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Charlotte Flair Net Worth and Salary ∼ Charlotte Flair is a true trailblazer in the women’s division of the WWE. She arrived on the main roster scene at a point when the waves of women’s revolution just began to hit the deck. The officials received a jackpot in the form of this second generation athlete who could perfectly suit in the role of being the cornerstone for this campaign. The good thing is that she has not only done it effectively but also excelled in this role. There has not been someone in the current locker room who has the tools to uproot her from the throne.

Charlotte Flair Net Worth

It’s needless to say that Charlotte Flair net worth weighs much more than her contemporaries considering her position. She is the number one sports woman present on the WWE roster, right now. Charlotte Flair salary is the highest among the regular roster members except for Ronda Rousey only. This mainstream superstar has been a brand new import to the WWE starting from Royal Rumble 2018. The popularity of the former Olympian automatically handed her a lucrative contract soon after showing up.

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It sent Charlotte Flair salary to number two as for now. Only Nikki Bella comes close to her paycheck figures since she is the franchise player of the WWE for quite sometimes. Her neck injury is the main reason behind transformation into a part-time role in the company pushing her into the third spot. Ric Flair’s daughter took this opportunity and replaced her on the roster as the face from 2015 onwards.

Nikki Bella and Charlotte Flair had an enriched history from 2015. The longest reigning Divas Champion was running the division for multiple years before Charlotte Flair entered the scene. The former NXT Women’s Champion derailed the Bella Queen from her throne right after entering the picture to become The Queen on the roster. Nikki paved the way for her successor digesting a couple of losses before moving out of the regular scene.

Becoming the Divas Champion within just two months of entering the main roster picture gave a huge increment to Charlotte Flair salary. Furthermore, Charlotte Flair net worth reached to a figure of $1.5 million as of in 2018. It includes all her properties and earning from the wrestling industry as well as endorsements. She is quite a mainstream figure in the USA due to her achievements. Plus, being the daughter of Ric Flair always keeps the spotlight on her. Owing to this very reason, the officials did not think twice to make her the poster figure of the women’s division.

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As mentioned earlier, Charlotte Flair salary is the highest in the women’s locker room. No other superstar on the roster gets such an amount other than Ronda Rousey. As per the reports of, Charlotte Flair salary is $230 thousand on a yearly basis. It helped Charlotte Flair net worth to reach $1.5 million. It includes earnings from WWE, bonuses, endorsements and other media appearances.

However, Charlotte Flair was born for greatness. It was just a matter of moments that she was coming for her throne in the WWE. Ashley Elizabeth Flair is her real name who took the name of Charlotte. This cane as Charlotte, North Carolina is her birthplace and the location she is billed from. She was a regular athlete having a nag in the volleyball sports.

Excelling in the game, she earned NCHSAA 4 A-State championships for volleyball during her time at Providence High School. It includes being a team captain and player of the year from 2004–2005. Her volleyball stint continued by appearing in Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, playing volleyball in the 2005 and 2006 seasons. It continued until she graduated from North Carolina State University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in public relations in the year 2008.

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Charlotte Flair stayed away from wrestling for the entire part of her early career. However, she used to attend shows for her father, Ric Flair. Many of the times, we spotted her sitting in the front row during her father’s matches. WCW presented her in a storyline named Ashley Flair during his feud with Vince Russo and her half-brother David. It was in the year 2000 when she was just 13 years old.

13 years later, Charlotte Flair net worth started to increase, as she accepted a developmental contract with WWE and trained under Lodi in North Carolina. Then, she arrived in NXT, the WWE developmental territory, in Tampa, Florida. Her training started under Sara Del Rey with a new in-ring name, Charlotte Flair. Her debut on NXT TV happened in the year 2013 against Bayley.

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The next year witnessed her accompanying Triple H during his iconic entrance in Wrestlemania 30. Months later, Charlotte Flair competed in a tournament for the vacated NXT Women’s Championship and eventually won it. She defeated names like Emma, Alexa Bliss and finally Natalya to win the championship. It marked the beginning of a flood of titles waiting for her.

Charlotte Flair salary

Charlotte Flair salary witnessed a boost, as she became the face of NXT Women’s division. Delivering solid matches against Sasha Banks, Bayley and more NXT Divas, established her legacy as a Flair. Pro Wrestling Illustrated crowned her with the “Rookie of the Year” crown in that year. The dominant run continued for one year before officials promoted her to the main roster.

July 13 episode of Raw in 2015 was indeed historic for the Divas aka Women’s division. Stephanie McMahon brought Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch on the main roster officially starting the Women’s Revolution. The Flair Clan was at the forefront of the process all the way. Two months after this happened, Charlotte Flair defeated Nikki Bella to win the Divas Championship.

The year 2016 was even more illustrious for Charlotte Flair net worth, as she cemented her spot to such a level where very few could even dream to reach. She won the inaugural women’s Championship at Wrestlemania 32. This title belonged to her for four more times during a lengthy feud with Sasha Banks. Later, she moved on to the Smackdown Live brand to continue the momentums.

The women’s championship on the blue brand also belonged to her for two separate occasions. So in combined, this makes Charlotte Flair a seven-time women’s world champion on the main roster. It is the second most behind Trish Stratus and The Fabulous Moolah, as they have both held eight titles overall. Also, she is the only one to win all the four championships that existed in the company. (NXT Women’s, Divas, Raw, and SmackDown Women’s Championships)

Charlotte Flair salary went higher during these title reigns due to some reasons. Being the prime figure on the roster was one of them. Plus, featuring in main event matches earned her lucrative bonus paychecks, as male superstars used to get. It was none but her to start the tradition of women superstars main-eventing shows on a regular basis. 2016 Hell in a Cell was the first-time where Charlotte and Sasha Banks closed the show being two women.

No wonder people gave Charlotte Flair the nickname of a genetically superior athlete. Later, her benchmark level raised to a new level, as she competed in numerous gimmick matches from the women’s division. Some might complain that she received push just for being a Flair. But The Queen earned everything in her career by working hard, day in and out. WWE received the most trusted shoulder in the needed time span.

Charlotte Flair net worth also received a boost via multiple endorsements during her heyday. She appeared in the January 2016 issue of Muscle & Fitness. Flair ranked 29th out of 50 women in the 2017 Sports Illustrated ‘fittest woman athletes of the year’ category. It was an honor for any of the female athletes. Video game appearances also handed her fat paychecks increasing Charlotte Flair salary.

She made her debut in the yearly game released by WWE and 2K. Charlotte Flair was available as a playable character in WWE 2K17 and has since appeared in WWE 2K18 and WWE 2K19. WWE announced that she would be in Psych: The Movie as Heather Rocker. It marked the beginning for her in movies. Later in September 2017, Flair published Second Nature: The Legacy of Ric Flair and the Rise of Charlotte.

She co-wrote the book with her father Ric Flair and Brian Shields, author of the WWE Encyclopedia. We got to know some of the disturbing truths of her personal life from early life. She married Riki Johnson in May 2010 only to leave him in the following year owing to domestic assaults. Flair got married a second time to Thomas Latimer, better known by his ring name Bram in the year 2013. Unfortunately, this relation was unsuccessful too, as the divorce happened in 2015.

Currently, she moved to Shelby, North Carolina in her newly bought house which we can consider within Charlotte Flair net worth. Her mainstream appeal alongside wrestling accolade is only going to see an uprise from here on. There will multiple dream matches waiting for her including the bout against Ronda Rousey. It could very well be the main event of Wrestlemania 35. We could only imagine the additional hike in Charlotte Flair salary if that becomes a reality.

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