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Mandy Rose revamped herself completely upon her return on WWE NXT 2.0 which had a bit of Vince McMahon influence in it after Triple H was on a hiatus. With Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne by her side, The Toxic Attraction faction was formed and the trio went on to rule the roost to the NXT women’s roster for a long course.

There was a time when all three women of the faction held championship gold simultaneously to run things on NXT. Mandy Rose recently revealed in an interview with For The Love of Wrestling that she initially had two different partners in mind to build The Toxic Attraction,

“I would say… Gotta go with my girl Sonya Deville because we used to be tag team partners and Cora Jade.”

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As you can see, Mandy Rose wasn’t allowed to pick the partners of her choice but she did receive a favorable creative program to move forward with. To have those angles that forced her career resurgence on WWE NXT, Shawn Michaels was credited for the behind-the-scene work,

“Obviously, Shawn Michaels was a big part of that. When I first got there, it was not ‘make these girls more like you’ but ‘I need to be a little bit edgier,’ so I actually took their edginess a little bit, and we all kind of meshed together.”

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Mandy Rose wanted to keep unique aspects intact for Toxic Attraction

It was also recalled that there was diversity within the faction but the group members always wanted to keep their distinct styles intact. As for the origin of the faction’s name, Mandy Rose was unsure about it but Michaels’ involvement helped in the process,

“We didn’t even match our gear to the tee; we kept our styles. I don’t know specifically who came up with the name and all that, but Shawn Michaels was a big part of it. Then one thing led to the next. We just dominated.”

The Toxic Attraction took the NXT women’s division hostage at a time which led to Mandy Rose capturing the NXT Women’s title at Halloween Havoc in 2021. That reign lasted for more than a year before she suddenly dropped the belt to Roxanne Perez in December 2022. Dolin and Jayne also went on to become two-time WWE NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions during that tenure.

Mandy Rose was released from her WWE contract soon after losing the Women’s Title and it also raised eyebrows among the fans. WWE never made any official statement on the release but reports claimed that it was the non-PG photos shared by her which caused the exit.

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