Alexa Bliss' Stalker Almost Reaches Her House In Florida
Alexa Bliss
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WWE Star Alexa Bliss’ Stalker Almost Reaches Her House In Florida

Alexa Bliss seems to be the latest name from WWE Superstars, who is being haunted by a stalker, constantly. Paige dealt with such issues in the past while last year things went really nasty with Sonya Deville. A man broke into her house and tried to kidnap her and kill her off-screen best friend and also a WWE Superstar, Mandy Rose at the same time.

Thankfully, Sonya and Mandy managed to escape safely and the stalker was arrested by the police who were informed timely by the victims. But a court case is going on which is likely to continue until the 2021 summer. WWE Raw roster member Alexa Bliss is facing a similar issue now, as a man has been harassing her using multiple Twitter accounts and sending tweets about her fiancée, Ryan Cabrera.

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WWE Star Alexa Bliss' Stalker Almost Reaches Her House In Florida 1

The man named Robert changed his Twitter handle to Alexa Bliss’ husband, at one point, and then went on to claim that Ryan raped Alexa Bliss. Now, he’s going to get rid of Ryan. He also addressed the fact that people are calling him a stalker by saying that he is married to the former Raw Women’s Champion.

WWE Star Alexa Bliss Reacts To Fan Harassing Her Over Boyfriend

Here’s what he actually posted about Alexa Bliss,

“Hey @AlexaBliss_WWE I’m going to be here for a long time until you are back home with me and @RyanCabrera gone from our lives.

I read all your comments and I heard how people think I’m trolling and I’m a stalker now, I’m a lover your mad at me the person looking for his wife Alexa bliss over the guy Ryan Cabrera who kidnapped and raped her stole her from me when he didn’t even know who she was.

To everyone who thinks they know me, you my name is not bobby it is Albert little and I’m married to Alexa bliss.

Hello everyone who thinks I’m a troll, I’m not I’m dead serious about getting rid of that piece of sh*t @RyanCabrera so stop calling me a F**KING TROLL!

I’m not a stalker I’m a lover of Alexa bliss, I will be at her house in Orlando, Florida and pay her a little visit. #LetMeIn”

Alexa Bliss’ stalker constantly harassing her

Things are looking serious as Alexa Bliss was warned about the obsessed fan’s arrival in Florida to probably meet her. A few hours later, another tweet appearance where he apologized for what he is about to do when he arrives in Orlando. It sounded like that he was once again threatening Ryan Cabrera’s life.

“Hey @AlexaBliss_WWE I’m going to have to apologize for what happens when I arrive in Orlando, Florida so much pain not enough love. @RyanCabrera is in our way we have shown him who is boss, oh and one more thing is afraid.”

This man previously claimed that Ryan is already married and is forcing Alexa Bliss to marry him. The man also said he knows he’s right for Alexa and that they should be a couple.

The Goddess then noted the matter saying the following to this man,

“Sir, once again for the one millionth time. You do not know me. I do not know you. We have never spoken & we have never met. Stop making multiple accounts every time I block you, and stop harassing my fiancé. I really don’t know how many more times I can say this. Please Move on.”

The man then replied the following:

“But I do want to say something else I wish we would have met and gotten to be a couple and have that chance but I do really love you and even though Ryan isn’t the right guy for you and I know that I am and I know that you know that I am I don’t want to ruin anything for you.”

WWE Star Alexa Bliss' Stalker Almost Reaches Her House In Florida 2

Albert then made another account and tweeted out the following:

“Do you mean me because everything I said is true Alexa bliss is my wife that the Ryan Cabrera guy is a bad man who is in my way of getting her back home. I must let him sleep a long sleep. @RyanCabrera”

He received the following reply on Twitter,

“Guessing this is your new acct.”

This could really be a serious situation considering the recent incident of Sonya Deville. We can only hope that the situation can be dealt with, this time around, without any tragedy involved. This obsessed fan needs to be rectified and perhaps Alexa Bliss has already informed the concerned authorities to keep a close eye on these circumstances.

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