Mike And Maria Kanellis: Update On Ex-WWE Couple's Future

Mike And Maria Kanellis: Update On Ex-WWE Couple’s Future

Mike - Maria Kanellis
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Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis are no more under the banner of the WWE. After making a promising debut, the two failed to meet the expectations of the fans, and less creative build around them can be blamed for this. They both were released from WWE on April 15th, 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic-related budget cuts of the company.

Afterward, both Mike and Maria Kanellis arrived in the Ring of Honor promotion at around the same time by the end of last year. They must be very happy to go back to their previous employers but the fact is that they might not last there for a very long time. It was admitted in a recent interview by Bennett.

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While speaking on Table Talk, Mike discussed his ROH deal. He revealed that the contracts that he and his wife Maria Kanellis are actually locked into contracts until June of this year.

“We signed a short team deal with Ring of Honor. We’re signed through the end of June and then we are going to take it from there and see exactly what we want to do. If we wanted to, we probably could go to other places as well, but, we really enjoy what we’re doing in Ring of Honor, so I hope it becomes something a little bit more long-term. It all depends on all the stipulations of contracts, etc.”

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Mike and Maria Kanellis may not stay longer in ROH

We can only assume that the celebrity couple would love to stick around the company for as long as possible but they need to extend the contract in due course. Only time will say whether that happens or not.

We’ll have to see if Mike and Maria Kanellis can stay in ROH for longer than expected. The two have recently stated that it felt like a homecoming while going back to ROH. It’s not certain whether the company offered them a short deal or the company offered shorter deals. Perhaps, they would like to take a look at their stand in the circuit and weigh on their career.

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After getting released from WWE on April 5th, Mike Bennett wasn’t sure whether he wanted to continue wrestling. He spoke to TV Insider and credited his wife Maria Kanellis as the one whom he can lean on throughout. Bennett also revealed they are on a per-appearance agreement right now. While he’s on an in-ring role, Maria is hosting a podcast on the company’s behalf.