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Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio had a relationship with WWE Superstar Paige and they were all over the headlines, at one point for all the wrong reasons. There were a lot of chatters regarding their pairing which has a nearly 14-year age gap. Recently, the Mexican Superstar spoke with Hugo Savinovich for his Lucha Libre Online website to talk about that phase of his life, in public.

For those who don’t remember exactly, Paige and Alberto Del Rio went public with their relationship in May 2016 who was then engaged to be married by October of that year. Moving on, they confirmed their split in December 2017 and the marriage had never happened.

Ex WWE Star Alberto Del Rio Claims Paige Broke $1 Million Confidentiality Agreement 1

The relationship had full twists and turns which played out over social media and reports. They seem to never on the same page which led to problems, one after another. Alberto Del Rio told Hugo that he felt like he and Paige could’ve established an empire together, but in reality, they did the opposite and ruined everything.

“Paige and I could have built an empire together, because of our talents, because of what was around us,” the former World Heavyweight Champion said. “But unfortunately due to the situations, instead of taking advantage and growing as a couple, we did the opposite. We dedicated ourselves to doing things that were not they were productive neither for our careers nor for our lives.”

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Alberto Del Rio then revealed that he previously signed a confidentiality agreement with Paige, worth $1 million to ensure a safe future for the two. He claimed Paige didn’t own a car, a house, or have more than $70,000 in the bank, at that time. So he realized that he was the only person to lose something in the relationship. The agreement was the reason why he opted to “stay quiet” despite Paige making allegations against him after the split.

“For this reason and also for the love, for the beginning, for the 2 parties, to protect them, we did it and signed a confidentiality agreement for 1 million dollars,” Alberto Del Rio continued. “After signing it, I found out that Paige didn’t own a house, she didn’t have a car, she didn’t have more than $70,000 in the bank, and the one who really had to lose something was me.”

“Because, thank God, WWE, Impact, AAA, all those companies made me great and gave me to win, but that money belongs to my children. It is the future of my children, it is for them to become someone… If the relationship ends, it hits me, my family hits me, and although everyone told me why I didn’t say anything, because that’s why, because I was tied to that contract, whoever I spoke to was going to come immediately to tail.”

Alberto Del Rio Reveals Bitter Relationship With Paige’s Family

Ex WWE Star Alberto Del Rio Claims Paige Broke $1 Million Confidentiality Agreement 2

Alberto Del Rio then went on to accuse Paige of not maintaining the agreement as she had spoken on several occasions about his former boyfriend. He also addressed the topic of domestic violence in their relationship.

“So that’s why I say, ‘Thank you, Paige’ because you broke that confidentiality agreement; you freed me to take action if I am attacked again by you or by yours,” the Mexican Aristocrat said. “In that relationship between Paige and me, there was a person who was arrested 3 times in San Antonio, Las Vegas, and Orlando for domestic violence; it was not me. There is a person who has 6, 7 police reports for domestic violence in San Antonio.”

Alberto Del Rio wants the very best for Paige

Alberto Del Rio finished by saying that he won’t be pressing any charges against Paige as his main focus has been to protect the future of his children and family. He has no intention to ruin Paige’s life although he wished that she would just leave him alone. He was prepared to present the $1 million confidentiality agreement during the interview but then again he’s not interested in collecting money that doesn’t belong to him.

“I will not say more; I only say this because I have to protect the future of my children,” Alberto Del Rio concluded. “I ask Paige because I have no intention of affecting her life; thank God you have a job, you continue to support it, you continue to receive your payment month after month, keep it.

“I ask you to hopefully leave me in oblivion as I had left you and that you walk, go ahead, and that God bless you… Paige, I am not going to collect money that does not belong to me.” (Quotes courtesy Wrestling Inc)

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