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John Cena taking time-off, confirmed possible reasons and return

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It is now confirmed that WWE’s face John Cena is taking a break from WWE.

The news came as a shocker as RAW ratings are constantly getting lower every week. And he is one of the top most reasons for ratings, subscriptions and attendances. So the reasons must be something major as he is taking the leave as this crucial juncture. He is officially signing off after the Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-view which also marks the end for Taker-Lesnar bout. That means WWE is about to loose his three top most stars at the same time. So it’s a serious issue for them to take the storyline further as cena would be missing two major PPVs Survivor Series and TLC. Here are 5 possible reasons for Cena’s absence.

Fall out with WWE:

IS John Cena and Vince McMohan is having problems? This rumour is steamed up because of a sudden depart of cena at Vince’s high and dry point when the European tour is on the card. Or it may have been the case that WWE has not come up with the proper storyline for him in the upcoming months of November and he simply decides to take his time off. But it may not be the likely one as the company is not storing something for its biggest property. But no creative plans may not be suiting his minds to buffer his current story, it can make sense to give him much earned break.


John Cena taking time-off, confirmed possible reasons and return 1


Career refresh before wrestlemania:

On a second note WWE may want to give his character a refresh before Wrestlemania given the fact that “john cena sucks” chant is quite rolling with his entrance music. A character refresh is always wanted by a wrestler before a big run because he will look a big deal when he returns. Traditionally wrestlers do leave their territory for a while and come back with a bigger business in hand. And in this case of cena it can produce a huge storyline for wrestlemania later. Though leaving him in the European tour is a huge sacrifice. Will WWE take a huge risk to sacrifice their autumn business for the Mania season? This is the question.


John Cena taking time-off, confirmed possible reasons and return 2



Though Cena did not look misfit in anyways when he wrestled Rollins on Saturday or Big E on RAW. Pro wrestlers like them are master to cover up injuries. But at his age injuries can come up anytime and may take even longer time to heel properly. So there’s speculation that it’s due to some injury. It may be due to some sugery requirement or it can be for chronic situation that needs rest to heel. And though WWE is going to be affected by his absence it is quite reliable that WWE is going to make things smooth for him before Wrestlemania season comes around. And given with the fact that this year has been very active for him both in ring and outside representing WWE in front of corporate or media. He is doing this as the franchise for the past decade or so. So a burn out may be a definite reason.


 John Cena taking time-off, confirmed possible reasons and return 3



Marriage/problems with Nikki Bella or any personal reason:

As John and Nikki Bella was having issue with their marriage for quite sometimes it may be the time for their marriage and honeymoon. But then Nikki is already booked for the European tour. Though it is possible that she is cancelled at the very last moment as she is not really the reason for the attendance or ratings. Some also speculate that John is having problems with Nikki where her ex boyfriend Dolph is trying to get her back by refreshing the old romance between them whereas john is reluctant to give it. But then Total Divas is a stupid reality show and only the stupids falls for it. And a star like John Cena would bother less about these unlikely reasons.


John Cena taking time-off, confirmed possible reasons and return 4


Movie role:

There’s been some fans who do believe that Cena is having shooting date problems in November for a movie. It would also give the company a valid reason to release him which otherwise can be a big November for him. This speculation has come up with the fact that last time he has gone for a movie it was not stated clearly, he was simply gone. This time may be the same thing can happen. And after seeing his movie career uprising one just cannot abandon this theory anyway. He has done a decent job in “Trainwreck” movie in 2015 and got a positive feedback. This time he may be out for a bigger role or something.

It’s a sure thing that millions of fans will be let down by cena’s absence. He is expected to return around the month of December after TLC PPV is over. For more information keep updated with this space.

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