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All Elite Wrestling once signed Paige VanZant to pop up some ratings with a mainstream celebrity from the MMA circuit. She was touted to play a similar role that Ronda Rousey had previously done for the WWE coming off her UFC days. Her involvement with Dan Lambert’s storylines on AEW television teased that the company’s creative team was willing to utilize her to the fullest on TV.

However, things changed drastically for Paige VanZant as she quickly went out of sight from AEW programming to start a career in content-sharing service. Much like Mandy Rose of the WWE, she opted to choose this business of sharing exclusive stuff under a premium content paywall rather than competing inside the squared circle.

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In a recent interview with Barstool Sports, Paige VanZant disclosed that she makes more money in a single day on OnlyFans than she did in her fighting career, including her days in the WWE and UFC. The former MMA star has really been active on OnlyFans, where she shares exclusive content with her subscribers. Given her modeling ventures, that business had gotten bigger by time and she only hopes to retain it as time progresses.

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Paige VanZant has love for professional wrestling despite OnlyFans fame

Then in another Instagram post, Paige VanZant compared her modeling career with her fighting career, with the caption stating that, “One made me rich….. The other made me famous.” While the post may haven’t universally sat well with professional wrestling fans, the aspect of gaining financial success isn’t something to be ignored.

There’s no positive indication that Paige VanZant is returning to the professional wrestling circuit but this will be something that she will always cherish. Despite her financial success on OnlyFans, she emphasized that the competitive spirit in pro-wrestling is what she loves about this business and the passion for fighting will continue to drive her. She doesn’t essentially need it to pursue for financial reasons but that won’t dry up the love for this sport.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Paige VanZant was under contract with AEW despite the fact that she stopped appearing for the promotion more than two years ago. For a brief occasion, she was quickly placed in Dan Lambert’s American Top Team stable which was later dissolved on AEW TV programming.

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