Chris Jericho Didn't Like Stephanie McMahon As His Valet

WWE News: Chris Jericho Did Not Like Stephanie McMahon Playing His Valet

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As an old school wrestling superstar, Chris Jericho had a lot of fun on TV during the Attitude Era. He is one of the cornerstone figures who helped the company to get earn more viewership, over the years. After all, he did not become a multi-time world champion for no reason. Some of the infamous storylines featuring him have become cult just like his catchphrases. But he may have not liked all of that, personally.

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Stephanie McMahon used to play the role of an obnoxious character during her early days in the WWE. She spent a significant part portraying the role of the manager of Chris Jericho.

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WWE audience got an added reason to tune in to the programming only to see Stephanie who’d come out in busty outfits. This was one of the key elements of the older WWE era where the oomph factor was a must.

Most of the fans liked it as WWE used her as an attraction on TV. But surprisingly, Chris Jericho did not like the idea. During a recent interview with Barstool Breakfast, legendary Chris Jericho commented about some of the worst angles of his WWE/F career. The storyline where Stephanie McMahon played a valet role for her seemed unbearable for him.

He also mentioned an angle with the eighth wonder of the world Chyna which was bad also. WWE would actually present Chris Jericho and Chyna as the co-Intercontinental Champion where both held the same title. It was also one of the worst from Jericho’s career, (courtesy

“There have been some bad storylines. I remember with Chyna, they had us be the co-Intercontinental Champions, where we shared the one title, which is ridiculous. That was a stupid story.

There was another one when I was actually the World Champion, where it was Jericho vs. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon was my manager, I guess, and they were playing the thing like I was [expletive]-whipped by her but I wasn’t banging her so it was kinda like just being a b*tch.”

As of now, Chris Jericho and WWE share a cold relationship due to the fact that he works for AEW. He has become the first-ever AEW world champion to become the face of the rival brand of WWE.

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