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Mandy Rose has long been gone from the WWE hierarchy but being such a popular name among the masses, she continues to get discussed on a regular basis by the fans. While her release from the WWE was a long matter of discussion, her exclusive content on a private platform is no less as a huge number of visitors pay the price to witness those, regularly.

The rise of Mandy Rose on WWE NXT was outstanding as she went on to become the third longest-reigning NXT Women’s Champion in history. She held the title for over 400 days, establishing herself as one of the pioneer figures in the history as well as the third brand of the company. It was her regular presence that made NXT 2.0 tenure a major success.

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Despite this remarkable achievement, when WWE recently highlighted significant milestones in the NXT women’s division, they decided to opt out of Mandy Rose’s reign and her name from the list. In her Power Alphas podcast, she acknowledged that the company might have its own reasons for not mentioning her name, but she criticized them for being this “hypocritical” since they still sold merchandise and action figures,

“I also just think it’s kind of funny and hypocritical where like you can’t get recognized on TV. Let’s say, you know, including my name in that long list of superstars but yet you can still sell my merch and action figures for the rest of my life. That part really gets me a little bit in a sense. Like, you’re gonna be able to sell my stuff for the rest of my life but yet you can’t even showcase, like, or say my name?”

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WWE hasn’t taken the initiative to acknowledge Mandy Rose’s return

Given her strong fanbase, Mandy Rose and her WWE return is anticipated at some point especially since she herself hinted at the same. However, it remains disappointing that WWE has not properly taken the initiative to bring her back and they haven’t acknowledged her remarkable tenure as the NXT Women’s Champion.

Despite all the speculations, Mandy Rose hasn’t been part of any negotiations with the WWE or with any outside promotions since her release in December 2022 after dropping the NXT Women’s Title to Roxanne Perez. She is currently focused on setting up her marriage set for this year’s November.

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