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It’s been a long time since we have seen Alexa Bliss on WWE television as she continues to be on a pregnancy hiatus since the spring of 2023. While there’s no confirmed update on her comeback on TV, the reincarnation of the Bray Wyatt stable is being rumored and further clues have been dropped that she could be a part of it.

The highly mysterious QR codes are being dropped during WWE broadcasts and these have been a focal point for fans in recent memory. The latest development again showed links to the late great WWE superstar, Bray Wyatt and his former ally, Alexa Bliss.

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During the latest episode of RAW, a quarter-final match in the Queen of the Ring tournament between IYO SKY and Shayna Baszler went down in the middle during which we saw the QR code glitch appear. This code led the fans to a webpage containing multiple image files, each having cryptic messages, artifacts, and some more intriguing content.

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Alexa Bliss has past connections with The Fiend Bray Wyatt

It’s been noted that most of these image files had messages written on a piece of paper, lying on the wooden flooring of a house. Interestingly, the floor looked very similar to the one where Alexa Bliss stays. One particular image file also included a newspaper clipping about a missing woman named Wendy Lucho who also had a connection with Bray Wyatt’s alter ego, The Fiend.

This QR code appears to be one more clue of Alexa Bliss’ returning capacity when the time is right. Due to her past connections with Wyatt, she should be part of the new stable while Bo Dallas and Rowan are likely to be two other members to recreate things in the memory of the former WWE Champion.

WWE might be preparing to bring back Alexa Bliss, very soon on WWE TV but fans won’t probably see her Goddess side, as of now. Though her character can only be assumed at this point returning, reprising the dark character won’t be a surprise given her liking about it. In a recent post on X, the former Women’s Champion revealed that her favorite era of her career came when she was with Bray Wyatt. So revisiting that character would make sense.

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