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Brie Bella and Nikki Bella – combinedly known as The Bella Twins in the WWE Universe are bonafide WWE Hall of Famers who is perhaps the most popular duo in the history of the company when it comes to social media. They’ve built an empire around themselves to churn distinct identities out of their professional wrestling as well as TV career.

Way back making their debut in 2008, The Bella Twins went on to become the mainstays of the women’s division let alone carry it on their shoulders when the Divas division was in full force. They had separately become Divas Champions and two-time Slammy Award winners to solidify their legacy in the company. Being the mainstream stars they are, it seemed evident that WWE wanted them to be onboard for the bygone RAW is XXX episode but that reportedly got scrapped due to Creative differences.

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Raw 30: The Bella Twins No-Showed Over WWE Not Acknowledging Women’s Evolution? 1

WWE celebrated the 30th anniversary of Monday Night RAW at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 23rd. The creative team made all the arrangements by summing up numerous legends on the show to make it a night to remember. Apart from that, a couple of title matches also went down to make it a night to remember, forever. A few notable absences from the show were of The Bella twins.

According to a report by PWInsider, The Bella Twins did fly to the Northeast that weekend, but they eventually decided not to appear on RAW XXX. This was due to creative differences over their booking on the show. As a result, they were promoted in the hype-ups around the show but then WWE pulled them out from the actual show at the very last minute,

“ has confirmed that Nikki and Brie Bella flew to the Northeast this weekend but did not come to tonight’s Raw 30, instead (based on their social media) ended up attending a matinee performance of Broadway musical Wicked instead.

We are told The Bellas went on their Instagram Live from their hotel room, implying that they didn’t like that the company wasn’t going to acknowledge the Women’s Revolution, naming Mercedes Monet (Sasha Banks) and Saraya (Paige) as talents the company did not want acknowledged.”

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The Bella Twins were also involved in promotional activities for their reality TV show

As noted above, The Bella Twins indeed went on a rant about how the women were excluded from Raw is XXX despite their contributions to the show over the years. This genuinely hinted that there have been some sort of rifts between the two parties, following the show. However, Nikki specifically mentioned that it was the promotions around the Nikki Bella Says I Do show that kept them barred from visiting the show.

Raw 30: The Bella Twins No-Showed Over WWE Not Acknowledging Women’s Evolution? 2

We will have to wait and see whether The Bella Twins will make their WWE television return in the due course regardless of what transpired during RAW XXX. Despite their absence, the historic edition of WWE’s flagship show was a huge success, after all. The Bellas are long been willing to go after the women’s tag titles and that should eventually drag them back to WWE TV for one last stint.

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