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WWE Raw 30 initially has The Bella Twins advertised for the episode but they were eventually excluded from the original lineup. Apart from that, not many WWE female superstars as well as female legends were showcased and the WWE Hall of Famers are not happy about it.

The Bellas were the only female Legends who were promoted for an appearance on WWE Raw 30. However, they were removed from the actual preview released on WWE.com around the show and legends’ appearances. They were later removed from the lineup when the show aired from Philadelphia.

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WWE Raw 30: The Bella Twins Go On A Rant After Lesser Women’s Evolution On The Show 1

Mike Johnson of PWinsider noted that both Nikki and Brie Bella flew to the Northeast over the weekend but they rather attended a performance of Wicked on Broadway in New York instead of making an appearance on WWE Raw 30.

“It appears that the two sides may have had a disagreement on how their planned appearance was going to go, so The Bellas ended up not going to RAW in Philly,” the source noted.

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Bella Twins sent a message after WWE Raw 30 went off the air

Once WWE Raw 30 went off the air, The Bella Twins had more reasons to blast the company as they had only one segment reserved for WWE’s female roster. Due to this, the duo questioned why the women’s revolution wasn’t included in the various packages and graphics during the show.

Nikki Bella claimed that the reason behind this was that WWE does not want to show footage of Sasha Banks as she left the company on a bitter note. Brie Bella appearing in a towel behind Nikki claimed that ‘there is a bunch of us they don’t wanna show.’

Nikki continued the jab by saying that ‘when you do what they don’t wanted you, they don’t show you.’

WWE Raw 30: The Bella Twins Go On A Rant After Lesser Women’s Evolution On The Show 2

The only legit segment featuring the women superstar on WWE Raw 30 was the Steel Cage match between Becky Lynch and Bayley that never happened. According to reports from PWInsider, the original plan was for Becky to win the Steel Cage match and then get attacked by the members of Damage CTRL.

However, The Trial of Sami Zayn segment featuring The Bloodline went ‘extremely long’ and exceeded the expected length which caused several changes in the show. This is the reason that only the originally planned post-match segment between Bayley and Lynch aired on WWE Raw 30, adding one more reason for women’s wrestling lovers to get upset.

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