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Being a 14-time World Champion, Randy Orton has almost earned everything that WWE has to offer to him. But that doesn’t reduce his hunger for achieving more in the company like winning the King of the Ring tournament for the very first time in his career. If he does pick up the win in 2024 then he will become the oldest winner in this genre after Harley Race.

All it takes for him is to drop his opponent with that RKO move to take down his opponent. The WWE Superstar has used this devastating finisher to capture WWE World Championships and take down top rivals including The Undertaker, John Cena, Mick Foley, Triple H, and many more. The move has also gone on to become perhaps the most popular move of this generation.

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Randy Orton recently shared the interesting backstory behind this iconic finisher. In a conversation with Bill Apter of WrestleBinge, he revealed that the move became a reality thanks to a discussion with former WWE EVP and Head of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis.

“Diamond Dallas Page had the Diamond Cutter, but John Laurinaitis had the Ace Crusher. At the time [the RKO was being invented] he was the Head of Talent Relations and we were trying to think of something that I could do to everybody no matter how big or how small they were. And the RKO was the move.”

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Randy Orton discloses one negative side of RKO finisher

In the conversation, Randy Orton also pointed out the negative impact of this move it required him to take a bump every time he executed the RKO,

“Unfortunately it requires me to take a bump every time I give the yeah so yeah, there’s that.”

This is one of the reasons that Randy Orton has been dealing with back problems in recent years. This also caused the longest hiatus of his WWE career starting from May 2022. After staying out of action for nearly 18 months, the veteran returned to the WWE, last November at Survivor Series to compete in the Men’s WarGames Match as a mystery opponent. He’s back in great shape and admittedly, he wants to carry his career forward for ten more years.

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