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Professional wrestling fans were happy to see Saraya back in the ring in the summer of 2022 after seeing her in a physical capacity became an afterthought. While AEW made this possible, there have been a lot of complaints over the fact that she hasn’t wrestled much in the ring for a significant part of 2024.

Despite her absence from competition inside the squared circle, she has ensured that fans take notice of her ongoing on social media. But being a pioneer in the wrestling circuit, she would mostly be welcomed by fans in the wrestling capacity which should also lead her to achieve more accolades in the future.

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Speaking of accolades, in one of the marquee matches of AEW All In 2023, Saraya wrestled Dr. Britt Baker, Hikaru Shida, and Toni Storm in a Fatal-4-Way Match to win the AEW Women’s World Championship in front of her home country audience. While she won a title after a gap of more than a decade in a dream scenario, she could only wish that the title drop would have happened in a different way.

Speaking on Izzy In Sports, Saraya wished that she could have lost the AEW Women’s World Championship to Toni Storm. Offering praise to her former Outcasts stablemate, she predicted a perfect scenario where the popular character of Storm was taking the title away from a perfect villain like her TV character,

“I wish, the only thing that I wish was a little bit different, I wish it was me that lost to Toni. At that point, people f*cking hated me, and they still do. I wish it was me because Toni was on her up and up, becoming the face, man or woman, in the company. Right now, she’s one of the biggest things there, and she did that herself. She f*cking did that.”

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Saraya wanted to drop the title to Toni Storm in Los Angeles

Saraya further mentioned that Toni was going in an upward direction in her career with the flashback Hollywood TV character and it would have made a perfect sense to make the championship change happen in Los Angeles, the stomping grounds of Hollywood.

“She was on the up and up, and I was like, in LA, Hollywood freaking Toni, going against the most hated f*cling female or person in AEW, it just would have been even bigger,” Saraya further explained.

“But I’m glad that Shida got the championship and she made history, becoming the first-ever three-time champion. But I just wish either she had it longer or I would have just lost to Toni, and then they could have gone into a storyline.” (quotes courtesy Wrestlezone)

Saraya further mentioned that it’s just her personal theory of dropping the women’s title to somebody as talented as Toni Storm since she’s her personal favorite. But she does have full faith in AEW President Tony Khan’s booking and there’s no complaint about Shida taking the title away from her instead of Storm.

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