To the much delight of the WWE audience, Shane McMahon returned to WWE, prior to this year’s Wrestlemania. He got an overwhelming reception all over the WWE Universe who got bored to see the Authority in TV, weeks after weeks. The ratings have been upwards since then, “The New Era” has started with Shane being in charge of Monday Night Raw and the evident Brand Split is going to take place from July 19th. Now, with all being set, WWE Universe truly wants to see Shane taking over the company after Vince step aside from his responsibilities at certain points. But will he be the right choice? What about Stephanie McMahon, the queen of the “Queendom” who also has her own site set to grab the empire established by her father. WWE Universe may not agree with the idea but here are 3 reasons why should Stephanie act as the successor.

queenstph (1)

Loyalty and Experience

Now, unlike Shane McMahon, Stephanie has been part of his father’s empire since the day she started. She has been involved and responsible for the marketing campaigns, on-screen duties, social connection with the media and much more corporate responsibilities which make her today as one of the principle co-owners of WWE. Whereas, Shane had his vacation after his first stint got over with his father and started his own venture. Just coming back and taking over the company is not good for the company. What we see in the television is for kayfabe purpose where Shane is the good one and Stephanie acts as the villain one. Nobody in the company works harder than Stephanie except Vince, himself. Besides after spending so many years for the sake of brand expansion in WWE, she now has much more experience than anybody can claim and ready to fit in his dad’s shoes.



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