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Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Ronda Rousey headlined WrestleMania 35 on April 7, 2019, in the first-ever All-Women Main Event. With both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships on the line, it was Lynch who clinched the win and started her run as The Man. She pinned Rousey via pinfall to become “Becky Two Belts”. Technically, she never lost the red brand women’s belt since then.

Becky Lynch relinquished the title to Asuka, the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match winner in 2020, after announcing her pregnancy. After delivering her baby this past December, she returned at the 2021 Summerslam event to win the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Then WWE traded her to Raw during the Draft as she won back the Raw Women’s Championship.

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Becky Lynch: Spoiler On Who Dethrones WWE Raw Women’s Champion 1

Back on December 3, Becky Lynch celebrated an incredible milestone as she had held the Raw Women’s title every “active day” she has been with WWE, starting from Wrestlemania 35. Currently, she is engaged in a feud over the title with Liv Morgan who is seemingly the underdog in the program.

But due to the intriguing storyline, Liv Morgan has become a sentimental favorite in the storyline who is now touted to be the favorite to dethrone the champion. Speaking on the latest Wrestling Observer episode, Dave Meltzer discussed the title scenario on Raw and suggested Morgan could become the next champion.

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Becky Lynch could lose at Day 1 PPV

Morgan would see her popularity soar even higher by capturing her first major title win in the WWE while dropping the title won’t mean much to a top star like Becky Lynch.

“I think that’s probably going to happen (Liv Morgan winning the title). The thing is, I don’t know what the long-term is, but I mean, they can have Morgan win, but in the long-term, Lynch should be the champion.

Becky Lynch: Spoiler On Who Dethrones WWE Raw Women’s Champion 2

But there is no rule like she can’t lose it for a little while and win it back. You know it would make Morgan, it would help Morgan into something. It would elevate her to have a short reign, and Lynch isn’t going to get hurt by losing it and winning it back. Lynch is already a star.”

Becky Lynch used the ropes as the leverage to get her pinfall win over Morgan on the December 6 episode of Raw, leaving the door open for a rematch. Now that rematch has been announced to take place on the WWE Day 1 PPV event set for the New Year’s Day.

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