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After enjoying a golden period with Impact Wrestling, Deonna Purrazzo has again been heading to a crossroads in her career. As reports of her free agency continue to circulate over the internet, there are chances that she may leave TNA Wrestling, just in time for the company is rebranding in 2024. While she continues to remain a star power, her status with Impact stays in jeopardy for the time being.

Without a doubt, it’s Impact Wrestling which helped the once non-used WWE NXT talent to her stardom but things weren’t free from controversies. While speaking to Sean Sapp of Fightful, Deonna Purrazzo herself revealed that Impact Wrestling originally took some grief for signing her right after her WWE NXT release.

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Deonna Purrazzo won Knockouts Title even without a contract

If that wasn’t enough then the company placed her right on top of the Knockouts Division as well and made her a champion at a glance which caused a bit of controversy. This came without a contract and hence the creative move seemed desperate when the company didn’t have better options in-store.

“Sean mentioned that when Deonna Purrazzo went to IMPACT after being released by the WWE, she was immediately in the main event picture and became the Knockout’s Champion without having a contract.

Deonna said that she and IMPACT got a lot of sh*t for it. Deonna said it was her choice because she had a contract with Ring of Honor that she was unhappy with before that. Then she went to NXT and was very unhappy there. Deonna was still determining if she wanted to be locked into a contract when going to IMPACT.”

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We will have to wait and see if Deonna Purrazzo leaves Impact Wrestling, just as they start journeying again under the TNA Wrestling banner. This would admittedly be a big decision for her as she would go back to her old territory days. She also recalled during the interview not being welcomed by many companies after leaving the WWE during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was almost three years ago that there was a time when the Vince McMahon-regime’s non-utilization made Deonna Purrazzo frustrated, and she left the company after which Impact Wrestling churned the star power out of her. Perhaps, the time is right for her to come back to the WWE under the new creative leadership of Triple H where she can shine bright.

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