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Batista Net Worth And Salary 

Batista Net Worth And Salary
Batista - courtesy WWE

Batista Net Worth And Salary ∼ Batista is one of the most veteran pro-wrestlers who went on to become a movie star. There are several names from the WWE or superstars from other promotions who tried his luck in Hollywood. Only a few of them turned out to be successful. The Rock is definitely the number one name in this list who made it to the top of the league after leaving the WWE. Perhaps that inspired the former WWE Champion to a big extent. Batista net worth became a talking matter now that we can consider him second, certainly after The Rock.

There’s no doubt that the Brahma Bull has been a constant deliverer of hit movies from the beginning of his Hollywood career. The Animal is not much less than him when it comes to doing successful franchises. This opened an alternative way for Batista salary at a point when his WWE career seemed almost over. The Hollywood superstar tag beside his name helped to grow Batista net worth to a huge extent.

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Born with the real name of Dave Bautista, Washington DC was his birthplace. His parents were not living together from in his early life due to a separation process going on. His paternal grandfather served in the Philippines military but later dealt with extreme poverty that affected Dave Bautista net worth and salary too. The former champion in the WWE admitted on numerous occasions that he had to deal with extreme poverty. At an age of thirteen, he had to steal automobiles which were the only source of Batista salary.

Four years later, the muscular guy started living separately from his parents. A job of a bouncer in a bar used to provide Batista salary at that point. He worked there for a quite sometimes until injuring two patrons in a fight. He might have injured one of them as per accusations. The police arrested him and sent him for trial in one year of probation. After coming out of the situation, he started working as a lifeguard that provided Batista salary at that point.

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Later he started pursuing a career in bodybuilding that changed his career, altogether. Batista net worth was about to increase as he went for a trial in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) Power Plant. But Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker barred him from entering the scene as he did not see any future in the kid. Later Batista joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

They sent him to train with Afa Anoa’i in the Wild Samoan Training Center wrestling school. Thereafter he started performing in Anoa’i’s World Xtreme Wrestling (WXW) promotion, the same root that Roman Reigns belong to. He also received training in skills like Muay Thai, Eskrima, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in different academies before jumping ship to OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling promotion).

This was the turning point of his career as he started training with future legends like Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Shelton Benjamin and more. After training and featuring in some storylines in OVW, WWE called him to the main roster in 2002 as part of Smackdown Live. Dave Bautista net worth received a proper source of income as officials gave him the initial gimmick of Deacon Batista. Initially, WWE presented him as an on-screen villain. But his behemoth persona and antics made him a natural babyface figure on the roster.

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Batista salary received a significant hike after he entered the most dominant faction in WWE history also known as Evolution. Names like Triple H and Ric Flair were his mentor that soon pushed him to the main event spotlight. WWE was looking for a new franchise figure at that point since The Rock has already left the business. It came down to two guys, John Cena, and Batista after shortlisting. Later, the creative team decided to go with the Cenation Leader. But it never affected negatively to Batista net worth.

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Batista became an integral name to the Ruthless Aggression Era of the WWE. He was one of the cornerstones of Smackdown Live brand winning the World Heavyweight Championship for four occasions. Rivalries with names like The Undertaker, Edge, Triple H and more handed him the spot of a veteran. Apart from his six world championship reigns, Batista is also a four-time world tag team champion. In combined, he still holds the record of having the longest reign as the world champion. (282 days)

His accolades are even bigger when you consider that he won Royal Rumble two times i.e. 2005 and 2014. In both the times, WWE let him headline the Wrestlemania show. With so many accolades under his belt, it’s no wonder that Batista net worth has reached $13 million. This includes Batista salary from the WWE and earnings from Hollywood. We want to give you a brief look to Batista initial salary from the past decade to present times.

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WWE handed him over $813,000, per annum as a wrestler in 2004 which was one of biggest amounts of that time. Later, Batista salary had a slight growth reaching to $840000. He continued to wrestle under the banner of WWE until 2010 receiving an approximated amount of around $1 million. Thereafter, Dave Bautista net worth automatically started to begin with his mainstream attention and numerous other endorsements.

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Hollywood was his next destination and he requested WWE officials to let him work simultaneously in both the industries. But they turned down the offer causing an exit for Batista from the WWE. By then, we have already seen him acting in numerous roles in movies like Relative Strangers, My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done? And the Wrong Side of Town.

In 2012, Dave Bautista net worth received a big boost as he received $692200 for the Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption. He featured in The Man with the Iron Fist in the same year where Batista salary received $631000. WWE still used to sell his merchandise due to the incredible popularity that earned him a decent paycheck at the end of the year. They gave a paycheck of $434000 to Batista net worth. (source:

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Next year, he did the movie called Riddick earning $811000 as Batista salary. We need to mention that Batista also started performing for Classic Entertainment & Sports that involved fighting in mixed martial arts. The company also provided him a decent amount to Dave Bautista net worth. The WWE veteran got a big break in Hollywood in 2014 after he grabbed the role of Drax The Destroyer in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

The above-mentioned source mentioned that this movie handed Batista net worth around $1,400,000. It was the same year when Batista came back to the WWE for a one-off stint. Although he went on to main-event the Wrestlemania scene, it turned out to be an utter failure. So he went back to doing movies after staying in the company for merely six months.

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In 2015, the movie named LA Slasher earned Batista net worth around $1740000. The same year Batista salary received $1,000,000 for the James Bond franchise, Spectre. He featured in three more movies namely Kickboxer reboot, Kickboxer: Vengeance, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017). It earned him an estimated amount of more than $3 million, at least. No wonder that Dave Bautista net worth has reached $13 million by now.

With this much big franchises under his name, Batista salary and net worth will only continue to increase. Sources suggest that three movies are already in the pipeline for 2019. Also, he is trying to return to the WWE for one last time. If it happens then basic paycheck and revenue generation can hand him over a decent amount. Dave Bautista net worth has all the potential to cross the $15 million landmark in the next couple of years.

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