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One of the top feuds on AEW television was created in early 2021 with Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker elevating the women’s division of the company. They got engaged in a heated rivalry with the stakes being raised higher with every passing match. The culmination of the program was made in the suitable-most way.

Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa squared off against each other in an unsanctioned Lights Out match where the two took each other to the limits. The match was a critically and popularly acclaimed match that truly elevated both competitors and the AEW women’s division as a whole. Quite obviously, this match has to be one of the top matches of the AEW programming.

AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker Revealed Her Best Match Of 2021 1

Britt Baker was a recent guest on Busted Open Radio where she reflected on her Lights Out match with Thunder Rosa. These two women featured in the first-ever main event in AEW Dynamite history, and per the reigning women’s champion, it’s the best match of 2021.

“I’m hella’ biased but of course, I believe that. And it’s not because it was just a great match or it had cool stuff, or even the fact that it had the hardcore elements to it. But it just built such a strong foundation for the women’s division,” Britt Baker claimed. “It added legitimacy to the women’s division that was just so under fire. To say not only it was the best match of our women’s division or women’s of wrestling. But all of wrestling, that’s pretty freaking cool.”

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Britt Baker took herself to next level by competing against Thunder Rosa

Britt Baker seemed to be heavily accomplished with this match at such an early phase of her career. This also set her up for a lengthy women’s championship run in due course. She admitted that she didn’t expect the match to be as great as it was.

Despite being under the pressure the two women managed to deliver a match that’s considered to be a turning point after which people started to talk about the AEW women’s division,

“Not only was it the opposite of that, it turned a lot of people the other way to say, ‘hey, wow. AEW’s women, they really have something special there, you just have to give them a chance.’ That, to me, is the most important thing,” she said. “That it was finally something positive and something everybody was excited about regarding AEW’s women.”

AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker Revealed Her Best Match Of 2021 2

The only negative aspect of that match pointed out by Britt Baker was that the fans weren’t present, live in attendance to enjoy that match. However, it seems that AEW is planning a huge rematch for the two in 2022 where the two top female athletes will get to entertain a live audience. According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, this rematch could possibly take place at AEW Revolution 2022 with a stipulation.

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