Batista Wife | Sarah Jade | Glenda Bautista | Angie Bautista | Family

Batista Wife Sarah Jade, Glenda Bautista, Angie Bautista And Family

Batista Wife | Sarah Jade | Glenda Bautista | Angie Bautista | Family
Batista with current wife - courtesy

Batista Wife Sarah Jade, Glenda Bautista, Angie Bautista And Family ∼ Batista is more popular as a WWE wrestler around the globe. It’s nothing wrong to say that he was one of the legendary names in this business. Back in the Ruthless Aggression Era, he was amongst those names who carried the company’s flags. A constant main-eventer, multiple championship holder and Wrestlemania headliner tags are with him for a reason. Nobody can those away from him despite the current bad blood between him and the WWE.

Very less have been available on Batista family and wife until he became a mainstream superstar. Kudos to him as he managed to choose an alternative career for him once a fallout occurred with WWE. The company sent him for some movie stints back in the last decade. But it backfired when he wanted to do more of those Hollywood flicks on a constant basis.

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Batista Wife Sarah Jade, Glenda Bautista, Angie Bautista And Family

The company wanted him to stay in the main-event position like he was. But he was willing to become a part-timer. It led to an eventual sign off from the WWE brand in 2010. But it did not hamper his career at all. Batista went on to become one of the most decorated film-stars in the company’s history after The Rock.

Batista has featured in successful movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, House of the Rising Sun (2011), The Man with the Iron Fists (2012), Riddick (2013), Kickboxer: Vengeance (2016), Avengers: Infinity War (2018). Furthermore, he is a six-time world champion and a 4-time tag team champion in the WWE. Now, We mostly know about the accolades that he earned in WWE and Hollywood. How about we take a look at Batista wife and family.


Born as Dave Bautista, he was born in the capital of USA, Washington DC. Fighting with extreme poverty, he found success in the wrestling business during the 90s. Glenda Batista was first Batista wife whereas Angie Bautista was the second. Both these relationships did not work out as we now have a new member in the Batista family. Sarah Jade is the new name in the form of Batista wife from 2015 onwards.

Batista Wife
Batista Wife Sarah Jade. Image Credits: Twitter

Batista family

Batista family started with himself and his parents namely David Michael Bautista (father) and Donna Raye Mullins (mother). He had a mixed ethnicity as his mother is of Greek descent and his father is Filipino. Davis was a hairdresser and still very much active in this trade. The Animal did have a tough life since his parents filed for a divorce. He had to deal with poverty and extremely disturbed neighbourhood. Within the age of nine, he witnessed three murders in front of his eyes.

The situation started to become tougher for the Batista family livelihood. So a young Dave Bautista started stealing automobiles at a tender age of just thirteen. Batista family did not have any contact with him as he started living in a separate house. Later, he started working as a bartender until a disturbing incident happened.

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Police accused him guilty for beating up some club regulars. They sent him behind the bars for sometimes before he received probation. This unhappy life continued for Batista until he landed a job in pro-wrestling in OVW.

Batista Wife – Glenda Batista, Angie Batista, And Sarah Jade

Dave Bautista went on record to admit that it was pro-wrestling which changed his life. It brought stability to his career. But way before that, he found his first love in Glenda Bautista. These two met in the year 1990s and decided to go through marriage, instantly. The couple also had two children from the relationship. They are Keilani Bautista (born 1990) and Athena Bautista (born 1992). 1998 marked the expiry of this relationship. Glenda Bautista parted ways with Dave Bautista through a divorce.


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Well, Batista’s life is no less colourful like his wrestling career as he found his ladylove within months of separations with Glenda Bautista. In the age of 29, he fell in love with a woman named Angie Batista. The relationship continued throughout the golden age of Batista’s career in the Ruthless Aggression Era producing one child. But it came to an end in 2006. Rumours say link-up with a WWE Diva might have been the reason behind this. Melina was the one accused of this.

Sarah Jade is the third Batista wife for now. Batista and Sarah Jade became a married couple in the year 2015. Jade is a pole dancer and was the first runner-up at the 2012 US Pole Dance Federation Championship (USPDF) Amateur Nationals. Third Batista wife had more accomplishments in her life. She has won the title of ‘Most Athletic Lady consecutively in 2012 and 2013 at the Florida Pole Fitness Championship’. Furthermore, she has also been Miss Pole Dance America in 2016.

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Glenda Bautista, Batista Wife
Glenda Bautista. Image Credits: Twitter

Sarah Jade works as a professional on pole dancing, currently. She organizes workshops on pole dancing and fitness centre named Buttercup Pole Dance America, located in Tampa, Florida. Assumingly, Sarah Jade and Dave Bautista have an age difference of almost twenty years. But the couple is still very much happy living with each other. Batista family did not receive a child from this relationship, yet.

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