Cody Rhodes issues controversial statement on WWE Creative head

Cody Rhodes issues statement: WWE head writer busy in hitting with NXT Divas

It was reported earlier that WWE superstar Cody Rhodes who has been associated with the company for almost last ten long years has been seeking a release and that has been granted by the WWE Creative and thus he was released from his contract. With no whatsoever storyline going with Cody Rhodes aka Stardust, it was evident that he was on the verge of release and the ending saw no exception.
He released a statement on his Twitter account following his release and pointed it out why he actually wanted to be released. The statement created a huge amount of waves around the wrestling fraternity and exposed the inability of the WWE Creative to utilize a talent properly.

In the statement, Cody pointed it out that he was begging it to the WWE Creative for a gimmick change which was preferable to the fans, too but it was never granted. He even acted like a door to door salesman to two of the Creative members but ended up being frustrated. Now, obviously wrestling community has been buzzing with the identity of those particular members of the Creative. This is what Cody’s original statement looks like:
“In the past 6-months I had pleaded with WWE Creative and both of my bosses to let me roll-the-dice and once again be Cody Rhodes. I had pitched to every writer on the staff like a door-to-door salesman on “how” & “why” & “when”…and believe me, there are many of those who sought to help me (Brian James, Nick, Faz, J Russo, Dave K, JBL & Cole for letting me go wild on their YouTube show and a few others I’m sure) but for all that, both “head writers” of RAW & Smackdown (one pretending to be Brian Gewirtz and the other too busy hitting on developmental divas) continued to not return my pitches or e-mails, and in face-to-face encounters tried to big league me by pretending to be on their clearly powered-off laptops…barely willing to listen to an idea I considered beneficial to more than one talent. What’s that expression? Don’t take no for an answer…what do you do when you don’t get an answer at all? ”
As per reports from, the lead writer of Raw is Ed Koskey and he has been working on the post since 2013. He is the probable person whom Cody referred as the “pretending to be Brian Gewirtz”. The other lead writer for WWE Smackdown is Ryan Ward who previously worked as the NXT lead writer. Cody received tremendous backstage heat after mentioning it that the head writer of the company was busy with being hit with the NXT developmental Divas rather than listening to his words. Without a doubt, such statement will cause PR damage for the company.

It is also to be mentioned that Cody’ wife Brandi Rhodes aka WWE announcer Eden Stiles also wanted a leave from the company which got granted yesterday on with the below statement:
“WWE has granted Eden (wife of Cody Rhodes) her request to be released, as of today, May 24, 2016. WWE wishes Eden the best in all her future endeavors.”
Following the statement Eden took her Twitter handle to let us know about her next step outside WWE.