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Alexa Bliss once ruled the roost to the WWE women’s division during the Vince McMahon-era even though she was never a part of the four-horsewomen. Her promo skills and ability to garner natural heel heat were the main reasons behind WWE favoring her for the top title picture for a long time. However, things changed and she got a much-deserved time off from the WWE TV for almost the entire part of 2023.

It was after the first WWE premium live event of 2023, Royal Rumble that Alexa Bliss (where she lost the Raw Women’s Title Match to Bianca Belair) has been missing WWE television due to pregnancy reasons. Her husband Ryan Cabrera was seen accompanying her as much as possible during this maternity season as the duo welcomed their daughter Hendrix Rouge Cabrera to the world.

Alexa Bliss To Be Heading Back To Bray Wyatt Stable After 2024 WWE Return?

Away from television, Alexa Bliss is trying to keep in touch with her fanbase through social media. Recently, she was part of a Q&A session on Twitter where she revealed that her favorite era of her career was with Bray Wyatt. That was a time when she went into fully dark mode from The Goddess character. Time will tell whether she goes back to that persona to pay tribute to the late star.

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Alexa Bliss talked about the necessity of new character invention

Previously while speaking to The Messenger, Alexa Bliss was keen on taking time off from the WWE and that it’s always a good thing to take time away from the WWE. While it gives a refreshing experience, it also allows to reinvent the character that she always prefers. This, in turn, also admittedly stretches out a wrestler’s career longevity.

“When you’re being seen on WWE three or four times an episode, you don’t really have anywhere to go with your character. So whenever you take time off, it’s always a good time to evolve and to keep going,” Alexa Bliss elaborated.

“And I’ve already been probably six or seven different versions of myself. And each time it’s done well with merchandise sales, with bookings and all that stuff. So I don’t really like to go backward with my work. I always like to go forward.”

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