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Maria Kanellis has long been away from Ring of Honor television owned by All Elite Wrestling and she’s not coming back, any time soon. Previously, it’s been revealed on social media by the veteran female talents that the creative team doesn’t need her on board which led to her regular absence. Now, if she gets diagnosed with a fatal disease then her availability would eventually be lessened.

In a recent tweet on July 8, Maria Kanellis opened up about how she had her adrenal glands checked and blood work done due to a few symptoms she was having in her body. She detailed how she had a CT scan to check another scan that accidentally found glands in either her kidney or adrenal gland.

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In further updates, Maria Kanellis revealed that the mass was firmly located on her adrenal gland. She wrote that the next step was meeting with an endocrinologist surgeon and that was inconclusive at this point if this could lead her to a cancer situation,

“So here is the update. Yes it is a mass on my adrenal gland. Next step is meeting with an endocrinologist surgeon. It’s inconclusive at this point, if it is cancer. In other news, I ate French fries and a concrete mixer and I feel a little better.”

It was later also revealed that the doctor’s appointment had been fixed on July 30th. For the time being, Maria Kanellis wants to be free-spirited by enjoying some quality time with her husband and children. This weekend, they plan on visiting Indianapolis and having a great time.

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Maria Kanellis has long been dealing with health issues

The beginning of 2024 already witnessed Maria Kanellis facing a series of setbacks that already made her appear on limited TV time for ROH as she successfully underwent thyroid surgery. Despite the positive outcome of the surgery, the health challenges have persisted over the past several months. While this resulted in further fewer appearances on AEW and ROH, she’s not happy with her roles in television programming either.

Being a vocal figure, Maria Kanellis always wants to be around on TV which isn’t the case for quite some time. Since joining All Elite Wrestling back in 2022 as part of the ROH roster, she has been mostly seen as a manager and chances are extremely low that we will see her back in action in the ring.

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