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Renee Young is often helmed as the most popular commentator in WWE history, for a reason. It’s not easy to get universal love from the pro wrestling fans as there’s a certain animosity present from the community. But the former WWE commentator was able to achieve that with complete ease. She even was a favorite among the creative team, as well.

Renee Young excelled in her trade as much as possible during the eight-year tenure she has with the company. Her legacy was solidified when the promotion appointed her as the first full-time female commentator, a move that was highly appreciated. The backstage interviewer without much knowledge reached the top of the world of professional wrestling, after all.

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Renee Young Remembers First WWE Interview With John Cena 1

Renee Young shares her first interview experience in WWE

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Renee Young talked about her very first interview with John Cena. She revealed how she messed up while talking with the Cenation Leader. Interestingly, she had no idea at that point, how important Cena truly was. The ex-WWE Star, real name Renee Paquette revealed that she tried hard to make the interview all about herself and not put over the one who was sitting at the opposite of the table.

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Renee Young added that John Cena was very sweet with her despite that experience,

“No, I wasn’t. My first interview with them was with John Cena. At that time, I did not understand what that gravity meant. At the time, Brooke Hogan was doing her music career or reality show. So, I was going to talk to him about that. I remember standing on our marks.

They were counting down the PR guy who was with Cena at the time and they’re like, ‘We’re actually not going to do this interview.’ I was trying too hard to make the segments about myself instead of trying to put over the talent, but I remember Cena was being very gracious and sweet.

He was like, ‘The world is going to know in moments.’ I had just gotten out of the shower and my phone just starts blowing up. So, it took the pressure off of me having to figure out some cute little way to do it. I actually loved that it came from him. It was easy.” (Quotes courtesy Wrestling Inc)

Renee Young Remembers First WWE Interview With John Cena 2

Renee Young is currently away from the professional wrestling scene as she is expecting her first child with Jon Moxley who is also a former WWE Superstar, Dean Ambrose. Renee departed WWE in August 2020 with SummerSlam being her last night in the company.

As said in previous interviews, she felt that she had accomplished everything that she could have within the WWE. She had been thinking about leaving the company for quite sometime before that but her earlier requests weren’t granted.

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