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WWE Raw could soon be receiving the next top female superstar on the roster in the form of Liv Morgan. With both the fans and critics backing her up, it’s pretty much expected that she’s likely receiving a big push. Perhaps, title runs could also be waiting for her but it’s a matter of time depending on the creative team of the WWE.

For the past few weeks, WWE has been using Liv Morgan in the title picture although she has failed to capture the belt from the champion during the title match. But fans did find out a number of reasons to discuss her throughout the storyline with Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

Liv Morgan Reflects Upon Controversial Comments On WWE Raw 1

One of the main reasons behind that was the controversial promo where Liv Morgan mentioned how Lynch’s lucrative contract was one of the reasons why her friends (The Riott Squad members – Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan) are no longer a part of the WWE.

On a recent episode of the Out of Character Podcast with Ryan Satin, Liv Morgan joined the show to talk about her rivalry with Becky Lynch. During the conversation, the topic of mentioning her released friends from the Riott Squad was discussed. The only remaining WWE Superstar from the former faction pointed out how it was Becky who mentioned her friends during an earlier promo. Hence she just wanted to give the champion a reality check.

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Liv Morgan mentioned how Becky crossed the line

“Becky has brought up my friends, she’s brought up my friends not being here,” Liv Morgan said. “Also after my segment aired, I got a text from my friends saying how proud they were and how amazing it was. I don’t think there were any hard feelings anywhere around. I know I’m addressing something that may feel like an elephant in the room or taboo but these are things that are happening. I don’t think I said anything wrong.”

“Everyone is allowed to feel how they feel, react how they want to react. There was not one intention in my mind to offend anyone or make light of a situation but just to address the reality of the situation. I felt like she needed to hear it, she’s on such a high horse right now that I couldn’t wait to bring her down to reality.”

Liv Morgan To Receive WWE Raw Women’s Title Rematch Against Becky Lynch?

Liv Morgan Reflects Upon Controversial Comments On WWE Raw 2

As seen on the December 6 episode of WWE Raw, Liv Morgan was unsuccessful in the main event match against Becky Lynch to capture the RAW Women’s Championship. The champion cheated her way to victory and it remains to be seen whether the feud continues or not.

Despite what the outcome remains in this rivalry, Liv Morgan feels satisfied given that she’s finally getting an opportunity that she was looking for a long time,

“It felt incredible. The energy of having a live microphone in your hand and knowing you are on live television and millions of people are watching at home and there are thousands of people in the arena. That energy is unmatched, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt before in life. It’s a really crazy, fun, cool, freeing experience and I enjoyed it, I did.” (quotes courtesy Wrestling INC)

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