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John Cena made his official WWE debut on the June 27, 2002, episode of SmackDown. So, last night during the June 27, 2022 episode of Raw, he made his return to WWE programming to celebrate his 20th anniversary. WWE Universe was all amped to get back the franchise player of the company after a gap of almost a year and he was the one to kick things off via a backstage segment.

The legendary John Cena arrived at the Sames Auto Arena in Laredo, Texas, and met the roster members at the backstage area. The superstars congratulated him on this auspicious 20th-anniversary occasion, leading to the main show that got opened with a battle royal.

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WWE Raw: John Cena Returns To Celebrate His 20th Anniversary 1

Leading up to his actual appearance in front of the audience, fellow wrestling legends like ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, Triple H, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Bryan Danielson, Kurt Angle, and many more appeared via video messages to celebrate the illustrious career of The Doctor of Thuganomics.

John Cena then also appeared in several backstage segments alongside current superstars of Raw like Seth Rollins, Ezekiel, The Street Profits, and someone he could possibly engage in a matchup at Summerslam: Theory. The two had a tense confrontation where the reigning United States Champion told Cena how he is such a special, once-in-a-lifetime talent whom WWE Universe should celebrate instead of him.

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John Cena thanked WWE Universe for their support over two decades

Then ex-WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon made a special appearance on Raw to welcome John Cena coming down to the ring for his 20th Anniversary celebration. A portion of the Raw roster was also lined up on the sides of the entrance ramp as Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, & Respect made his entrance with his signature line, “Let’s go to work” before running down to the ring.

WWE Raw: John Cena Returns To Celebrate His 20th Anniversary 2

In his promo session, John Cena mentioned that last night was not about him, but the fans who for 20 years, have created an environment for him to be his true self. It was finally time for him to thank the WWE Universe as he stated the following,

“Thank you for moments like those, and thank you for making me who I am! “We never give up. We’re just getting started. And if you want some … COME GET SOME!”

Before leaving, John Cena gave his new T-Shirt to a young fan in attendance and again thanked the fans. No such future storyline was teased for his possible Summerslam appearance on Raw.

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