Raw Underground: WWE’s Plans For Separate Title & Female Wrestlers

Raw Underground: WWE’s Plans For Separate Title & Female Wrestlers

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We’ve heard plenty of speculations about Raw Underground since WWE debuted it on this past week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Women such as Liv Morgan and Renee Young expressed interest to get on board to fight in this segment whereas CM Punk was also interested in a shot in WWE’s new shoot-fighting atmosphere. Now there’s been an idea to introduce a title, exclusive to this scene.


Ringside News has learned that at this point there’s no plan for a Raw Underground Title. However, it was also noted that plans are changing week to week in WWE, right now. The exciting segment has just debuted and when the popularity goes at its peak, who knows what WWE might just come up with.

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Raw Underground: WWE’s Plans For Separate Title & Female Wrestlers 1

It was told to the source by a member of the writing team close to the situation that they WWE is “figuring things out as they go” with “no real plans” in place for Raw Underground. If McMahon does have an idea then he could try it out, for sure.


A new title for the Raw Underground scene could serve similarly to that of the earlier ECW or Hardcore Championships which used to exist alongside mainstay belts. But these belts used to keep the competition high for the mid-card talents. To utilize newer stars, the innovation of a separate belt could be necessary for the near future.




Some women were spotted in the crowd during the Raw Underground segment but none of them were seen actually fighting on television. With CM Punk and others wanting to see them fighting, WWE could soon schedule them in future fights to make things interesting.


A lot of fans have questioned the possibility of female superstars joining the new Raw Underground segment as competitors. Liv Morgan and Aliyah who are active competitors have already expressed their interest.

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Raw Underground: WWE’s Plans For Separate Title & Female Wrestlers 2

Ringside News then learned that the idea of letting women superstars competing at Raw Underground is not completely out of the picture. There are no abrupt plans to do that yet, but Vince McMahon would eventually present it when the time would be right.


A member of the creative team having knowledge of the situation informed the source that “when it happens, I’m sure it’ll be a last-minute decision like everything else nowadays.”


Women could be an integral part of the Raw Underground scene but the only person who knows more about it is none other than Vince McMahon. No one backstage is 100% sure about the creative process around it, right now.