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When the WWE Divas era was in full force, Maryse was one notable name among the locker room members. Being a former WWE Divas Champion, she held the title for one of the longest occasions to establish her star power. After wrapping up her full-time career, she’s mostly appeared on TV as the spouse of The Miz whom WWE Universe was always glad to have on board.

Maryse recently shared a distressing story on her Instagram as she disclosed being diagnosed with a pre-cancerous condition. She has since given a long-awaited update in the latest via an Instagram story which implied of undergoing surgery for her condition and that the surgery was a success,

“My surgery went well and I’m recovering! I am so beyond appreciated and touched by all your messages.”

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Maryse previously revealed that she had been dealing with severe abdominal issues, including swelling and distention, along with various other symptoms such as fatigue and gastrointestinal issues. She consulted doctors with doctors but struggled to receive a proper diagnosis for her condition.

Seth Rollins Returns To Competition Ahead Of WWE Wrestlemania 40

Maryse opted for an in-depth diagnosis for her health crisis

As further testing was performed, Maryse was informed that she did not have Endometriosis disease as predicted initially. Instead, she was diagnosed with Serous Borderline tumors, a rare pre-cancerous condition to have affected the ovaries. The survival rate of any kind of progression from this stage was certainly negative.

Maryse also previously expressed her gratitude towards Dr. Thais Aliabadi, an OB-GYN in Los Angeles, who played a pivotal role in her diagnosis and wanted to perform further investigation to disclose the root cause of her symptoms. It led to a laparoscopic surgery with Dr. Aliabadi which removed the Endometriosis disease suspicion and rather brought a clear picture.

Despite the sudden health crisis, Maryse remained focused on overcoming it. She suspected undergoing a hysterectomy to remove her uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and more to fight the disease and remain strong throughout her treatment journey. Thus far, it has been a truly inspiring journey for her fanbase.

We haven’t seen Maryse on WWE television for some time as she continues to be on the road to recovery. Once healed fully, we expect her to sporadically accompany her husband The Miz like in earlier times.

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