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Paige was built to be one of the cornerstone figures of WWE Women’s Evolution and she did play her part for the short time span that she was active in competition. At the age of just 25, she obviously had no intentions of prematurely hanging up her boots. But injuries don’t happen with a warning in a pro wrestling ring and sometimes you have to pay a heavy price.

Paige was kicked in the back by Sasha Banks during a 2017 WWE MSG Show and that was the end of her career in a WWE ring. A neck concussion never allowed her to be back in action and after sitting out of action for over four years, the company eventually decided to fire her from her position. The career-threatening issue with her neck continues to date and furthermore, she can’t call herself a WWE Superstar, anymore.

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Paige Shares Emotional Words As 10-Year Long Journey Ends With WWE 1

After remaining relevant for the next few years through various non-wrestling roles, Paige’s time in WWE is done as her contract with the company came to an end. As the decade-long journey comes to an end, the youngest Divas Champion in history offered an open letter before departing. The last day as a WWE Superstar was emotional for the UK-born wrestler and she took time on reflecting it.

The first-ever NXT Women’s Champion announced earlier last month that she’ll be leaving WWE on July 7 as WWE simply decided not to renew her contract. Paige took to Twitter, last night and shared an open letter to pen down how WWE treated her throughout her career.

Paige penned an emotional letter addressing her WWE departure

The anti-Diva was considered to be an asset in the early phase of her career. But down the road, she ended up being a liability.

“The truth is, it was easy enough for WWE to get behind me in those early days. I was a young woman who could wrestle at a high level and cut good promos and move loads of merch — I was probably one of their top assets, you know what I mean? And you don’t learn much about people from how they treat you when you’re on top,” Paige continued.

“You learn about people’s true nature, I’ve found, from how they treat you when you’re closer to the bottom. And a few years ago I got pretty close to the bottom. It was like, almost overnight, so many things changed: Suddenly my neck was f*cked and I couldn’t wrestle. I popped a drug test. My sex tape leaked. I got depressed. I started drinking. And I became less of an asset to WWE, and more of a liability, for a long time. I’m sure of it.”

“But they never lost faith in me — they never once threw me off to the side. They got me the help I needed when I needed help, and they gave me the time and space I needed when I needed time and space,” Paige concluded.

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Paige Shares Emotional Words As 10-Year Long Journey Ends With WWE 2

The first-ever NXT Women’s Champion has recently been advised to join AEW. However, she needs to be medically cleared for in-ring competition. Being a world-famous pro-wrestler, millions of fans would love to see her back in the ring and we’ll have to wait and see whether the good thing happens outside the squared circle.

Paige has already been announced for Starrcast V in Nashville, Tennessee and she will also return as part of the World Association of Wrestling’s Fightmare IV on Saturday, October 15th in the UK.

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