Ex-WWE Star Deonna Purrazzo Shares Fan Mail Sent At Home

Ex-WWE Star Deonna Purrazzo Shares Fan Mail Sent At Home

Deonna Purrazzo
courtesy Instagram

Former WWE Superstar Deonna Purrazzo seems to be the latest inclusion to the list of talents who are being disturbed by the fans. It should be noted that every professional wrestling star is a human being, after all, who has their own private space that she’d like to enjoy.

Invading into that zone certainly creates a disturbance for them. Fans should respect the fact that they just can’t reach out to their idols by collecting their home addresses which aren’t right.

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Deonna Purrazzo does have a very passionate fan base and it’s a shame that WWE couldn’t make good use of it. She’s a stunner who also is a celebrated Instagrammer, by all means. Most of the fans must not be willing to trespass into her personal space by sending something directly to her house.

However, exceptions do exist and especially considering the recent stalking incidents of Alexa Bliss or Sonya Deville of WWE.

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An obsessed fan from Germany, who previously had to be dealt by Deonna Purrazzo and others, has struck again, this time not on social media. The fan named Tobias recently sent another piece of mail directly to The Virtuosa,

“And he strikes again…” Purrazzo wrote with the picture of the mail this fan has sent.

Jordynne Grace also received mail like Deonna Purrazzo

The over-zealous fan from Germany needs to learn a lesson and hopefully, she does so after this call-out by Deonna Purrazzo. Previously, Impact Wrestling star and Purrazzo’s colleague, Jordynne Grace has received mail too from the same fan as she posted the following,

“That creepy fan from Germany who finds everyone’s home addresses and sends them photos to autograph found my new apartment address in Baltimore…

Dude HAS to know how creepy this is, right? “Tobias”, hope you see this!

And as I said before, if you want to send me anything to sign (assuming it’s not on my website), feel free to send it to my PO box and I’ll mail it back for free!

Jordynne Grace
PO Box 74
Hanover MD 21076”

Ex-WWE Star Deonna Purrazzo Shares Fan Mail Sent At Home 2

Deonna Purrazzo was in action on last night’s No Surrender PPV event. The KnockOuts Champion of Impact Wrestling teamed with Kimber Lee, and Susan to compete against Jordynne Grace, Jazz, and ODB. The latter duo picked up the win as Susan made Jazz tap out with the STF.