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Becky Lynch had an incredible journey in professional wrestling which already solidified her legacy to be a future WWE Hall of Famer. Coming off Ireland to the United States, things were never easy for an outsider like her but she ultimately defied all the odds to make a name for herself while also establishing women’s wrestling as a whole.

For those who don’t know, Becky Lynch is also setting an example to be a working mother in the WWE. In an announcement during a May 2020 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, she revealed her pregnancy on TV and also handed over the Raw Women’s Championship to Asuka as her true successor. While the joy of impending motherhood was there, she was also concerned with her future in the company.

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Vince McMahon was in charge of things in the WWE back then with his ever-lasting intimidating presence. Becky Lynch faced the task of informing the pregnancy news to her boss and she feared that her job could be gone as she was stepping away from competition while being on top of her game.

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Becky Lynch received unexpected reaction from Vince McMahon after revealing pregnancy news

In her autobiography, Becky Lynch reflects on the experience felt of revealing the pregnancy news to McMahon,

“‘How am I going to tell Vince?’ I turned to Colby [Seth Rollins] realizing that beyond our immediate family, the most powerful man in wrestling needed to be the first recipient of our news.”

Becky Lynch’s partner and fellow WWE superstar, Seth Rollins took the charge and she wanted to pitch non-competitive roles for her within the company,

“‘I’ll tell him [Vince] I can still keep working. You know, maybe I can… I could make a documentary about this. Or I could maybe be a consultant on the creative team or something?’… I scrambled for ways to save my job.”

Eventually, Becky Lynch finally broke the news to McMahon only to receive unexpected warmth from the WWE chairman and the fear of termination was also gone,

“Congratulations! Oh my God Rebecca! That’s fantastic news. Wow! I’m so happy for you!”

It’s since 2019 that Becky Lynch has been happily married to Seth Rollins and they’re raising their daughter Roux. Be it on or off-screen, the couple have previously shared their personal and professional lives for several years and brought their real-life romance into WWE storylines.

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