WWE Host Kayla Braxton Faces Troubles As She Looks Like Only 18

WWE Host Kayla Braxton Faces Troubles As She Looks Like Only 18

Kayla Braxton
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Following the departure of the likes of Kathy Celley, Charly Caruso, and most notably, Renee Young, Kayla Braxton is in charge of show-hosting duties alongside Sarah Schreiber on the main roster. A free-spirited girl with a fun attitude is the best quality about her as people also often tend to think that she’s much younger than she actually looks.

This can’t be good, all the time especially when someone goes to have a drink at a restaurant or bar. Kayla Braxton is 27 years old, but she does have a natural young look. That apparently caused her some issues recently when she was trying to have a drink. It was tough for her to let the people in charge understand that she is an adult human being.

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WWE Host Kayla Braxton Faces Troubles As She Looks Like Only 18 1

Kayla Braxton posted an update on Twitter over a weird situation, she recently faced. Apparently, someone assumed that she was using a fake ID to increase her age. That led to some additional investigation by the authorities to see whether she’s trying to get rid of a tricky situation using a fake ID for belonging to underage for boozing.

“When you still look like you’re 18, it’s not in your best interest to joke about not being 21 to the server when they ask if you’re 21. She just called the manager over to verify my ID. Thanks?” she wrote.

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Kayla Braxton celebrated a major milestone with WWE The Bump

We can only hope that Kayla Braxton was able to prove her real age to the concerned authorities and had some strong drinks on to forget the troublesome experiences. In the meantime, she celebrated quite a huge milestone, too.

WWE The Bump on YouTube, the company’s mid-week morning talk show, has been continuing for well over a year now with Kayla Braxton being the main host of it. She certainly has a lot of fun while having those chat sessions with the panelists and guests.

WWE Host Kayla Braxton Faces Troubles As She Looks Like Only 18 2

The Wrestlemania week episode of WWE The Bump did 5 million viewers on Facebook alone. The show is also broadcasted across all WWE social media platforms alongside streaming on Peacock and the WWE Network. But the numbers were counted excluding the additional views as Kayla Braxton noted the following,

“Damn! Just on Facebook alone, our last @WWETheBump episode that aired only 3 days ago hit 5 million views. That’s insane! That’s not counting our views from insta, Facebook and Peacock tv! I have a pretty rad team.”