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During her stay on NXT, McKenzie Mitchell managed to become an integral part of WWE’s Tuesday night broadcasts. WWE NXT brand always has its separate backstage personnel to handle things and give some breaking news. Previously Cathy Kelley used to be the face of this broadcast division but once she was released in early 2020, that void was filled by the blonde-head.

Then in late 2023, WWE has undergone a series of personnel changes since merging with UFC to form TKO Group Holdings under the Endeavor banner. Following this trade, McKenzie Mitchell was released from WWE last year as part of other releases that went down through various parts of the company. Notably, she has since secured a role in the show ‘The Last Match.’

McKenzie Mitchell sounded excited about fulfilling one of her dreams

As announced on social media, McKenzie Mitchell is set to be part of this fresh rock musical revolving around professional wrestling. Expressing her enthusiasm for the project, the former WWE on-screen personality will be portraying the character of the commentator Scarlett Sublime.

McKenzie Mitchell took to Twitter to share her excitement as she stated the following,

“Since I could walk and talk I’ve had a microphone in my hand. Performing is where I have always felt most comfortable and where I shine. Fun fact! When I was young I used to sing and dance and actually performed in front of thousands of fans at the age of 6. I won’t necessarily be singing, but instead, I’ll be using my voice as the play by play commentator for @TLMMUSICAL”

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It was also noted how McKenzie Mitchell was following her dreams taking a page out of her husband’s playbook. Declaring the honor and privilege to play the role, it was also announced that the musical would start its journey in New York. The tour will continue through May, this coming summer.

Apart from McKenzie Mitchell, The Last Match will feature the well-known Wrestling YouTube personality Simon Miller, who will be portraying the role of Alexander Swagger.

Scheduled for its premiere on April 26 at the Temple in Rochester, New York, The Last Match narrates the story of Ben Vengeance’s journey as he steps into his ultimate wrestling pay-per-view event to contend for the BTD Championship, currently held by Swagger/Miller.

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