Braun Strowman: What Really Led To WWE Firing The Monster Among Men

Braun Strowman: What Really Led To WWE Firing The Monster Among Men

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Professional Wrestling universe was more than shocked after WWE announced that they have released Braun Strowman from the contract. He was a top guy on the roster who competed in the main event scene, even last month during the Wrestlemania Backlash PPV event. The firing came only two weeks after that which raised several questions including the one where people believe that WWE is setting up the company for a sale.

Coming back to Braun Strowman, we have received some updates on what could have led to the big man’s departure from the company. It was previously reported that the seven-footer was making 7 figures a year with WWE. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter specifically mentioned that he was making $1.2 million, per year. That was a huge base salary on the main roster via the lucrative contract.

Braun Strowman: Backstage Update On WWE Releasing The Top Superstar

Braun Strowman: What Really Led To WWE Firing The Monster Among Men 1

This salary figure kept him only behind the other top stars like Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, or AJ Styles. It was noted that Braun Strowman was under the assumption that Vince McMahon would never fire him. He signed a huge long-term deal intact until 2023 who felt safe under that. Then he made a huge mistake by not inserting a “no cut clause,” something he could have probably received at the time of the signing.

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Braun Strowman’s lucrative contract worked against him

The bottom line is that the huge salary amount worked against him and led to his departure,

“His salary worked against him and one person noted he made a huge mistake in negotiations because when he signed his new deal, he was considered a hot commodity and if he pushed for it, probably could have gotten a no-cut contract that a few of the bigger names have.”

Braun Strowman: What Really Led To WWE Firing The Monster Among Men 2

Braun Strowman has always been a top-tier guy at the time when he signed the deal with WWE in 2019. AEW was opening at that point and WWE wanted to lock their stars down in longer deals, no matter what. So the Monster Among Men definitely received special treatment, back then.

As of now, the assumption is that WWE has brought in Commander Azeez and Omos on the roster and as a result, Braun Strowman was no longer considered to be the biggest guy on the roster. He was also believed to be ‘two years past his peak’ by the management, as noted by The Observer.

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