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Summer Rae was one of the most popular WWE female talents from the WWE Divas Era that transcended over the early last decade. Coming into the pro-wrestling industry without having any prior knowledge, she is one of those very few names who made her presence felt on TV. Her beauty aspect also helped her to become one of the well-known stars of the women’s division in the early to mid-2010s.

After being sidelined from WWE TV due to an injury, Summer Rae never returned to in-ring action after mid-2016 after which she would eventually leave the company in 2017 and developed skills in the modeling industry. Using her social media profiles, the gorgeous Diva often finds time to heat things up as she’s still single while approaching her 40s.

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Had WWE’s Summer Rae Ever Dated Her Total Divas Partner In Real Life? 1

While making her debut on TV, Summer Rae performed as Fandango’s dance partner between April 2013 and April 2014. The on-screen relationship was rumored to have floated into an off-screen pair and that element was also featured on Total Divas. As seen on the E reality show, the former on-screen allies also went on a date on the May 4, 2014 episode.

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Summer Rae and Fandango went on a date for E’s Total Divas

Despite the fact that E’s Total Divas was always a scripted show, the scenes shown there sparked rumors that the former WWE Superstars had dated in real life. Summer Rae was also seen as very fond of her former dancing partner to fuel things up.

However, Fandango confirmed on Rene Dupree’s “Cafe de Rene” podcast that their chemistry together was scripted by Total Divas producers and there’s nothing real to the scene,

“No, I never hooked up with Summer Rae,” Fandango said. “We kinda did on-screen, which was bulls**t. They scripted it for Total Divas. I could get enough heat on my own without putting over my dancer. I’ve dated Divas in the past and it’s not a good thing. You date a girl, you see her every day, you break up with her, then she starts dating another one of the boys, and then you have to see them every day.” (quotes courtesy SportsKeeda)

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Had WWE’s Summer Rae Ever Dated Her Total Divas Partner In Real Life? 2

Summer Rae left WWE after enjoying a four and half years stint, on her own. However, she still has fond memories of the place for giving her the initial fame of her career. She is a regular face in the modeling industry. Also, in 2021 she entered the world of cryptocurrency by becoming an executive for cryptocurrency company Cornerstone Global Management LLC.

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