Samoa Joe Reportedly Returning To WWE NXT, Later This Year
Samoa Joe
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Samoa Joe Reportedly Returning To WWE NXT, Later This Year

Samoa Joe was one of the names that WWE decided to release on April 15th which did surprise a lot of fans considering he was a top superstar from Raw. Although WWE couldn’t use him for in-ring action due to some concussion-related issues, there were never any doubts regarding his work ethic. Now, it appears that WWE is considering re-signing him after the move of firing him received tons of backlash.

Samoa Joe might be coming back to WWE, sooner than later, as per the latest updates from Fightful Select. It’s been specifically noted that the former NXT Champion might be heading to the black and yellow brand and the superstars have also heard about the same. It could happen prior to his 90-day non-compete clause expiring.

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Samoa Joe Reportedly Returning To WWE NXT, Later This Year 1

Multiple NXT wrestlers and staff members say that they heard that some of the NXT officials have been interested in bringing in Samoa Joe. There have been pushes within WWE to bring back some of the recently released wrestlers, and the former Impact Champion is one of those names. Reports are also out claiming that there’s also a push to have Aleister Black brought back in the WWE, but at the same time, he could join AEW, later this summer.

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Samoa Joe to be in action on WWE NXT

It was noted in the report that “the interest on NXT’s side is for a wrestling role” for Samoa Joe which means that he could be back in action after a long hiatus. The veteran performer has not appeared anywhere after his release as he is still under a 90-day non-compete clause. Before getting released by the WWE, he regularly sat on the commentary table including this year’s Wrestlemania.

Samoa Joe Reportedly Returning To WWE NXT, Later This Year 2

Samoa Joe originally signed with WWE in May 2015 who went on to have a successful career, thereby becoming a two-time NXT Champion. He also won the 2015 NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic before the main roster call-up was given to him on January 30, 2017, RAW. Despite an immediate main-event level push, he never won any world title in the WWE who rather stands as a two-time WWE United States Champion.

Later, Samoa Joe was moved to the Raw announce table in 2019 after suffering injuries. He returned to the ring after that, but another injury put him back on the shelf. It was also let known by the WWE that he violated the company’s Wellness Policy in late February 2020.