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SummerSlam 2022 had an impressive booking that it turned Hollywood Actress Kat Dennings into a WWE fan. With Triple H taking creative things over from his father-in-law, Vince McMahon, things are looking fresh on both WWE Raw and Smackdown following the Biggest Event of the Summer. It appears that the ongoing changes have also been able to retain the gorgeous beauty glued to her TV screen.

Back on July 30, the day of Summerslam 2022, Kat Dennings first took to her Twitter noting that she had just watched her first SummerSlam event and that she was unwell. She then posted another Tweet later on that same night, professing her love for the WWE products.

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Actress Kat Dennings Continue To Develop Love For WWE Programming 1

Moving on, this past Monday night during Raw, Kat Dennings posted that she was, of course, watching the flagship show of the WWE. The fact that she made the tweet in all capital letters, expressed her enthusiasm to watch the premium content delivered by the WWE.

The series of tweets made by the popular actress obviously caught the attention of many pro-wrestling fans and journalists. Some are speculating she may be brought in for a TV appearance by Triple H to make a guest appearance on either Raw or Smackdown or any of the premium live events delivered by the company. It should also be noted that she previously had no prior connection to the pro wrestling business prior to this.

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Kat Dennings is around Hollywood for more than two decades

Kat Dennings debuted in the acting business in 2000 when as a teenager. Her first major role was to play the female lead opposite Michael Cera in the 2008 romantic comedy named Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. She then portrayed the popular role of struggling waitress Max Black on the popular CBS series 2 Broke Girls back in 2011.

Actress Kat Dennings Continue To Develop Love For WWE Programming 2

Moving on, Kat Dennings has also featured in a role as astrophysicist and research assistant Darcy Lewis in Marvel’s Thor franchise alongside other Marvel productions. She has also starred in the Hulu Original series Dollface as Jules Wiley who got dumped by her boyfriend.

While there’s no confirmed update on whether Triple H is interested in bringing the newest fan of WWE on TV, he will continue to deliver fresh content. Even this week on Smackdown, he brought back the Hit Row faction from NXT after they were released last fall.

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