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It’s been more than eight years that Kayla Braxton has been working with the WWE and it’s safe to say that she’s become a trusted shoulder in the company. Due to her activeness on social media, she is also one of the most beloved personalities around the circuit. She is the same bubbly character in real life just as we used to see her on live TV, every week.

That charming personality of hers gets noticed by the fans on WWE TV which the company also utilized for an angle with Paul Heyman. Before coming to the main roster, Kayla Braxton initially spent time in NXT but that might not have ever happened in the first place.

“That Is The Hardest Job I’ve Ever Held,” Reveals WWE’s Kayla Braxton

While speaking on Chris Van Vliet’s Insight, WWE’s former Bump host revealed that she initially turned down the idea of working in the WWE as she wanted to go into the entertainment industry. However, Kayla Braxton changed her mind and that initiative changed her career.

“Actually, someone within the company reached out to me and asked if I was interested. A former employee, who I knew outside of work, asked if I wanted to work in WWE. Initially, I was, ‘I’m good. No thanks.’ I was still going for the entertainment childhood gig,” Kayla Braxton revealed.

“Growing up, one thing my grandfather always told me was like he’d always use the term unexpected opportunities and how you need to grab them, cause you never know where it’s gonna lead. That was my drive to do it. I was like you know what, I can do it for a year, learn a lot, and meet a lot of people, there’s no downside here.” (quotes courtesy Ringside News)

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Kayla Braxton didn’t enjoy her role as ring announcer in WWE

Even for a brief stint in the WWE, the company utilized her in the ring announcer’s role. But Kayla Braxton was never interested in that role and wanted to feature on it only until the company could bring in someone to fill in for her.

Kayla Braxton joined the WWE in 2016 and served as a ring announcer before heading into the chair for being The Bump’s host. During this summer, she stepped down from the YouTube show’s duties. Megan Morant has been given that chair but it’s also safe to say that Bump has already missed tons of momentums. With the frontal figure leaving the show, we wonder how long the show will continue.

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