a big planning in-store for the trio in the near future. Booking for them would be far better than the last time around. Plus, they would be getting a new fourth member for the team!

None other than Finn Balor is the concerned name who would be joining The Club led by AJ Styles. This means a full-fledged reunion is waiting for them as we move forward in 2019. Back at Extreme Rules PPV, Finn Balor lost the WWE Intercontinental Title to Shinsuke Nakamura. It was a surprising decision for the fans since the feud had barely picked up the pace.

Brad Shepard picked up the situation and reported that Paul Heyman was the man behind this decision. The new executive director for Monday Night Raw was the one to take away the title from him to ensure that he can re-join with some old friends once again. There’s no further update on how the storyline can play out in the future as Finn Balor is set for a hiatus from WWE programming.

But the veteran source confirmed that Heyman took the move to boost up Balor’s career. It’s safe to say that the creative team did not do justice to this talent ever since he joined the main roster. But joining The Club may turn him into a villain which remains the only option to save his career. A heel Balor would be a fresh and interesting element for the WWE Universe.

Plus, Shepard also added that The Club used to fun things together when they had one last run in 2016. That thing did not end well since the brand extension draft split them up. This time around, they will be much more focused on their heel antics to make their presence felt,

“According to a source in #WWE, The Club will be a far cry from the “bumbling villains” who constantly come up short as they have in the past – they will dominate.”

courtesy WWE

WWE News: AJ Styles And The Club Beat Up Ricochet On WWE Raw, Again

The Club is just not over beating down the former United States Champion Ricochet on WWE Raw. Although the former champ had nothing to do with Styles and Co., they still decided to show up and deliver another beatdown. Originally, it was a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match featuring Ricochet and The Usos vs. The Revival and Robert Roode. The first pinfall went to Ricochet who hit a Codebreaker followed by a shooting star press.

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But WWE Raw tag team champions made a valiant comeback planting Jimmy Uso with a flapjack move. Ricochet hit another Codebreaker on Jimmy and executed the 630-splash to win the match. But AJ Styles arrived at the ring alongside Gallows and Anderson. Styles quickly hit The Phenomenal Forearm to put him down. Furthermore, The Club hit the Magic Killer on Ricochet to continue the rivalry.

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The Club was literally on the hunt at Extreme Rules like a pack of wolves. Ricochet was all alone during his United States Championship defense whereas Gallows-Anderson flanked AJ Styles to give him sure-shot upper-hand. The One and Only fought valiantly throughout the match tacking all three of them but that was definitely not enough to retain his title. As mentioned below one man’s pain turned out to be another one’s gain,

“The resulting tableau was a tale of two Superstars, with Ricochet writhing in defeat and disappointment, while The Club posed victorious with their new prize. That’s how it goes, though: One man’s defeat is another man’s triumph; one man’s loss is another man’s gain; one man’s disappointment is another man’s sweetness.”

Now we definitely did not think that Ricochet would give up on regaining his championship after losing it in such a demeaning way. The heel trio led by AJ Styles has been troubling him since their reunion. So the former NXT superstar must have been thinking of rejuvenation. This has already set up a predictable match at Summerslam. After what transpired on WWE Raw, it’s just a matter of moments that WWE confirms it in the near future.

courtesy WWE

WWE News: AJ Styles Turned Heel On The Main Event Of WWE Raw

AJ Styles turned the speculations true of becoming a heel by turning on Ricochet in the main event of last night’s WWE Raw. He demanded a rematch from the United States Champion following up his clean pinfall win against him, last week. The fighting title-holder dared to put the title on the line setting up the rematch. It witnessed the same outcome as Styles hit the Phenomenal Forearm to pin the champion.

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The referee declared him as the new US champion who missed that Ricochet had his foot on the ropes. So he restarted the match and this time around, Ricochet caught AJ Styles in an inside cradle to pick up the win and retain the title. Gallows and Anderson appeared at the ringside offering hands to their Club leader. Soon, AJ responded to them with a cheap shot on Ricochet. The three of them pounced on the champion with a hellacious beatdown that ended with a Styles Clash off the top rope! Thus, The Phenomenal One went heel on WWE Raw to shock the WWE Universe.

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AJ Styles had a solid in-ring comeback from the hiatus on last week’s edition of WWE Raw. He challenged Ricochet for the first time ever in a dream match that the WWE Universe has been waiting to see for a long time. Thankfully, it was a non-title match or else ‘the one and only’ could have lost the newly won United States Championship. AJ Styles picked up a clean win via pinfall to end the show.

As mentioned before, Ricochet is the new United States Champion by defeating Samoa Joe at WWE Stomping Grounds PPV event. So a clean win over the champion automatically makes The Phenomenal One a potential challenger for the mid-card title. So, predicted that we might be getting a rematch between them at the upcoming PPV, perhaps. That’s exactly how the storyline approached as these two collided in a rematch. But we did not see the heel turn coming from AJ Styles. With The Club by his side, he is likely to rule the WWE Raw roster from now onwards.